Jul 252013

I’m writing for day 41, and this may go up late, because Thursday is a prison volunteer day.  The heat is back, and the temperature at my desk is 86° and climbing at 9:00 AM.

Pardon the brevity with which I replied to yesterday’s comments.  It has been too hot to sleep.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:40 (average 5:14).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner stirred controversy today by continuing to send dirty texts throughout a press conference devoted to apologizing for his behavior.

Mr. Weiner was halfway through his apology when reporters noticed him remove a phone from his pocket and aim its camera lens unmistakably in the direction of his pants.

After seeing the candidate snap a photo of the pants region and then send a text, reporters bombarded Mr. Weiner with questions, asking him if he had in fact just sexted.

“Yes, I did, but I swear this was the last time,” he said. “This behavior is now behind me.”

Hmmm… I guess there’s a reason they call him Weiner.

From Daily Kos: The One Simple Graphic that Sums Up the Whole Problem with the Trayvon Martin Case


The only way it’s self defense is if the murdered child is black.

From TPM: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) each laid down incompatible positions on the debt limit Tuesday, possibly setting the stage for another round of brinksmanship this fall over whether the federal government will default on its obligations.

“We are not negotiating on the debt ceiling,” Reid told reporters. “The President has said this. I’ve said it. And I don’t know how many more times we need to say that.”

He was responding to a question about whether he’d consider GOP demands such as defunding Obamacare or significantly cutting spending in exchange for raising the debt limit.

Just hours earlier, Boehner put down an equally categorical marker.

“We’re not going to raise the debt ceiling without real cuts in spending. It’s as simple as that,” he said. He floated the so-called “Boehner rule” requiring dollar-for-dollar cuts, which Democrats acceded to in 2011 in order to raise the debt limit, as the right way to go.

Republican terrorists must not be allowed to blackmail America with seditious threats against paying the bills for spending Congress already authorized. Make them pay the political price for whatever damage they do. Giving in one inch is one inch too much!



Republicans claim blacks owe whites, because whites fought a war to free them. That is a lie. The Crittenden resolution clearly stated that the purpose of the Civil War was to preserve the union, and not to interfere "established institutions", namely slavery.


  25 Responses to “Open Thread–7/25/2013”

  1. 4:27 Did I run toward that Exit sign quickly enough?

  2. I hope your first day back at the prison as a volunteer goes well. I know the guys will be thrilled to see you again.

    New Yorker ~ This is just too close to the truth. He needs help, definitely.

    Daily Kos ~ It's sad but true.

    TPM ~ Here we go again! We all knew it would happen. I think I will not pay any of my bills either. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

    Cartoon ~ Maybe we should have let them secede peacefully back then. We would be seperate countries now. Less trouble politically?


    • It was great Patty, although it pushed my endurance to the limit.




      Ifd only it were just the South.

  3. While I recognize these surveys are pointless efforts, they're still fun to do – and it only has THREE questions.

    The Rethuglicans want to know how you feel about ObamaCare.  I shared my thoughts with them, and you can, too:


    • Thanks for the link, so did I.  I am sending this to my friends, too.

    • I know I should not have done it, but I couldn't resist.  On the 3rd question, I said I wanted single payer, but I also called them a bunch of ninnies for spending all that money on the repeal votes when it could have gone elsewhere and been productive.

      • I also loved the fact that the idiots had the audacity to ask for donations.  The only donation I'd give them I can't by computer.

    • I just did, but give them an email address you keep for SPAM only, because they will SPAM you ever worse than Democrats!

    • Thanks for the link. Also answered the three questions and deleted the cookies from my browser. Who wants cookie trackers from the g o p pukes…?

    •  The Republican Party will be stronger because of supporters like you.

      Thanks for the link but no money for the GNOP.

      I have one question which is why I don't win a big mouth award?

  4. Thanks, SoINeedAName!  I took that silly survey and under things that bother me most, I put "Republican hooey".

    Sending you cool thoughts, Tom!!

  5. Weiner badly needs to see a shrink.

    Boehner badly needs to see a shrink.


    Repubicans badly need to see a shrink.

  6. Puzzle — 4:29 Couldn't find the exit fast enough!

    The New Yorker — He definitely has a problem and needs professional care.  I here his polls in the NY mayoralty race took a dive over his latest sexting revelation.

    Daily Kos — Stand Your Ground laws have to go the way of the dodo bird!

    TPM — The US does not have a big spending problem.  It has a Republicanus/Teabagger problem! Sure, some unnecessary programmes could be cut, other programmes tweaked.  Mr Obama said as much.  But for the Republicanus/Teabaggers to hold the country hostage yet again, is unconscionable.

    Cartoon — Republicanus/Teabaggers are always trying to rewrite history.  It's one of the things they do well!


  7. New Yorker: Weiner: A leading candidate for Pervs United. Don't know why Weiner's continues to "Stand By Your Man"…

    Daily Kos: Awesome graphic.! E mailed it to a bunch of relatives and friends.

    TPM: The g o p pukes must be charged with the Sedition Act of 1798, plain and simple.

    Cartoon: First I have ever heard of this Crittenden Resolution. g o p pukes trying to rewrite history… again. 

    • Whoops: should have said in New Yorker:

      …why Weiner's wife continues to "Stand By Her Man"…

    • Huma must see something in him.


      Never happen, but I's happily see them punished with unemployment.

      They always do.

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