Aug 182013

Scott Lively, a Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian, has been one of the driving forces behind the Kill the Gays Bill in  Uganda.  Gay Ugandans just won the right to sue him in the US for that role.  The government in Uganda, still trying to put it in place, is dominated by “The Family”, the same organization so popular with Republicans and very few DINOs, operators of the infamous C Street House.

18LivelyU.S. District Court Judge Michael Posner cleared the path on Wednesday for a groundbreaking lawsuit to proceed against Scott Lively. Lively, president of the virulently anti-gay Abiding Truth Ministries, is being sued by the LGBT rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMU) for his pivotal role in promoting the persecution of LGBT Ugandans.

SMU alleged in its complaint that Lively and his allies “devised and carried out a program of persecution” and “strategies to dehumanize, demonize, silence, and further criminalize” LGBT Ugandans. They are seeking damages, a finding that Lively violated international law and an injunction against future efforts to persecute their organization and community.

Lively is one of the most virulent anti-gay activists on the scene today. He authored the infamous revisionist history The Pink Swastika, which claims that homosexuality was at the root of the Nazi Party and Holocaust. He makes similar claims about the Rwandan genocide. Judge Posner described (pdf) these arguments as “bordering on ludicrous” in his Wednesday ruling…

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Rachel Maddox was one of the first to cover the Kill the Gays bill three years ago.

Later shed tied in the connection with Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians in the US.

James Inhofe, and from what I understand, several other prominent Republicans, were present at the Ugandan Family Prayer Breakfast, when the Kill the Gays bill was planned there.

I fully support the suit by SMU and hope they can remove the Republican puppet-government from their nation.  To see why I say this, look at the other seven times I have covered the story over the years: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


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  1. Let's all hope something good finally comes of this. Predjudices run very deep.

  2. Good – he should surely be imprisoned as he is inciting others to violence.




  3. Lively is one of the most virulent anti-gay activists on the scene today.

    How do these sociopaths sleep at night? Oops, they are sociopaths. :mrgreen:



    I particularly like Judge Posner's Ruling that distinguishes the case from the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum, thus dismissing one hurdle.  If you remember, earlier this spring SCOTUS sharply curtailed the reach of a federal law used to hold corporations and others accountable for human rights abuses committed abroad.

    "The restrictions [in Kiobel] do not apply to the facts as alleged in this case, where Defendant is a citizen of the United States and where his offensive conduct is alleged to have occurred, in substantial part, within this country. Indeed, Defendant, according to the Amended Complaint, is alleged to have maintained what amounts to a kind of 'Homophobia Central' in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    "Aiding and abetting a crime against humanity is a well- established offense under customary international law, and actions for redress of this crime have frequently been recognized by American courts as part of the subclass of lawsuits for which the ATS furnishes jurisdiction.”

    (Small nit to pick: the plaintiffs, Sexual Minorities Uganda, uses the “g” in Uganda and therefore goes by the acronym SMUG – maybe to avoid confusing with Southern Methodist University, or maybe just to be “in-your-face” to all those homophobes.)

    • Excellent point's Nameless.  I thout of the Southern Methodist University thing too, but did now write it out, because the article had already defined it.

  5. He doesn't just border on ludicrous, he fell off the deep end of demented!;) I hope he gets sued so bad he bleeds! Can't the World Court prosecute him for war crimes?

    • No, since there is no war, per se, and becaise he has not been in a position to commit or order such atrocities himself.  However, if carried out the Ugandan authotities could be charged with crimes against himanity.

  6. I have gay relatives and gay friends. I am so glad they don't live in Uganda.   It boggles my mind that so called Christian leaders would go to another country and advocate killing and imprisoning homosexuals.  It has always been my opinon that someone who is so virulantly against gays is either secretly gay or afraid that he is.  

  7. As proposed in one of your earlier pieces TC, the Americans involved, Lively etc, were using Uganda as a test for wider legislation that they hoped would become law in the US.  All those who helped write the legislation should also face some sort of sanctions. 

    And by Bahti's words, although not a direct quote, the only good LGBT member is a dead LGBT member.  The intent is there and Lively et al helped to create the intent and the legislation.  That is intended genocide.  I think the Lively should be tried in the International Court at the Hague.  The ruffle that I can see so far is that it was intent but not actioned, yet.  For that reason, filing suit against Lively in the US might be the best way for now to lock up this bastard and put the rest on notice. 

    Bahti's statement that they are protecting children is so insulting.  Children have more to fear from these right wing evangelical psuedo Christians than any member of the LGBT community.  These pliable children's minds are being warped by hate, not unlike the child soldiers.  Onward Christian soldiers.  Oh how I hate that song and its violence.

    • Eaxctly, Lynn.  They have established a Republican Reich in Uganda.  This is a test case.  If they can get away with this there, they can get away with it here, if they can establish a Republican Reich.  However, rank and file Republicans have no idea what their party is up to.

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