Aug 232013

Writing for tomorrow, day 70, I’ll leave shortly for volunteer work in prison.  With this place shut up all day, it will be a furnace, when I return, so I hope I am able to get these articles up. 

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:38 (average 6:01).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: Median household income has begun to recover over the last two years, but households still have not come close to regaining the purchasing power they had before the financial crisis began, a new study says.

The study, issued on Wednesday by two former Census Bureau officials, suggests why many people remain glum even though the economy is growing and unemployment has declined.

Although median annual household income rose to $52,100 in June, from its recent inflation-adjusted trough of $50,700 in August 2011, it remained $2,400 lower — a 4.4 percent decline — than in June 2009, when the recession ended. This drop, combined with the 1.8 percent decline that occurred during the recession, leaves median household income 6.1 percent — or $3,400 — below its level in December 2007, when the economic slump began…

Obama and the Democrats are clearly making progress, but nowhere near the progress we could have made, were seditious Republicans not sabotaging the economy to project blame onto us.

From TPM: A variety of Republican governors have sought federal funds under Obamacare, many of them to expand Medicaid eligibility for more residents, a centerpiece of the law that the Supreme Court made optional for states last year.

But shhh! Don’t call it Obamacare, they say, for they despise that law…

Click through for the rest of an excellent article. When Republicans claim that money they’re TAKING isn’t ObamaCare, check for results. If patients are alive and improving, it’s ObamaCare. If they are languishing or dead, it’s RepubliCare.

From Think Progress: In a meeting of the state’s Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force Wednesday, Colorado State Sen. Vicki Marble (R) delivered a long monologue suggesting that the reason for poverty among certain minority groups was that they eat too much chicken…

Buk-Buk-Buk-Buk-Bullshit!  Racist bastards!




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  1. 3:31 Was I the early bloomer?

  2. Good for you ~ Day 70

    NY Times ~ Median income has probably gone up a tad because people are working 2 or 3 jobs to compensate for inflation.

    TPM ~ The one I find most amusing is Rick (Repeal Obamacare) Perry Goverrnor of Texas.

    Think Progress ~ And what has she vbeen eating or drinking to rot her brain so?

  3. Your recession ended in June 2009?  Ours – thanks to the millionaire Osborne who won't pay his taxes – is still ongoing. SIGH!!!. 

    "From Think Progress: In a meeting of the state’s Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force Wednesday, Colorado State Sen. Vicki Marble (R) delivered a long monologue suggesting that the reason for poverty among certain minority groups was that they eat too much chicken…"  – You WHAT???!!!  Are the Republicons really drinking KoolAid?  Something has rotted what brain she has – unless she knows something about the chicken she isn't telling anyone…..!

    Congrats on day 70 TC – hope you don't get too tired doing your volunteer work – or your place too hot, it seems to get about 20 degrees above external temperature!



  4. Congrats on your admirable battle with nicotine.

    Any updates on the apartment application?

    • Thanks.  Grrrr!

      Yes.  It tuirns out it'd waiting on a contract between the county and the compamy that owns the building, and it's a done deal.  But before they can rent the bureaucrat and the building managgers boss have to sign it.  The bureaucrat is back, but the boss is on vacation until mid September.  ARGH!

  5. Puzzle — 4:38  Great cat toy!  I stopped to play!

    NY Times — I think this says it all.  The 1% aided and abetted by their political whores, the obstructionist and seditious Republicanus/Teabaggers!

    “We’ve got more work to do,” Mr. Obama said last month at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. “Even though our businesses are creating new jobs and have broken record profits, nearly all the income gains of the past 10 years have continued to flow to the top 1 percent. The average C.E.O. has gotten a raise of nearly 40 percent since 2009. The average American earns less than he or she did in 1999.

    TPM — It might not be perfect, but then what is?  The Republicanus/Teabagger governors just can't help, for the most part, saying "uncle".  Given how Scott Walker in Fitzwalkerstan used the mortgage settlement money, it makes me wonder if he will try something silly with some ACA money, or will he say "no way!"

    The governors’ [Rick Scott, R-Fl] desire to gloss over this contradiction reveals the contrast between Obamacare’s fixture as a conservative bogeyman and the good that the law, flawed as it may be, stands to do for many Americans. 

    Think Progress — Attractive on the outside but hard and cold on the inside, just like her name.  She should have known that her remarks were offensive and her information wrong . . . but then I forgot momentarily, she's a Republicanus/Teabagger!

    Cartoon — As provided by Kit B on Care2 22/08/13: 

    Colonel Ann Wright. Here’s what she had to say about Manning’s sentence yesterday: 

    “As a retired Army colonel and former US diplomat who resigned because of the war in the Iraq, I deeply appreciate the courage of Bradley Manning to reveal the truth about the war, the number of civilian casualties, the illegal criminal acts as represented by the video Collateral Murder, and the diplomatic interactions that show the duplicity of the US government and the harm it caused to people around the world. Now that Bradley has been sentenced to prison, it is so important that we continue to show him how much we appreciate his courage.” 

    Here is a link to a petition in support of a pardon for Manning:

  6. I am not surprised that Republican governors are trying to get Obamacare money.  I think they are surprised that the couldn't do it without us knowing about it.

  7. How did you do? 8:14  Tough one



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