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Writing for tomorrow, day 81, I’m taking Labor Day mostly off.  I wasn’t planning to do so, but when I opened my feed reader this morning, the pickings were so slim. that I refreshed it, thinking it was broken.  So rather than write an article, just to write one, I’ll let this be the only article today.  Anyway, I have freezer defrosting on tap. 🙁

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From The Hill: Ready for Hillary, the group focused on helping Hillary Clinton win the White House in 2016, is gearing up to aid her down-ballot allies in races leading into the midterm elections.

The super-PAC is planning to mobilize supporters to help Democrats in Senate, gubernatorial and House races, with a focus on 2014. 

But the first push will be for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton family ally running for governor in Virginia this year.

If anyone thinks Hillary isn’t smack-dab in the middle of this, they should contact me about the wonderful bridge that I’m offering for sale.  Sadly, McAuliffe may be the most corrupt Democrat seeking office, but nowhere near as corrupt as Cuccinelli.   Poor Virginia!

From Daily Kos: Many believe that capitalism is synonymous with free enterprise and democracy. Capitalism is neither free enterprise nor democracy. After all, China is now a capitalist country. No one believes that China is a democratic country. This conflation has allowed all attempts to attenuate the deficiencies of capitalism to be construed as that grand evil, "socialism" or communism. Americans would do well to understand the differences and how they affect their everyday lives.

Under a poor unfettered capitalist structure the only thing that matters is growth, the real appreciation of capital. The shareholders of companies want the highest return on their investment. The managers of their monies effect whatever necessary actions to achieve this. If the American worker becomes too expensive, they present a false narrative stating that free trade lifts all workers. They then "invest" in politicians forcing them to pass free trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP. If a profitable patent is about to expire, they get it extended by all means necessary. If an allowable level of pollution affects the bottom line, they get the law changed. If a pipeline or transmission line needs to be built, use eminent domain to usurp the rights of the property owner. You get the picture.

Free enterprise would have all play under the same market rules of supply and demand. Corporations would have no advantages over the small businesses they have today. In a real free enterprise system a corporation could not have exclusivity in a cable, or some utility market. In a real free enterprise system a corporation could not prevent a city or private entity from building out free Wi-Fi.

Click through.  There’s more good info here.  Few systems are less free or more anti-democratic than Republican vulture capitalism.

From Bill Moyers: In June, the National Restaurant Association boasted [Vulture capitalists delinked] that its lobbyists had stopped minimum wage increases in 27 out of 29 states in 2013. In Connecticut, which increased its state minimum wage, a raise in the base pay for tipped workers such as waitresses and bartenders vanished in the final bill. A similar scenario unfolded in New York State: It increased its minimum wage, but the NRA’s last-minute lobbying derailed raising the pre-tip wage at restaurants and bars. The deals came despite polls showing 80 percent support for raising the minimum wage.

The NRA’s lobbying didn’t stop there. It also told members that it blocked a dozen states this year from passing laws that would require earned paid sick leave, which is what New York City and Portland, Oregon adopted. Meanwhile, it boasted that six states, including Florida, passed NRA-backed laws that preemptively ban localities from granting earned and paid employee sick time.

Note that, as usual, Oregon leads the way! N-R-A spells evil no matter which NRA you’re spelling.



The Latrobe YMCA defeated the Jeannette Athletic Club 12-0, and the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb was born!


  20 Responses to “Open Thread–9/3/2013”

  1. How did you do? 8:09

     If a profitable patent is about to expire, they get it extended by all means necessary.

    Sad indeed that so many suffer via the greed of multinational Corporations.

    Meanwhile, it boasted that six states, including Florida, passed NRA-backed laws that preemptively ban localities from granting earned and paid employee sick time.

  2. 3:21 Rollin' right along here.

  3. The Hill ~ I guess any Democrat is better than a RepubliCon. If we can get control of the Houses it will be wonderful. Governorships would be terrific!

    Daily Kos ~ "Many believe that capitalism is synonymous with free enterprise and democracy."  I have a lovely bridge to sell them.

    Bill Moyers ~ Too bad the lawmakers don't work for tips. That would be a much fairer way to pay them exactly what they are worth.

    Cartoon ~ Is this a High Holy Day?


    • That's why even DINOs are preferable to Republicans.

      Hey, that's MY bridge! 😉

      What a great idea!  The penny tip would  resurge.

      No, but Thursday is!

  4. Puzzle — 4:25 I have a wobbly wheel!

    The Hill — Why is it that politics too often attracts the corrupt, instead of the noble spirited who only want to help their fellow citizens?  I am not saying I am noble spirited, but I could never become a politician — too much "you scratch my back and I'll scratch your's" without thought to what's ethical and best for the people.  Cuccinelli needs to be buried in this state election, there is no doubt in my mind.

    Daily Kos — Economist Richard D Wolff's book "Capitalism Hits the Fan" is aptly titled.  People would do well to read it, and would do well to understand the terms capitalism, free enterprise, democracy, socialism and communism.  There is far too much erroneous use of these terms, much to the delight of Republicanus/Teabaggers and their vulture capitalist masters.

    If the system inhibits change then one is enslaved to that system. If one is enslaved to that system, one is not free. There is no democracy if one is not free.

    Blue Oregon — There are no 2 ways about it, margins in the restaurant industry are slim and competition stiff.  But viability should not be hung on the backs of workers.  Creativity, efficiency and properly compensated employees are all needed to make an enterprise successful.  In my opinion, properly compensated employees make the biggest difference.  The National Restaurant Association would be wise to consider this.

    Cartoon — Thanks for this rather oblique reminder to set my line up for Fantasy Football.


    • No as wobbly as mine!

      Lynn, the more funds one has, the more publicity one gets, and the greater the likelihood of political success.  The more corruptible one is, the more funds one has.  That's why limits are so important!

      Well said.  In true capitalism, there is no vulture capitalism.


      Good.  Tomorrow's open Thread has a direct reminder.  Use the built in player comp[arison tool.

  5. For those interested in keeping a whip count of how Congress critters will likely vote on Syria, both the Washington Post and ThinkProgress are keeping tallies (with lots of "Undecideds" at this point):

  6. Poor Virginia, indeed.  They have little hope either way.

    Daily Kos  Most people do not know the definitions of democracy, socialism, communism, or capitalism.  They know only what Fox news tells them

    Restaurant workers need to be paid a living wage.a

  7. Thanks TC for the Daily Kos article – excellent!


    Obama is being attack violently for a no win involvement

    How many involvements preceded this one?

    Reagan=Nicaragua-El Salvador-Honduras-Lebanon-Grenada

    Bush I = Gulf War—Kosovo–Somalia

    Bush II—Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan


    Will not bombing sites spread Sarin gas?

    • What conflicts assorted leaders have undertaken have no relevence whatsoever to this one.

      Will it?  What documentation do you have that it would?

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