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Here is the twentieth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian radio shock jock, and self acclaimed figure model for the NRA set, Stan Solomon.  He not only praised the murder of Trayvon Martin, but also, issued a call to violence.


31SolomonConservative talk show host Stan Solomon is obsessed with the idea that President Obama is fomenting a race war in order to murder white, Christian heterosexuals, so when we noticed he was hosting a special “Race In America” program to commemorate the March on Washington, we knew we had to watch. Solomon — who regularly interviews conservative figures including Phyllis Schlafly, E.W. Jackson, Larry Pratt and Alan Keyes — used the occasion to deliver an epic rant accusing Jews, gays, African Americans and Muslims of being pawns of the Satanic left, hailing the murder of Trayvon Martin and announcing that he hopes “that faggot” Dan Savage dies…

…Solomon then called on his white viewers to buy guns to protect themselves against black and Latino “terrorists.”

“If you’re white, you’re a target,” Solomon contended. “Get a gun, know how to use it, never be without it and don’t leave your family unprotected.” He warned that black and Latino public school and college students are “terrorists in training” who are “being taught” to hate white people… [emphasis added]

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Here are two video segments:

It's hard to get more Republican than that, but he does.

Having no evidence, with which to attack Obama, he went after Michelle. That's even more Republican!

If this is the kind of person you want making our nation’s decisions, elect Republicans.


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    Before you ever post another picture of old, fat, balding man wearing only a thong lying on a bed w/ a small armory of guns …


  2. Amen to that, Nameless!  Yikes – what a very strange ego the poor man has to think that is very attractive!  Oh Freud!  (I wonder who took the photo?).

    Seriously – praising the murder of Trayvon Martin and 'issuing a call to arms' is VERY worrying.



  3. Way too early in the morning for that assault on my poor old eyes.

    The sickos just keep crawling out of the garbage heap. Don't they?

  4. On the right wing these days, you get views and notoriety by sounding crazier than everyone else.  That's setting the bar pretty high, but Solomon clears it.  I'm sure he has a great following among those who think Limbaugh sounds too moderate.  Anyone who followed his "shoot first, to be on the safe side" advice would be blowing away a dozen people a month.

    Dude with all the guns looks like he's going for the Klingon look.  I wonder what's with the guitars, though.  They don't fit the rest of the image.

    • Indifel, that's an excellent point.  Be careful.  Insulting Klingons can be hazardous to your health! πŸ˜‰

      I bet Joanne is right about the guitars.

  5. O Freud indeed!  The position of the gun in his hand is very revealing.  The guitars were probably gifts from Ted Nugent.

  6. I see Adolf is back more gross than ever. Would someone please tell that tub of crap to not embarrass himself and repulse us with his caveman appearance.

    Please have him charged with inciting a riot if he ever shows up to a rally. Have him charged with hate language, threatening the President and his wife. The man is an anarchist more than a Republican with his , let's all aarm ourselves to the teeth and we will shoot it out until no one is left standing. What a poor excuse for a human being. He is so regressive he meets himslf backing up around the corner.

    Please crawl back into your hole.

    • Do you actually think he might listen?

      People like him used to stay under their sheets and hoods, before the Republican Party gave them a "respectable" place to express themselves.

  7. Ugh, barf and yuk.  Is this the poster child for insanity?  What kind of person poses for a picture like that?  What kind of macho man thinks it's cool to pick on women?  (just Republicans, I guess…)

  8. I hope he pulls the trigger and takes out the family jewels!  That will give him something to rant about, although I'm sure he'd find a way to twist it!  He is lucky that the US has freedom of speech.  Although I do think that his rhetoric does come close to inciting a riot or the overthrow of the government, and that is sedition.

    I giggled at his reference to "the left".  Presumeably this would include atheists who don't believe in God, and therefore would not believe in Satan.

    "The left, which is godless and serves Satan, has an agenda." 

    What a mindless putz who has an IQ of 1, and that only because he is breathing!

  9. ". . . used the occasion to deliver an epic rant accusing Jews, gays, African Americans and Muslims of being pawns of the Satanic left . . ."

    While he, himself (Stan Solomon) remains a pawn of the Satanic Right; what a hypocrite.

  10. I never heard of this idiot before, hope I never do again.

  11. Very Funny Chris Rock About Wealth

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