About Those Female Dollars

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Aug 032013

I always considered the dollar gender neutral.  I know there are honest dollars and dishonest dollars, but the idea of male and female dollars never occurred to me.  However, Republicans now consider female dollars to be those with no value, and are using Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, an adjunct to the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, to spread the word.  Paul Krugman brought us this:

3FemaledollarCan a woman effectively run the Federal Reserve? That shouldn’t even be a question. And Janet Yellen, the vice chairwoman of the Fed’s Board of Governors, isn’t just up to the job; by any objective standard, she’s the best-qualified person in America to take over when Ben Bernanke steps down as chairman.

Yet there are not one but two sexist campaigns under way against Ms. Yellen. One is a whisper campaign whose sexism is implicit, while the other involves raw misogyny. And both campaigns manage to combine sexism with very bad economic analysis.

Let’s start with the more extreme, open campaign. Last week, The New York Sun published an editorial [Murdoch propaganda delinked] attacking Ms. Yellen titled “The Female Dollar.” The editorial took it for granted that the Fed has been following disastrously inflationary monetary policies for years, even though actual inflation is at a 50-year low. And it warned that things would get even worse if the dollar were to become merely “gender-backed.” I am not making this up.

True, The Sun is a marginal publication, with strong gold-bug tendencies, and nobody would pay much attention if the rest of the right had ignored or distanced itself from that editorial. In fact, however, The Wall Street Journal immediately followed up with its own editorial [Murdoch propaganda delinked] along the same lines, in the course of which it approvingly quoted The Sun piece, female dollar and all. [emphasis added]

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I urge you to click through for the rest of this excellent editorial.

Instead of male and female dollars, they should be considered Democratic and Republican dollars, the former going to meet the legitimate needs of the American people, and the latter, to squander on the greed of the 1%.


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  1. By every metric, Yellen is eminently qualified to head the Fed.  But analyzing the charts themselves, even Rupert Murdoch's right-wing rag, the Wall Street Journal, had to conclude that …

    The Wall Street Journal examined more than 700 predictions made between 2009 and 2012 in speeches and congressional testimony by 14 Fed policy makers—and scored the predictions on growth, jobs and inflation. The most accurate forecasts overall came from Ms. Yellen, now the Fed's vice chair.


  2. …………… WHAT???!  You have got to be kidding me!

  3. Like Krugman stated in the article, Yellen may not be the only qualified candidate, but she is the best qualified so far. Unless you count Krugman himself.

  4. Misogynistic idjits

  5. This pernicious misogyny is going to drive the country to the brink of destruction.  It should not matter male or female — all that should count are the qualifications and the record of experience.

    When I was a teen, my mother told me that trust is earned.  As I demonstrated that I could be trusted with certain things, then the reins would be loosened.  As I continued to build my abilities and thinking, the reins loosened more.  This is no different, only the stakes are higher.

    Yellen's Qualifications:

    …distinguished academic work, leader of the Council of Economic Advisers, six years as president of the San Francisco Fed, a record of working effectively with colleagues at the Board of Governors. 

    Yellen's Experience: 

    The Wall Street Journal … recently surveyed the forecasting records of top policy makers at the Fed, whom it divided into “hawks” (officials who keep warning that the Fed is doing too much to fight unemployment) and “doves” (who warn that it’s doing too little). It found that the doves made consistently better forecasts, with the best forecaster of all being the most prominent of the doves — Janet Yellen.

    I have oft said, if you want a job done right, ask a woman.  Now I know that sounds like I am against men, but I am not.  But too often, women are discounted as emotionally unsuited to making the hard business decisions.  BS!  Women make difficult decisions every day.  What is important is the level of experience and qualifications which are built up over time.  So far Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have not done such a hot job.  It is time to pass the reins to a qualified and experienced leader, Janet Yellen.

    • Lynn, in business, women tend to excel, when tapped for high posts, women tend to excell, because they would not have gotten any authority at all without superior qualifications.  This is not the case in right wing political circles, because Republicans choose women for high posts based on pliancy and obedience.  Great comment.

      • I agree.  In order to rise up the corporate ladder, I had to be at least three times more qualified than any man.  In my time, I had to be "wet nurse" to more male trainees than I care to remember. They joined the bank with the expectation that they would be a manager in 3 months because they had a university degree and they were male.  They were, almost every one of them, frustrated to find that their training was going to be 6 months long and then at best, they would be a senior clerk.  

        As far as female Republicanus/Teabaggers, I agree.  Just observe Kelly Ayotte.  Nodding her head at public announces in behind Boehner.  A bobble head!

        • That's how to defeat the Republican argument that there is no war on women, because they have so many female candidates.

  6. It was started July 25?  And I am only number 116 to sign?  People, we need to get on this!

  7. I just signed and thanks for the link… I would like to mention Brooksley Born if anyone remembers…?

  8. Misogyny is their first name now.

  9. Dollar Coins 


    The Susan B. Anthony dollar is a United States coin minted from 1979 to 1981, and again in 1999. 


    Sacagawea dollar 


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    The dollar coin has proven to be unpopular as they resemble the size of the 25 cent coin. The distinctive gold color is what gives it a distinguished look. The dollar coin is slightly bigger, thicker 
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    The g o p pukes have nothing to worry about "female" coins anymore as they are just nitpicking. 
    They are being their usual self with "Misogynist Attitudes". 

    Congress and the mint department should have considered a size between the quarter 
    and the old Ike dollar coin. But, then it would have clashed with the half dollar coin. There is one coin that has more monetary value than two other bigger-sized coins and it is the "dime" vs the penny and nickel. lol.. 

    • Thanks Jim.  Please try to use the link editor in this editor (It's the world with link button).  I really appreciate great links, but cleaning these up and putting them into HTML so I could blank the targets took me twenty minutes. 🙂

  10. Found this article cruising around C2 for reading information articles to read while sipping on my morning wakeup coffee… 

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