Aug 252013

I’m writing for day 72, and I feel chilly!  Love it!  I also feel tied, because I slept the clock around yesterday.  I got some news on the apartment.  We’re not waiting for an approval of me.  We’re waiting for for the last details to be ironed out, between the head honcho at the company that owns the building and the county, on an agreement covering all that company’s buildings.  Part of the agreement is that units in certain buildings will be “fair market value”.  The bureaucrat is back, but now the honcho is on vacation until mid September.  ARGH!  Tonight in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, my broncos and the St. Lou9s Rams will portend to worship, so I’ll make a place for that in advance, like I do for the puzzles.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:21 (average 4:35).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Religious Ecstasy:


Short Takes:

From Slate (Hat-Tip to Joanne Dixon at Care2): Can You Solve Slate’s Gerrymandering Jigsaw Puzzle?

This is sort of like Jig Zone, but this is REAL!

Here are my scores:

Michigan 2:06

North Carolina 2:09

Pennsylvania 3:56

Maryland 0:59

Ohio 2:10

If you can do it without freaking out (I couldn’t), you’ll probably beat me.

From NY Times: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who pleaded guilty to slaughtering 16 Afghan civilians inside their homes, will spend the rest of his life in prison, a military jury decided on Friday.

Murder 16, and you get life without parole. Murder hundreds of thousands, and you get a Presidential Library on the campus Texas A&M.

From MSNBC: The OTHER side of the late Rev. Billy Graham

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I have no desire do drag this man’s corpse through the ashes. I point out how he wanted to cut reporters’ throats in the name of Supply Side Jesus, simply to demonstrate that the hatred being taught within Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christianity is not the exception, and it never has been. It is the rule.



I’ll give you a great TomCat scan for $0.50!


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  1. Graham was disgusting then and he remained/remains disgusting now. You are right, Cat Man, it is not the exception and never was. It never will be….in their version of Christianity. 


  2. 3:18 Whoooo has their eyes on you today?

  3. Slate ~ Michigan 1:50  –    NC 2:29  –      PA 2:09 –    MD 1:30  –    OH 4:23  –     I fell apart after Michigan.

    NY Times ~ GW's hands are clean? He never fired a shot at an Iraqi or Afghani. He just sent others to do his dirty work for him and some of them got carried away with wartime bloodlust.

    MSNBC ~ Rev? Graham: "I felt like slashing their throats. But, anyway, God be with you." I think I might puke!

    Cartoon ~ $.50 you say?


  4. Billy Graham said he felt like slashing reporters' throats?!!! [And all they did was tell the truth – patently a matter for which everyone needs to be murdered!].  Holy Hannah!  The vile disgusting apology for a human being – and by his own words patently never ever a Christian!  You are right TC – he is one of the 'Supply-Side pseudo-Christians' – I never took to the man, didn't know much about him, but from the little I knew he seemed too triumphalist to me – now I know he was working for the other side – which is presumably where he is now!  Can I give others links to this page so they can see what he said?

  5. Puzzle — 3:02  Whooo-hoo is going to swoop down ahead of me?

    Slate — I drove myself nuts trying to get the pieces exact, adjusting, not realising that the pieces didn't have to be exact.  My times on the first try: Michigan 3.1; NC 2.35; PA 5.0; MD 1.1; Ohio 2.25.  I waited about 10 minutes and then did it again, not being so exacting this time.  Times: Michigan 1.23; NC 1.11; PA 2.47; MD .45; Ohio 2.7.  Given the shapes etc of some of those districts, I defy anyone to remember them.  I don't think I have seen anything quite so ridiculous as this gerrymandering boondoggle!

    NY Times — I don't believe in the death penalty, so life without parole is good.  He won't get to watch his children grow up and marry; he will likely lose his wife (who could blame her?); and he'll never taste freedom again.  I can certainly understand the disappointment of the Afghanis, particularly the man who lost 11 members of his family.  And this brings to mind the case of Maj Nidal Hassan who was found guilty but cannot face the death penalty.

    And yes, I agree TC, Baby Bush and Cheney sent thousands to their deaths — US soldiers and Iraqi citizens — under false pretenses.  Cheney gets a new heart and Baby Bush gets a Presidential Library.  Oh, and did I mention that they are both walking free, continuing to pollute the US political scene?  Both should face charges of crimes against humanity at The Hague.  I'd say in the US but we all know that there would be no justice.

    MSNBC — I never was a fan of Billy Graham, however my grandmother was, unfortunately.  I do however believe that she had no knowledge of his shenanigans, and only listened to his biblical message.  He was truly a supply-side pseudo Christian.  All of these televangelists — Baker, Falwell, Graham, Robertson, etc — were/are pretty much the same —- all about money.  A temple clearing is soooooooooooooooo overdue!

    Cartoon — I have 3 cat scan "machines".  I get the scans free! Plus I get CLBST on a regular basis!  That's Cat Lick Brain Stimulation Therapy as coined by Susanne R from Care2.

    Speaking of cat scans, I am proud to announce that my Primo is fully recovered and back to himself.  His little butt is almost as bare as a baboons, but that will change in time.  I could run into this again though because, according to his regular vet, his anal glands are out of place.  The problem originally happened because the duct was kinked, not unlike a kinked garden hose, because the gland was in the wrong position.

