Governor Paid to Obstruct

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Sep 052013

Republicans learned the hard way.  Once people get to experience the good done by such programs as Social Security and Medicare, they become resistant to Republican attempts to take away their benefits to give the money to billionaires.  That’s why Big Insurance and their Republican lackeys are so desperate to kill ObamaCare now, before that happens.  Here is how they are paying at least one Republican Governor to screw his own people.

5DealLast week Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner proudly came out as an Obamacare obstructionist, bragging that Georgia would require "navigators" – people hired to assist individuals sign up for Obamacare — to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Insurance.

That was bad enough, but now it gets really ugly. Via Raw Story:

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R)’s family and business partner have been receiving payments from a secret Political Action Committee called Real PAC. Half a million dollars of the money donated to the PAC has come from corporate health care interests which — like the governor and Georgia state Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens — oppose the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.”

According to investigative reporter Jim Walls of Atlanta Unfiltered, the PAC hasn’t filed taxes or the required financial disclosures in two years, and the information it did file for 2011 was incorrect.

Contributors to Real PAC include Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross, United Health care and other interests that want to keep health insurance premiums and other costs as high as possible. Bryan Long of activist group Better Georgia told Raw Story that the list of donors shows who Gov. Deal really works for.

… [emphasis original]

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Here’s the Hudgens video, to show you just how unashamed they are.

GA Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens Admits Obstructionism from Georgia Democrat on Vimeo.

Republicans want you covered by RepubliCare, so if you can pay, you get health care.  If you can’t you get the RepubliCare Death Benefit.



  12 Responses to “Governor Paid to Obstruct”

  1. These men are proud graduates of the Priebus University of Killgranny Extremists, better known as PUKE.

  2. "Republicans want you covered by RepubliCare, so if you can pay, you get health care.  If you can’t you get the RepubliCare Death Benefit." I do so agree TC – but they have a knack of calling vile things cuddly names and people somehow believe the cuddly name – I have often said that if they introduced a euthanasia bill for the old and infirm they would call it 'Cuddle your granny' or somesuch – and people would believe it!

  3. That's just another reason why Insurance Companies should die, so that Universal-Single-payer-Medicare-for-all can save Everyone Money & Lives!

    • Yvonne, there is no need for insurance comp;anies to die, they just need to adapt.  Insurtance compoanies operate uncer Medicare.  It's called Medicare Advanage.  I pay a mmy Medicare Part B premium and my Insurance company (a local company called Propvidence) premium, and I get Cadillac Health Care.  Copays are never more than $15, and I recently spent 18 daus in the Hospital for $750!

  4. That man has no shame! A racist by any other name is still a racist.  The republican obstructionism has racism as the root cause  and they do not care what they do to the citizens of this country in their quest to stop every thing Obama tries. 

  5. Hudgens:  

    "…I learned there that the first step in the scientific process is to identify the problem.  The problem is Obamacare. We've got to now determine what we can do to solve that problem.  Let me tell you what we're doing . . . everything in our power to be an obstructionist. . . . "

    Well, will wonders never cease . . . a Republicanus/Teabagger that pretends to understand the scientific process.  I say 'pretends' because he hasn't mastered the concept.  He's identified the solution to a healthcare problem . . . Obamacare! 

    Then there is the other problem he has identified quite well . . . the obstructionism of the Republicanus/Teabaggers.  There is only one solution to that problem.  Vote the bastards out of office in 2014! . . . and don't let them back in!

  6. 650,000 citizens of Georgia would have benefited from Medicare expansion. But now a licensed Navigator Test will be in place via Georgia's Insurance Commissioner to (Protect) Screw Georgia Consumers. :mrgreen:

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