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As I write at 9:45 AM for day 53, the temperature at my desk is at today’s inside low, 90°  UGH!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: …In other words, Republicans, confronted with the responsibilities of governing, essentially threw a tantrum, then ran off to sulk.

How did the G.O.P. get to this point? On budget issues, the proximate source of the party’s troubles lies in the decision to turn the formulation of fiscal policy over to a con man. Representative Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has always been a magic-asterisk kind of guy — someone who makes big claims about having a plan to slash deficits but refuses to spell out any of the all-important details. Back in 2011 the Congressional Budget Office, in evaluating one of Mr. Ryan’s plans, came close to open sarcasm; it described the extreme spending cuts Mr. Ryan was assuming, then remarked, tersely, “No proposals were specified that would generate that path.”

What’s happening now is that the G.O.P. is trying to convert Mr. Ryan’s big talk into actual legislation — and is finding, unsurprisingly, that it can’t be done. Yet Republicans aren’t willing to face up to that reality. Instead, they’re just running away.

Click through for the rest of this magnificent editorial. Krugman is spot on again!

From MSNBC: What will become of GOP Dysfunction?


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It surprised me that this subject even came up on Faux Noise! We only got a small part of the exchange, but I’m betting Wallace goose-stepped to whatever Cantor replied. The Bagger demand of McConnell is Loony Toons, telling Bought Bitch Mitch to be a man. that won’t happen in our lifetime. Don’t you love Cantor’s immigration reform. Leave kids here, on their own, when their parents are deported. As bad as it is for the country, during the years this takes, the Republican Party appears to be going the way of the Whigs.

From Think Progress: Unusually hot, dry weather in Alaska is wreaking havoc on fisheries, as thousands of fish perish in overheated waters. Last month, 1,100 king salmon died on their way up to the Crystal Lake hatchery due to water temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and lack of oxygen. That’s the bulk of the 1,800 adult salmon that were expected to return to the hatchery this season.

Earlier in the summer, another hatchery lost hundreds of grayling and rainbow trout in a Fairbanks lake where water temperatures reached 76 degrees. Alaska’s heat wave broke records last week, with 14 days straight above 70 degrees in Anchorage and 31 days of 80 degrees in Fairbanks.

Soon Mooseolini will claim that she can see Bermuda from her front porch.



They provided a wealth of material for Republicans to ignore!


  12 Responses to “Open Thread–8/6/2014”

  1. 4:19 I took too much time smelling the flower.

  2. NY Times ~ Truth is Truth and Ryan is Lyin' and never the twain shall meet.

    MSNBC ~ It seems as though they are heading for that cliffover which Ryan wanted to push Granny. If they goose-step in line, they will follow each other over like lemmings rushing over the cliffs to the sea.

    Thin Progress ~ What climate change???

    Cartoon ~ The RepublicanTs and SCROTUS are continuing their fight t undermine it.




  3. Horrified to hear of so many thousand vital salmon dead of overheating in Alaska – that's a whole generation gone!  And other fish too – and still the Repuglicons deny climate change!

    As for Lyin Ryan – nuff said.

  4. Puzzle — 3:59  Colour that posey Flower Macro Wicked!

    NY Times — Does Krugman have the Republicanus/Teabaggers pegged, or what!

    In other words, Republicans, confronted with the responsibilities of governing, essentially threw a tantrum, then ran off to sulk.

    As Krugman says, Republicanus/Teabaggers are totally out of touch with reality and living in a fantasy world.

    What makes this frightening is that Republicans do, in fact, have a majority in the House, so America can’t be governed at all unless a sufficient number of those House Republicans are willing to face reality. And that quorum of reasonable Republicans may not exist.

    Republicanus/Teabaggers and reasonable is an oxymoron of the highest calibre.

    MSNBC — Dysfunction?  That's an understatement!  I'd like to yell "hooray" from the sidelines but I don't trust the Republicanus/Teabaggers one iota!  Until they are dead and GONE, nobody can relax — be ever vigilant!

    McTurtle will swing whatever way he needs to in order to keep his seat.  Cantor is an ass — keep the kids but deport the parents?  Please!  And how will these kids be supported?  And he thinks a parent would abandon their kids?  And Cruz out-of-control?  Where do they find these sorry excuses for human beings?  Just goes to show that the Peter Principle is alive and well in the Republicanus/Teabagger party — rise to the level of their incompetence!

    Think Progress — And these Republicanus/Teabaggers think climate change doesn't exist!  What exceptionally obstinate and stupid morons they are!  I wish they would try to understand that they are not the only ones that live on this planet, and are not the only ones that matter.

    Cartoon — "They provided a wealth of material for Republicans to ignore!" — No doubt!  For all their protestations about up holding the constitution, they are so guilty of projection.

    ​A little item I read somewhere — I think it was this picture that includes people in it that actually weren't there.  They were included because they worked behind the scenes.  Have I got the correct picture?

    • Catboxed! 😀

      The best way to prevent their demise is to assume it.

      Peter was right!

      Stupid ort evil?


      I think you do.  When it opened, lots of delegated hads not yet arrived.

  5. As far as I am  concerned, Krugman always gets it right.  It makes me angry to listen to Cantor or Ryan because they both are only promoting themselves.

    I hope enough people will be so sick of the Republican obstructionism, that they will lose control of the House and not have a prayer of controlling the Senate.  They are such skillful liars, though, that they may do it.

    I wish I had the whole video from Fancy Farm, the local newspapers printed articles the following day that made it appear Mitch was on the run.

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