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Sep 112013

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 89, before leaving for prison for volunteer work on another scorcher of a day.  I’m quite tired because of grocery day yesterday, the heat, the humidity, and stuck on stupid neighbor, whose power failures have awakened me five times in the last day.  To day I have just this Open thread and my 9/11 article.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Secretary of State John Kerry said today that he was “shocked and flabbergasted” that the Russians heeded his suggestion about Syria’s chemical weapons, telling reporters, “After four decades in public life, this is the first time someone has taken me seriously.”

“Whether as a senator, a Presidential candidate, or Secretary of State, I’ve devoted countless hours to thunderous and droning speeches that people have consistently tuned out,” he said. “So naturally, to be listened to all of a sudden came as something of a shock.”

Andy’s satire is too close not to be funny. I’m not ignoring the main story. I just don’t have time today to do it justice.

From MSNBC: Why this Republican hero needed a gun

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This is the Republican hero, beloved of gun-nut and TEAbagger alike. Why are they lionizing him? He killed one and got away with it!  Is that sick, or what?

From Think Progress: A new analysis of federal health data conducted by the George Washington University School of Public Health recently found that Medicaid covers nearly half of U.S. births. That’s largely because low-income women tend to have a higher birth rate than wealthier women, and unintended pregnancies are becoming increasingly concentrated among women living in poverty.

Conservatives’ takeaway from those figures, however, didn’t have anything to do with pledging to ensure that those economically disadvantaged women have access to affordable family planning services. Instead, right-wing outlets decried the fact that Medicaid is “picking up the tab for out-of-wedlock childbirth.[Propagandist delinked]”

This is a Republican redefinition. Now The right to life begins at conception and ends at birth, but only if maternal care doesn’t cost money that could be used for welfare for billionaires instead.




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  1. Shellie Zimmerman does not know what her estranged husband is capable of?  The rest of the world does!

    Loved the New Yorker spoof!  (Mind you, I can remember one of our ex Cabinet Ministers, Edwina Currie, being interviewed and saying some years ago that when her Principal Private Secretary had given her a speech that she was due to deliver that night – she went through it altering it, making it less obscure and more clear.  The PPS then stopped her saying 'But we WANT it to be obscure!' – which sounds very "Yes, Minister" to me – so I always wonder who behind the scenes had a hand in it when an intelligent and principled person makes a confused and obfuscating speech… ! ).

    So sorry TC that your mentally VERY limited neighbour was at it again!  It must be aggravating beyond belief!  You are a hero to keep so calm – and then despite exhaustion to go to do your prison work again, you really are.

  2. Oh dear – let me clarify – I do not think of Edwina Currie (a  Tory) as a principled person – but John Kerry. 

  3. 3:28  For a change, I didn't get all knotted up!  Now, will Patty or Jerry make the ropes into my noose?

  4. Republicans like the ones that kill and get away with it.  Look at the Bush administration!  Look at the healthcare industry.  Look at the multinational corporations.  Look at Monsanto!

  5. Puzzle — 3:28  For a change, I didn't get all knotted up!  

    The New Yorker — I read an article on Care2 that conservative bloggers are giving the proposal for putting Syrian chemical weapons into international hands to Putin.  I don't know how much of that is true, if any, but it certainly doesn't seem like an idea worthy of Putin.  Certainly I like the idea, but is the UN willing to step forward on this, take control, and then destroy the weapons?  AB is so spot on, it is uncanny sometimes.

    MSNBC — GZ is showing himself to be nothing but a violent bully and glory hound.  He is milking his notoriety for the Trayvon Martin murder to  build a money producing personna.  I hope that personna bites him in the ass! Of course, the gun-nuts and Teabaggers are doing what they do best — stirring up trouble for their own ends.  I think it is fair to say that if GZ didn't suit their purposes, they would not have the time of day for him.

    Think Progress — I have one word for these conservatives:  Assholes!

    "Conservatives’ takeaway from those figures, however, didn’t have anything to do with pledging to ensure that those economically disadvantaged women have access to affordable family planning services. Instead, right-wing outlets decried the fact that Medicaid is “picking up the tab for out-of-wedlock childbirth."

    Just like a conservative — treat the symptom instead of the cause.

    Cartoon — Republicanus national security from the predominent neocons as they promote American exceptionalism.  How to get more people killed.

    This from Wikipedia:

    Although the term does not necessarily imply superiority, many neoconservative and American conservative writers have promoted its use in that sense. To them, the United States is like the biblical shining "City upon a Hill", and exempt from historical forces that have affected other countries.

    Sure doesn't work for me.

    • Winner!

      Republicans like Putin, because he's a Republican too.


      Watch out for The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Assholes!

      Me neither!


  6. BUSH:"All right. You've covered your ass, now."

    Your cartoon reminded me that on August 6, 2001 Bush received the now infamous Presidential Briefing: "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S"

    "Clandestine, foreign government, and media reports indicate bin Laden since 1997 has wanted to conduct terrorist attacks in the US."

    Bush's response?  "You've covered your ass, now."  And then he went fishing.

    You can view a redacted copy of the Presidential Briefing here:

  7. I hope you get to move soon.  This is one of the saddest days of the year all ready, but my best friends husband died today.  I have no powers of observaton tonight.

  8. How did you do? 6:17

    George Zimmerman – It's only a matter of time… :mrgreen:

    Press Charges…!

    • He'll really be a Ewpublican hero when he kills again.  She'll never press charges, because the amount of her divorce settlement depends on keeping him rich.

      PS – Congrats!

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