Bernie Si! Koch Suckers No!

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Sep 072013

The Koch Brothers, and many of the other billionaires, who are the only people Republicans truly represent, hate Social Security.  The problem is that, as Americans, you pay premiums throughout your working lives, and, upon retirement or disability, the money comes back to you in benefits.  The Koch Brothers, and their Republican servants want your benefits to come back to them, not you.  Enter our national treasure, Bernie Sanders.

7BernieImagine how great this country would be, if every lawmaker had just half of the courage, integrity, and intelligence of Senator Bernie Sanders. I’ve grown to vey much love this Independent lawmaker from Vermont. He has no problem taking on and exposing the most corrupt individuals and organizations positioned in America today. In this video from June 2011, Sanders takes on the infamous and all too powerful Koch Brothers…

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Here’s the video:

Kudos to Bernie! Don’t let Koch suckers take our Social Security. The solution is still to scrap the cap! Here’s a list of products to boycott from the same article.


ADI-Pure ®

Antron ®

Brawny brand paper towels and other products;

Chemical products including: •Sure Sol ® products

Comforel® fiberfill

CoolMax ®

Cordura ® fabric


DBE ® dibasic esters

Delica ®

Demak’Up ®

Dixie® Brand cups plates, and other products;

European brands: •Colhogar ®

Georgia-Pacific lumber and paper products;

Inversoft ®

Kitten Soft ®

Koch Agricultural – Operates cattle ranches

Koch Fertilizers

Lotus ®

Man-made fabrics and fibers including: •LYCRA ®

Mardi Gras brand paper goods;

Matador Ranch – Hunting ranch.

Moltonel ®

Northern brand toilet paper;

Nouvelle ®


Oxyclear ™

Performa ®

Polarguard ®

Polyclear ®

Polyshield ®

Soft-n-Gentle® brand toilet paper;

SolarMax ®

Somerelle ® Bedding

Sparkle brand paper goods;

Sparkle brand paper napkins;

Stainmaster® carpet and fabric care products;

Supplex ® Fabric


Tactesse ® Carpet Fibers

Tenderly ®


Thermolite ®

Tutto ®

Vanity Fair brand paper napkins;

Zee brand paper goods

More products listed via Wikipedia: Koch Industries

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  17 Responses to “Bernie Si! Koch Suckers No!”

  1. Things do NOT go better with Koch!

    Bernie is definitely a national treasure!  I wonder if he could be cloned so we could have one here, north of the 49th?

    I watch for Koch products . . . but most of this list is US, not Canada.  Of course, dacron and lycra are in so many things, it is difficult.

  2. I am proud to say that I buy no Koch products at all! I will go out of my way to purchase something else even when it costs more.

  3. I will not buy any Kock products and I agree with Lynn, we should clone Bernie.  He is without a doubt, one of the best senators to ever grace our political arena.  He is the lion and the Repuklicons/TP's are just dung beetles (sorry dung beetles.)  Twittered, fb and google shared.  Thanks Tom.

  4. Good grief – I was just thinking "You know, I don't approve of cloning – but in the case of Bernie Sanders perhaps we should try!" – great minds think alike!  Good for everyone who boycotts Koch products!

  5. Unfortunate for the average American there are too few like Bernie Sanders. In both Parties there are sell outs. Most in the Republican Party but the infiltration of Wall Street into Washington is very clear. They are all getting rich in Washington, they come from Corporate into the Elected positions, write the laws the way it benefits the Oligarchy, then when done they have another high priced position waiting for them or become a lobbyist. It is a disgrace but we don't have a Republic anymore. Bernie Sanders stands out so much for he is the last of the "true" Statesmen.

  6. Kochroaches are corporate criminals and originators of the infamous tea party.  They're out to rule the world and must be stopped or America as we know it will disappear forever.

  7. Bernie has kept his integrity, and I so wish he were my senator.  I shared the list of items to boycott on FB.  HOpe my friends see it.

  8. Kudos to Bernie! Don’t let Koch suckers take our Social Security. The solution is still to scrap the cap!

    Senator Bernie makes me proud to have been born a Green Mountain Boy of Vermont…

  9.   Signed and Shared

    Copied my Koch Suckers $hit list to avoid too.

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