The Republican War on Kids

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Aug 202013

Fill in the blank: the Republican War on _______.  If you picked anything that is neither perverse nor hateful, there’s a Republican War on It.  Therefore it should come as no surprise that there’s a Republican War on Kids, demonstrated by their refusal to compromise on the Republican Sequester, demanding exceptions to fund welfare for the rich and military contractors, while insisting that thousands of kids be thrown out of Head Start.

20WarOnKidsHead Start programs will eliminate services for 57,265 children in the coming school year thanks to sequestration’s automatic, across-the-board spending cuts, according to new government data collected from individual programs. California, Texas, and New York will cut the largest number of spots, at 5,611, 4,410, and 3,847, respectively. Nineteen states and Puerto Rico will cut off services to more than 1,000 children.

The cuts also mean the reduction of 1.3 million calendar days at centers across the country. About 18,000 hours will be cut by centers that are dealing with reduced funding by starting days later or ending earlier. Some programs are also eliminating bus services, and children whose parents don’t have reliable transportation may not be able to attend.

The cuts will also impact Head Start staff. More than 18,000 employees will experience lay offs or reduced pay.

Children have already been kicked out of the preschool program thanks to sequestration, according to reports across the country. The new data confirms that more children will experience the same fate.

Preschool programs aren’t just about keeping kids busy, but have big benefits in the long run. Children who attend stand to see $11 in economic benefits over their lifetimes for every dollar spent thanks to effects such as a higher likelihood of staying in school, going to college, and avoiding teen pregnancy and crime. The economy in general also benefits, seeing $7 in savings for every dollar spent and an increase in human capital and economic output… [emphasis added]

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The Republican claim that this is about deficit spending is a lie.  They’re perfectly happy to spend up the ying-yang on welfare for billionaires!  If they were serious ,they would not be cutting $422 million in a way that statistically guarantees future expenditures of $2.95 billion covering drug rehab, incarceration, etc. for some of the kids Republicans are now pushing out the door.

Most of you know, I do volunteer work in prison.  I’m too old to experience this, but someone will step forward to take my place, when I am no longer here.  That person will help prisoners that Republicans kicked out of Head Start.  My replacement will be happy to help, but wouldn’t it be far better to spend far less to prevent them going to prison?


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  1. Yes, TC, it would be far better to prevent them going to prison – many of the prisons are owned by Republicans profiting greatly from the hugely increased prison population in the last thirty years.  I have read so many autobiographies over the years and listened to so many people who say that their whole life has turned on the meeting of one person – and it either went to the good or to the bad.  You make the prisoners that you meet go to the good, despite the temptations and the pressures TC, and that is infinitely laudable. 


    • Pat, p;art of whayt I teach them is that they own their own feelings, so I can't make them feel good.  I just provide tools that help them learn how to feel good about themselves.  But thank you.

  2. BOO HISS to all those things and all those people  called Republican.  What is wrong with these poor excuses for human beings?

  3. Most of you know, I do volunteer work in prison.  I’m too old to experience this, but someone will step forward to take my place, when I am no longer here.

     You are a man of great honor TC. Keeping my kids on the right path was the most difficult job of my life but, it was so worth it….

  4. Further proof that Republicanus/Teabaggers only "care" about children in utero, not after birth.  Even in utero, it isn't that they care about the fetus, it is that they enjoy the power of controlling another's life and body.

  5. It makes no FINANCIAL sense for Rethuglicans to want to cut funding to Head Start programs, because they SAVE THE COUNTRY MONEY!!!

    Chicago’s preschool program generates “$11 of economic benefits over a child’s lifetime for every dollar spent initially on the program,” according to one study, and at-risk youth who receive early childhood education are more likely to go to college and less likely to drop out of school, become teen parents, or commit violent crimes. … A universal program would save money by reducing societal and economic costs later in the child’s life, while also increasing social and economic mobility for the children who receive it.

  6. It's disgusting that these people even consider themselves caring at all. How could people just abandon children and leave them with no future? Shame on them & maybe karma catch up with them soon!

  7. I actually believed that there would be such a backlash from voters that the sequester would quickly end.  My sister calls me Pollyanna a lot, I guess she is right.  The kids who go to Headstart need every bit of help they can get to succeed in life, for many of them,  the lunches and snacks will be all they eat that day.  So I Need a Name is right, and so is Lynn.  The thinly veiled racism and misogony are out in the open, and if our sheeple don't wake up soon, my granddaughter is going to have a terrible life.  TC, you and I both know that many who are in prison are there because they lived a life of poverty and had no chance for an education.  I wish there were more like you to help them.

  8. I have a great idea, while sequestration has to be across the board, why not limit it to red states?  They're the ones who caused it, they should be the only ones affected.

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