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I’m writing for tomorrow, day 87.  I’m taking another unscheduled partial day off, in which this is my only article, partially because it’s a slow news day, and partly because I really need some rest.  Yesterday idiot neighbor woke me up five or six times by knocking out the power, which sets off the alarm on my O2 concentrator.  Tomorrow is grocery delivery day.  With my limitations, unpacking and stowing a month’s groceries takes hours.  Tuesday is a prison volunteer day in 90°+ weather.  Thursday I have a medical appointment (routine).

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:43 (average 5:30).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Oh, conservative crackpots, is there no conspiracy theory you can’t duct-tape to the unwilling corpses of The Founding Fathers? Jerome Corsi, who is one of the battiest bats ever to fly from a cave, says that same-sex marriage is a plot to allow government to crack down on Christians. He knows this because America’s founding fathers knew that sex is not supposed to be fun…

Correct me, if I’m wrong, as I may have forgotten over the years, but from what I remember, it was a LOT of fun!!

From MSNBC: Will Hillary go in the record on Syria?


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Maybe she’ll say more in next week’s policy address. I think I already know. Hillary is a bigger hawk than Obama ever thought of being.

From The 1 percent played Tea Party for suckers

When the super-rich feel threatened, they foment grass-roots uprising on their behalf. Here’s why it always works.

That’s nothing I haven’t been telling you since the first TEAbagger slithered out of the slime on the Astro-turf, but this article illustrates it both beautifully and very extensively. Click through for a fascinating read.




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  1. Earlier today I happened across a Huff Post article about the Tea Party – apparently the Koch brothers had tried forming the TP (I do like those initials!) earlier but it hadn't taken off so they tried again –

    According to them, the Koch brothers tried starting it in 2002 – so they had been at it for a long time before it burst on the world in approx 2009.  

    It used to be that such thoughts (and research) were the preserve of wild eyed conspiracy theorists – but we have learned such a lot in the last few years that I believe the Huff Post article.

    The Koch brothers started 'Citizens for a Sound Economy' in 1984 – which said lower taxes on the rich (oh yeah, really 'sound' economics there!) – and they tried starting the Tea Party in 2002. [ I genuinely have to keep deleting typos almost every time I type their name – apparently others have the same problem! I hope none get through.] We wondered how GW got in in 2000 – perhaps now we know – they seem to have been at it for a long time!

    Sorry you have such a busy week in such heat TC – and that your neighbour is being such a pain in the proverbial to you!


    • Thanks, Pat.  That's great info.  The reason they have been uncuccessful in the past ios that, until today's Republican Party, no political party has been sufficiemntly unethical to back their play.

  2. How did you do? no link TC – 🙂

    Hillary is cautious, don't blame her….

    Could you change my avitar TC?


  3. Well, being bold WRT the Daily Kos article, even Seinfeld thought it was good to be "Master of your own domain."  After all, like Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, "Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."

  4. Iowa has granted permits for the BLIND to carry GUNS in PUBLIC.  Is this really a wise idea for the Rethuglicans and the NRA to back?

    But wouldn't you know it  – one of the few times right-wingers are concerned about the rights of the handicapped, and it would involve guns.

    I guess driving licenses will be next.

    • Oh Nameless, you scored on this one!  Having friends who were blind, as well as relatives that are or were disabled, I am all for the rights of the disabled.  However, I would agree with Nebraska — "….vision requirements set for a typical vehicle operator’s license."..

      Even Stevie Wonder, blind from birth, said “Imagine me with a gun. It’s just crazy,"

      "In Nebraska, … the person meets vision requirements set for a typical vehicle operator’s license."

      “Although people who are blind can participate fully in nearly all life’s experiences, there are some things, like the operation of a weapon, that may very well be an exception,” Clancy [superintendent of the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School] said."

      Let's hope drivers' licenses are not next.  May common sense prevail!

      I must admit though, Ray Charles did quite well driving blind in a movie!  Can't remember the name of it, and there was someone else who was trying to avoid the law actually steering.

    • Amazing!  Nevertheless, in the Blind vs Baggers shooting match, I'd be inclined to bet on the blind.

  5. 4:40  I am definitely out in the 'wild blue yonder' and not flying in formation!

  6. Puzzle — 4:40  I am definitely out in the 'wild blue yonder' and not flying in formation!

    Daily Kos — Corsi's pot is cracked!  I love the fact that pseudo Christians like to attribute so much to the founding fathers, yet they are most definitely spinning in their graves at these nutty attributions!


    MSNBC — I guess to be a successful politician, one must be a master of the double speak, or get roasted alive!

  — "Comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable." seems appropriate here to remind us that wealthy and their lackeys, the Republicanus/Teabaggers need to be disturbed.


    I'm rushing off to the airport to pick up my brother, so if I have time later, I may comment more.


    Cartoon — The 2nd Continental Congree participants are problably rolling in their graves at all the seccessionist talk from some quarters, and the general lack of cohesion amongst these 'united states'.

    • Will Kitty Zoom Zoom be Mashed?

      She took a solid stance.  Asa p-redicted, Hillary the Hawk.

      Disturbed right into the unemployment line!!

      Hav e fun with your brother.  DON'T step on him. 😉

      :Let's just sat their caskets are no full of fertilizer.

  7. The musical "1776" implied all the Founding Fathers thought sex was supposed to be fun.  Well, of course they did.  The comments on site refer a lot to Ben Franklin, who in his writings left absolutely no room for doubt that sex is suposed to be fun.

    The comments on site at the Kos also expressed much sympathy for Mrs. Corsi, "if there is one."  From Lona's research in her Care2 comment, apparently there isn;t, or not any more.  Gee – wonder why.

    • It hasn't been thast long.  On the night before my sister's wedding, my mother has the talk with her.  Mom told her that sex is something he had to tolerate in return for financial security.  That was 1957.


    Clinton ended his 8 years with an 1800B Budget and 5800B of Debt

    Bush ended his 8 years with a 3500B Budget and 11,900B of Debt.

    Obama ended his four years with 3800B Budget And 17,000B of Debt.

    Bush Tax cut primarily for top incomes added 1900B to the Debt.

    Two uncalled for Wars added 2000B to the Debt

    Stimulus added 800B and Payroll Tax Cut ?

    The Debt increased by 6100B under Bush and 5100B under Obama.

    You place the blame wherever it pleases you!

    • Right now, under Obama, the deficit is leess than 1/2 what it was when he took office.

      I place the blame on people that keep pushing unaccurate information, like Faux Noise, and lefties who push false equivalence with inaccurate information. 

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