Aug 102013

Writing for tomorrow, day 57, it’s 86Β° at my desk and, if it stays cloudy, it may be no worse.  Tomorrow and Sunday there is a 30% chance for rain.  Oh Lord!  Pleeeeeeeeease!!!!  On a negative note, I just fell through the Donut Hole. πŸ™

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:04 (average 5:46).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: While I share Prince’s frustration with the media, as a liberal, I’d like to go on record and state that the media isn’t focusing on issues I care about. They seem to be far more focused on entertainment and making money.

Don’t believe me?

If you know anyone who still believes in a "liberal media," here’s 15 things everyone would know if there really were a "liberal media"

Click through for a gut wrenching list list that will leave no doubt in your mind,

From Alternet: Laughable: Rumor of Tea Party Boycott of Ebony Magazine Spreads After Trayvon Martin Cover

Dang! How can Ebony Magazine survive if they lose the Hood and Sheet contingent of their supporters?!!? πŸ˜‰

From CREDO: The Texas Taliban β€” also known as the right-wing majority on the Texas State Board of Education β€” wants to revise the state’s standards for science textbooks to require the addition of religious pseudoscience when teaching subjects like biology. And this isn’t just bad news for Texas schoolchildren, because the Texas standards will impact the textbooks used by millions of students nationwide.

The Texas State Board of Education recently invited a small group of people to review the biology textbooks that will be used for the next eight years, starting in 2014. But more than half of the reviewers are right-wing religious ideologues,1 some of whom are even skeptics of Darwin’s theory of evolution β€” considered one of the most reliably established facts in science, and a central tenet of biology.2

The ultimate goal of these sham textbook reviews β€” and Texas Board of Education curriculum reform β€” is to enshrine right-wing ideology into Texas textbooks. What’s worse, because of the scale of production of these textbooks, the dictates of the Texas State Board of Education will be included in textbooks used by millions of students in other states.

We can’t let them get away with replacing long-accepted scientific principles with religious pseudoscience and propaganda.3

Tell textbook publishers to stand up to the Texas Taliban and only publish books that are based on sound, peer-reviewed science scholarship. Click here to sign the petition automatically.

Please click through and sign, or risk today’s cartoon!




  12 Responses to “Open Thread–8/10/2012”

  1. The Daily Kos list is one we should all print out and learn – it really, really is!  Thanks TC (BTW that photo is really scary – like Lord of the Flies with guns!).

  2. 4:01  I have lead in my wings!

  3. Puzzle — 4:01  I have lead in my wings!

    Daily Kos — For those unable to find the correct link, I think this is it. There was a last minute change in stories.

    I never did think there was a liberal bias in the American media.  Even when the likes of Walter Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley were around, I wouldn't say there was a liberal bias, but I would say there was a truth bias, certainly more truth and reliable information than today.  Good article.  I guess I've been hanging around you for long enough that I've known about each of these.

    Alternet — AMEN!!!  Ebony magazine.  There is a time to bend, and a time NOT to bend.  This is NOT the time to bend.  Besides, white bigoted Americans are not Ebony's target audience.

    Credo — Signed.  Ten years of students screwed in science.  Can you imagine the kids that want to go into the science field — they will have to take remedial science before they can enter college or university, just to get the basics they were denied.

    These ripe banana brains (as in mushy and unpalatable!) who are sitting in judgement of the textbooks are less-ons (being morons is above them!)

    Cartoon — That kid has high blood pressure (look at his face), evil in his eyes, and a lousy attitude brought on by Republicanus/Teabagger indoctrination.  If he graduates high school, sadly he'll graduate into prison.


    The donut hole — I had an idea what it was but wasn't entirely sure so of course I googled it.  The system here in BC under Fair Pharmacare is similar, but in reverse.  Our deductible is calculated based on our income as confirmed by Revenue Canada.  Then we pay full freight until the deductible is reached, and after that it is a percentage.  At some point, if you have no employer benefits, you end up with no cost.

    • Wooo Hooo! :-D   That bug is in the box!

      OMG!  I was rushing to patch in a new take, I copied the old link.  Thanks Lynn.  The original os now corrected.

      Exactly.  It was a truth bias.  When they knew something was a lie, they called it.

      You have it down.

      Screwed in silence and taught to hate.

      I am "low income"  After $2,700 out of pocket, I go to 95% coverage.

  4. I've found that if I just eat my way around the donut hole, when the donut's gone the hole disappears.

  5. TC, sorry about the donut hole, when the healthcare act takes full action, you won't have that anymore, ridiculous attempt to satisfy the pharmaceutical companies.   I hope you get rain, we are rained out, here, our yard is like a sponge. squish, squish.

    I love Daily Kos, get it in my inbox.  This list should be forced reading for all our Republican friends.

    I signed the petition.  I hope how soon Texans get rid of this group, and from I am hearing and reading, they are ready to do it.

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