Aug 242013

The Republican party seems to have set down roots in Russia, where it’s positions and policies are championed by Vladimir Putin.  While he is telling the IOC that there will be no persecution of LGBT people during the Sochi Olympics, his actions indicate that the exact opposite is true.

24PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has banned protests in Sochi during the Winter Olympics next year and ordered severely restricted access to the city, according to an decree published Friday.

The presidential decree published in the official newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta imposes special zones on the territory of Sochi “in order to reinforce security” during the Games in the Black Sea resort in February.

It designates the Olympic venues, transport terminals, and special road checkpoints as “controlled zones” where all people and belongings will be searched.

The document also imposes a vast “forbidden zone” with restricted access, and bans all cars from Sochi unless the vehicles have special accreditation or are locally owned.

The decree also prohibits any public demonstrations “not related to the holding the Olympic Games” in the area in the period from January 7 to March 21, 2014…

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He’s turning the games into a Republican wet dream.  This is all the more reason that they should be taken from Putin and moved to Vancouver.


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  1. As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong) none of us can help the sexual orientation we are born with – I cannot help being heterosexual, others can't help it either, and a smaller proportion of the population can't help being gay/lesbian, and just as this orientation isn't in the least bit of our choosing, we shouldn't pat ourselves on the back or wail either because of it. 

    According to QI (programme on BBC, chaired by Stephen Fry) scientists have now discovered around 8 – 10% of animal populations are gay – though I would like to see the proof so I can quote it to the Right Wing Extremists.  I would like to say "Well if scientists have discovered gay populations in animals, that proves surely that it isn't a matter of choice, it is a matter of genetics – or God, and the Right Wing and Extremists who hate gays should realise that." – but I do realise that it doesn't seem to be a matter of reason at all – most sadly.

    Oh – I have just found this

    I agree TC – the Winter Olympics should move to Vancouver – Putin cannot be trusted to keep his word, sadly – and it seems that he is only offering not to persecute gays for the few days of the Winter Olympics – what happens outside that time? 


    • As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong) none of us can help the sexual orientation we are born with –

      Pat A

      That's the way that I see it Pat, Genetics is a crap shoot… 🙂

    • Pat A, I agree with  you. We don't choose our sexual orientation, we are born with it.  Thanks for the link about gay animals.  I had a male cat several years ago that I swore was gay. 

    • I agree, Pat.  As I uncerstand it, people are born anywhere on a scale from completely gay to completely straight.  People in the middle of that scale are either bisexual, or they opt for one end or the other.  People toward the ends are set in their orientation.

  2. Please see GGma Sheila's post on Care2's page about this – she's right – Putin will have foreseen our outrage and have another goal in mind – WHAT is he up to???!

  3. You can take the man out of the KGB, but you can't take the KGB out of the man!  Putin is so addicted to power and the fear of that power that is instilled in the people, that he will never change.

    The last time that Russia held an Olympics, there were boycotts and the games were anything but Olympic.  What is it with Russia and the Olympics?

  4. I honestly believe – and fervently hope – that Russia’s anachronistic homophobia posturing will come back to BITE IT in its ASS

  5. Remember when Dubya said he had looked into Putin's heart?  Now we know what he saw, another Republican! 

  6. Putin is an ex-KGB thug and is leading Russia back into a Stalinist-style regime.

    I am a Lesbian, and knew when I was seven that I loved girls.  That was in 1953, so there was no gay role model who could have influenced me.  It was genetics, pure and simple.

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