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Here is the fifteenth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Mark Kessler, for the manner in which he typifies Republican decency, gentleness, and tolerance.

30KesslerMeet Police Chief Mark Kessler, who has a YouTube Channel devoted to obscenity laden, homophobic rants punctuated by automatic weapons fire.  This includes the most recent video he put up to apologize for previous videos that offended people.  That one ends with him saying, "Fuck all you libtards out there, you take it in the ass!".

In addition to last week’s video titled "Shoot a Libtard Out of a Tree :)", he features videos where he uses a picture of Nancy Pelosi for target practice, rants about that "cocksucker" Secretary of State John Kerry for his presumed support of an alleged UN plot to take away our guns, and links to — James Yeager’s channel.  You remember James Yeager.  He was the law-abiding patriot who threatened to start killing people.

Here’s the thing.  That self-inflicted wound? He did that in 2011!  After that, he was put on leave due to his self-inflicted wound.  They had an opportunity to make that leave permanent, but he is apparently back on the force.  It would be a tragedy if this knucklehead had to kill someone before people took the risk seriously… [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video included with the article:

Don’t forget.  This guy is an elected Republican government official and self-proclaimed member of the Tea Party.  When he shot himself, he was off duty and embroiled in a bar fight.  Those are the last circumstances in which any sane individual would use a gun.  Despite his intense love for guns, he displayed typical Republican competence by shooting himself.  He represents the best the Republican Party has to offer.


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  1. His intelligence is overwhelming. I watched 2 of his videos and couldn't take any more. It seems as though there are 10 of his closest friends in the crowd applauding and cheering. I think the rest of the people are scratching their heads.

    How does he get elected? Oh yeah! It's Texas. My apologies to the sane people who live there.

  2. Right there with you, Patty.

  3. Seems like 2011 was NOT a good year for the Barney Fife of small-town Pennsylvania "law enforcement".

    Not only did he shoot himself with his own gun in a bar fight while he was off-duty, but he also lost a lawsuit and had to pay a Councilman $15,000 because he had "unconstitutionally arrested, strip-searched and imprisoned [the Councilman] because he used profanity toward the mayor."

    • (Well, I learned that if you move a word in a phrase that was already linked, it breaks it up and makes each one portion a separate link.)

  4. God help anywhere that has anyone like him there!  Every law abiding citizen must be terrified of him! 

  5. Gilberton, Pennsylvania: This is an "elected official"…???

    What kind of people live in this town to have voted this character into office…

  6. No matter what the Second Amendment says, there are some individuals who should never be allowed anywhere near a firearm for any reason. This idiot is a perfect illustration of why I feel that way. It is only a matter of time before he kills someone.

  7. "Me make loud noise!!!  Me say potty words in public!!!"

    I've seen more intelligent creatures than him stumbling around and grunting in Night of the Living Dead.  Seriously, this guy needs to get as much publicity as possible.  He's the perfect representative for what the lunatic right has become.

  8. This is only tangentally related to the subject at hand, but it's too good not to pass along.

    With profound apologies to Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart"

    "Every time a Republican is elected, a vulture gets its wings."

  9. Whatever town has somehow "elected" this RepubliCON had better have Very good Liability Insurance against the murder/manslaughter/rape/sodomy/maiming/hospitalization of the Next poor victim of that crazy SOB!!!

  10. I think one could easily make a case for locking this nutcase away in an institution for the criminally insane, and I think it needs to be done now! . . . and please throw away the key for everybody's safety.

    Here is some more Mark Kessler in full action  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/07/29/pennsylvania-police-chief-mark-kessler-insists-he-is-not-a-circus-clown-deranged-lunatic/

    Interestingly enough, this police chief of a small town in coal country Pennsylvania seems to have the mayor wrapped around his little finger — in my estimation, she is either afraid of him or just plain unintelligent.  Here is more from Politicus USA http://www.politicususa.com/2013/07/26/pennsylvania-police-chief-mark-kessler-removed.html

    Very scary idiot that will cause severe trouble before too long.

    • Amen.  See my reply to John.

      I had not seen that, so when I used the clown graphic, I had no idea he had said that.  LOL!

      She's a Bagger too,  Need I say more?

  11. If you go to family reunions to pick up chicks, you might be a Red-neck, Pennsylviana  must be proud…  💡


  12. Sadly, idiots like this one are numerous and can be found in any state in the country.

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