Sep 162013

Shortly after Obama announced his intent to raid Syria, I had an idea, that I fully expected to write about as soon as one of the majors had the same idea and ran with it, because I did not want to be the one to expose him, if I was right.  But nobody did, until Daily Kos did yesterday.


From the NY Times:

GENEVA — The United States and Russia have reached an agreement that calls for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of 2014, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.

(snip) “This is very, very difficult, very, very difficult,” an American official said of the agreement. “But it is doable.”

(snip) Mr. Kerry said that any violations would then be taken up under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, which authorizes punitive action. But Mr. Lavrov made clear that Russia, which wields a veto in the Security Council, had not withdrawn its objections to the use of force.

There are still a lot of caveats, despite my exuberant title. But if the agreement holds, President Obama will, without question, have emerged with yet another foreign policy triumph. Rather than a missile strike designed to make clear that Syria should never again use chemical weapons, we have an agreement that will make sure that Syria has no chemical weapons to use. And it will be done without the use of force, with all of its unforeseeable consequences… [emphasis added]

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I figured that Obama is too smart a guy to embark on a no win scenario, so he had to be up to something else.  He bluffed them, and it appears the bluff paid off.


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  1. I would hate to play Poker with him. But, I knew, in my heart, that was the reaason he sent the decision making to Congress. They vote on nothing but de-funding ObamaCare.

  2. TC – I bow to you (and to President Obama) – that is a masterstroke! 

  3. The media will continue to try to berate Pres. Obama, because they're always about the sizzle – and never about the steak … and Pres. Obama knows it!

    OBAMA: “Had we rolled out something that was very smooth and disciplined and linear, they would have graded it well, even if it was a disastrous policy.  We know that, because that’s exactly how they graded the Iraq war.”

    Here’s what Pres. Obama said he wanted:

    No further use of chemical weapons.

    Here’s what he got:

    Syria acknowledges that they actually have such weapons.

    Syria agrees to sign the international chemical ban agreement

    There’ll be a UN resolution enforcing it.

    Russia acts as a guarantor.


    Here’s what he said we were willing to do and it’s cost:

    Missiles – at estimated cost of $1 billion/month

    Here’s what we actually paid:

    Airfare to Geneva for Sec. of State Kerry’s team


    But if you think the MSM will admit they were outsmarted by a wise strategiest playing on his 11-dimensional chessboard, you got another think coming.

    Because I can guarantee they're going with "Obama just lucked into a decent outcome."

    Then again, Obama only needs to be a decent one-dimensional chess player when his opponents are sitting around eating paste.


  4. So Kerry's spur of the moment, end of the conference sarcasm was planned too?  You think?

    • Sure.  In order get it to work, it had to appear unintentional, and the sarcasm, whick did not fit Kerry's normally smooth delivery, made intent deniable.

  5. Tru7sting mt hunch about understanding Obama, I figured this out myself before I saw it in print by someone who understands him as well


  7. I figured that Obama is too smart a guy to embark on a no win scenario, so he had to be up to something else.  He bluffed them, and it appears the bluff paid off.

    President Obama is as cool as a Cucumber… 🙂

  8. I hope we are all right.  No matter what he does, he will be criticized.  I hope the outcome will be as good as it seems right now.

    • Of course.  He tricked Republicans into going along with what he wants vy tricking someone who loves guns and hates gays into doing it insteas.

  9. As Arielle said in a previous post, "… Obama often plays chess when the rest are playing checkers. …"

    Mr Obama has shown before that he knows how to hold them, and he knows when to fold them.  Maybe the Republicanus/Teabagger 'pranks' have been useful after all.

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