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The Republican Party has a war on _______.  Just fill in the blank with anything good for America, and you’re right!  The Republican War on Voting has been going on for years, but their most recent big offensive, now taking place in McCrorystan, opens a window on Republican intentions for the future of our right to elect our representatives.

17NCVotingRightsIN THE wake of the Supreme Court’s Shelby v. Holder decision, which gutted significant portions of the Voting Rights Act, it’s difficult to say which of the many recently passed voter-suppression bills constitutes the greatest threat to that most sacred of American freedoms: the right to vote. The contest has several leading contenders, but the winner just might be North Carolina’s especially draconian bill, signed into law on Monday.

The bill includes the usual provisions that have come to characterize the quiet assault on the franchise: a shortened early-voting period, the elimination of the state’s successful same-day registration program and, of course, a strict photo identification requirement despite any evidence of voter fraud in the state.

What makes this law unique is how much further it goes. It includes no fewer than 12 extra provisions that prohibit such things as counties extending polling hours by one hour in the event of unusual circumstances (such as, say, long lines); provisional voting should someone, say, mistakenly go to the wrong precinct; and pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, who could previously register to vote before they turned 18.

The bill is a truly abominable piece of anti-democratic legislation, the only likely effect of which will be to make it increasingly difficult — maybe even impossible — for some people who don’t typically support Republicans to be able to vote. Sadly, none of that seemed to bother Gov. Pat McCrory (R), who signed it into law regardless… [emphasis added]

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Rachel Maddow underlines this by tying it into the Republican War on Students, especially black students.

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The behavior of the Republican Party in the Totalitarian Plutocracy of McCrorystan, exemplifies the overall Republican goal to a establish a permanent totalitarian Regime of one-party rule, in which elections exist for show only, just like Germany did in the 1930s.

The people in the audience at that county meeting clearly realized what the Republicans are full of, as their vocal support for the lone Democrat made clear.

Considering the case of Montravias King, Jim Crow has clearly returned. The GOP has said, "You can’t run or vote, Boy." Next they might pass a law requiring black people to call them "massa".


  25 Responses to “An Offensive in the Republican War on Voting”

  1. In Boone,  North Carolina, 1500 people per voting station is the recommended guideline, Pat McCrory now says 9,300 people have to vote in one voting station – which only has 35 parking spaces – as Rachel Maddow said "WHAT could go wrong?!".  As For Elizabeth City in NC – things are even worse – if your skin is black you can't vote – AWFUL!!  This is so blatently illegal – yet they are convinced they can do it – do they have a different rule book?

    Argh just had elec cut/power outage – must post this!


    • It is nuts that the Repulivican party is running backwards in civilization.  They are really sickening.  I switched parties about three years ago as I could not be a part of a group that has so much hate for the people….and so much love for greed and racism.  They are doing a good job of taking themselves out!

    • Pat, the Republican rule is that all rules apply only to others.

  2. I would like to call it what it is….not voter suppression….not voter fraud….IT is Republican ELECTION RIGGING…..sleazy, vile, illegal, transparent….and despicable. 

  3. Say what you will about Attorney General Eric Holder, but he has been bulldog tenacious on matters of Voting Rights.

    He has already aggressively begun the challenge against Texas' earlier legislation that limits voting rights (with a bonus of pissing of Perry something fierce) – and has given every indication he'll do the same WRT North Carolina.

    SCOTUS' gutting of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act will now shift the action to Section 3 – and a LOT more litigation.  And even Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who sponsored the 2006 Voting Rights Act re-authorization, approves of Holder's actions.

    • SCOTUS needs term limits, then we could get rid of these scumbags who are doing everything they can to destroy our rights.  I hope you are right about Holder.

    • And thank goodness he has been like a pitbull on voting rights.  If he doesn`t continue like a pitbull, the Republicanus/Teabaggers will take the country down into a hell that its people do not deserves. . . . well maybe the Kochs et all deserve, but not the everyday Joes!

    • Nameless, my issues with Holder have been in other area's (not charging Banksters, Vulture Capitalists, Military Cobtractors, and Bush Reich criminals).  If he follows through on other states, he's A-1 on voting rights.

  4. It seems that political thoughts and processes in the US are constipated and in great pain!  Why?  Because Republicanus/Teabaggers are obstructing the ability of the people to be involved in their constitutional right to vote, among other things.  No better example is McCrorystan — North Carolina!

    I think the only answer is a strong legal show of force from the DOJ.  Moral Mondays are growing but so, it seems, is the ability of police to arrest.  With people deliberately being targeted as not eligible to vote, I don't think there is a hope in hell of Democratic North Carolinians taking back NC without help from the DOJ.  Get going Eric Holder, time's a wastin'!

  5. Crushed, I tell you … CRUSHED that Gerry Pinion offered no "opinion" on my comment.

    Oh, well …  I've always been an outcast

  6. A lot of things we should be doing cannot be done in this "political extremist" atmosphere in Washington D.C..

    While Republicans have been busy starving the beast and trying to kill off the safety net programs, we have not been able to improve those programs, just defend them from extintion. Those programs will be with us for a long time no matter what the mad hatters do.

    Voting proceedures is one process that does need improvement, but now we are left defending the rights we thought we had secured 50 years ago.

    What a waste of time. What idiots these Republicans are. They will not rule the day, but will leave us broke, our beauaracry still needs revamping, we still need money for infrastructure improvements, etc., etc.. When the insane fog clears we will have ten times the problems to fix, and no money to do anything.

    • That's true Steve.

      Just barely.

      Actually it did need improvement.  Republicans have been rigging e-voting machines since the day before they came into use.

      That's an accurate summation.  That's also very sad.

  7. I cannot believe that we are back to fighting for the same things we fought for in the sixties.  Voters rights, reproductive rights, and all because the Tea Party has the rest of the Republicans scared to death, and most of our Democrats don't have the guts to stand up to them.  I am so glad I don't live in North Carolina Florida, or Texas.

    • For the most part, the only difference thtween the Baggers and the Reoublican leasership is that the latter hide ubnder their sheets and hoods at time.

  8. "Politics Plus" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week.  Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

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