    • I'm glad Primo is fully recovered.  And I will say that to have misplaced anal glands would be a real bite in the ass.

    • Thanks for the update on Primo.  I have four of those who give me great Cat scans everyday, one of them gets on the back of my chair and gives me a scalp massage every night, too.

    • You sure are quick with those hooters!

      Amazingly fast!

      Well said!

      I hope he did not fleece her too badly.

      No fair!

      Thanks for the update.  I'm glad he's og, even if his ass is a bit bent. 😉

      • I wonder if Primo's bare ass is an indication of what will happen to the Republicanus/Teabaggers in 2014?  After all, they are a bunch of babbling baboons and Primo does have a baboon's shiny butt right now!  I cleared this with the Royal Society of Baboons before writing.

  6. First, you may want to revise this a bit, because Billy Graham IS NOT DEAD yet.

    Second, a little interesting background about CAT scanners.  I was in medical school (and still had my hearing) when they were introduced, and we actually have The Beatles to thank for their development.

    They were originally called EMI Scanners because EMI (Eclectic and Musical Industries) was the major funder for the scanner's research and development.  And the main way EMI got the money to fund it was because The Beatles were in their fold, and recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studios.  In fact the cover of The Beatles' "Please Please Me" album featured the stairwell of EMI Corporate Headquarters.  (Which was on Manchester Square – not the recording studios on Abbey Road.)

    It wasn't until a couple of years later, when others made them, that they became more generically known as Computed Axial Tomography (CAT, or just CT) scans.


    • I did not know that, yet another reason for me to like the Beatles.  Thanks

    • He's not?!!?  Dang!!  I guess I brain-farted, didn't I?  I thought he was.  Could it have been wishful thinking? 😉

      When getting CAT scans, I was always upset, because they wouldn't let me play with the CAT, and then even more upset, because they fired the CAT and replaced it with a state, CT,

  7. Personal note — As usual, yesterday I went to visit with my mother.  With a full moon this past week, I thought before I went that things might be a little loopy.  It was a bit, but the most significant happening was the dancing.  As you know, I have been getting Maurice up and dancing for over 6 months now and he loves it.  We started. Then two other residents joined in — Deirdre who is 61 and a new comer, Robin 65.  Around the care centre they are referred to as the 2 lovers because you always see them together.  It is unfortunate that they are both afflicted with dementia at such a young age. Then Andy, one of the care aids, a big hulk of a guy but very nice, got one of the other women up dancing and she loved it.  Then one of the nurses grabbed Colin and they were dancing.  There was so much laughing going on it was absolutely wonderful.  My mother didn't want to go to bed because she was enjoying it all so much but finally did at 9:30 pm.  Maurice didn't want to stop but finally acquiesced at about 10 pm.  I reminded Deirdre and Robin that we dance every saturday night and I will expect to see them there to which they were glad to say "Next week".  I have never seen so much laughing and enjoyment at that place in the 1.5 years I've been going there.  It was great!  I quite imagine that everyone slept well last night!

    • Can't help but think there's a movie plot (especially a foreign one) in this scenario.

      And good on you (again).

    • Lynn, that was such a nice thing to hear about.  My Mom is getting worse every day, I don't know how much longer we will be able to keep her at home.

      • Edie, my mother was diagnosed 16/01/08 and was in assisted living in Metro Vancouver (I had to move her closer to me) by the end of that month.  When we were still at her house, I knew I could not cope with her at home because 1) I had to work; and 2) she needed people around all the time. It was bad enough that after the month I spent looking after her and getting things sorted out, I went on short term disability from the stress and from my back being put out because she would tug at me.  I was lucky to get 3 hours of sleep that entire month, even after my brother and sister in law came out.  My mother always came to me.

        Edie, it never gets better — that's the nature of dementia.  Please make sure that you look after you.  If you are not healthy, you can't be of help to your mum.  My mother is in an excellent facility and the staff are great.  Hey, yesterday I had my first ever samosas — one of the nurses went out to an East Indian restaurant and brought back samosas for the staff.  He included me which was very nice.

  8. How did you do? 6:44

    Murder 16, and you get life without parole. Murder hundreds of thousands, and you get a Presidential Library on the campus Texas A&M.

    Power, privilege and in-justice. :mrgreen:

    • Double standard, don't you think?!  Why is it that the Obama administration and the DOJ is reluctant to prosecute, or is willing to provide immunity from prosecution?  I can think of one reason and I don't like it.

    • Great minds fall in the same ditch Jerry.  I saw your comment in time to replace it in today'sa Short Takes.

      DOJ is a heavilt Republican culture, because that is where the most burrowing-in took place.  But Holder ought to overrule the goose-steppers.

  9. I watched "Our Nixon" on CNN, this same tape was played on there.  I wonder how many followers of Graham heard that and had second thoughts about him?  Hmmm. 

    I am not surprised that Pres. Obama is asking for immunity for Bush, Cheney, etc.  All Presidents want to be sure they will never be prosecuted.  It would set a precedent if he went along with this now.  Ike's warning in his farewell speech needs to be heeded.  The military/industrial complex is pretty much running our country, and they are the ones who benefited from the war in Iraq.

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