Obama Rocked!

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Jul 252013


I watched Barack Obama outline his plan for the economy today in one of his finest speeches ever.  He covered all the bases: Jobs, Education, Retirement Security, Health Care, and Upward Mobility.  He also laid out the role Republicans have been playing in refusing to to the job the American people elected them to do, but don’t take my word for it.  Watch and judge for yourself.

What do you think?


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  1. I loved it when he challenged RepublicanTs on the Hill to come up with a better plan, actually ANY plan . not just "cut spending". When I watched it yesterday I actually burst out laughing at the dare.

    Our President was at his finest!

  2. He was spot on!

    Of course the MSM chose to focus on Weiner's wiener.  They had better pay as much – or more – attention when the Grand Jury serves Gov. McDonnell (R-VA) with his papers for actual malfeasance.

  3. He rocked!

    He didn't just call out the Republicanus/Teabaggers once, but a number of times.

    Huffington Post picked up the story http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/24/obama-economic-speech_n_3645371.html?ir=Politics but unfortunately, not on the front page.

    Here's another take from Alternet http://www.alternet.org/economy/obamas-speech-deals-fatal-blow-austerity-economics.

  4. Obama tells you what he wants you to hear. What has he actually done? After 6 years are we in better shape? NO People lost their homes, their jobs, and their savings. He added 2 more years on to retire, hes added taxes, he is promoting non-affordable healthcare, our economy is in the sewer.

    Our Congressmen/women are not working together the support for each other is in the sewer, he did not freeze Congress salaries instead he gave them a raise.  Did he take the cap off taxes of the Wealthy like he said he would?  Did Obama & Congress put a budget on personal Presidential spending?  Did he help with OPEC?  he just doubled the prices in our fuel costs instead. All the questions are a big Fat NO.

    Households in the US are suffering, just for the basic needs not even the X-Tra's and its a real shame. There are limited basic needs for Middle Class and Lower Middle Class. A Roof over your head, Food, Affortable Healthcare, Utilities is ALL of this to much to ask for? Their not asking us to pay it for them, they are just looking for reasonable prices.

    It all comes down to House Budget Committee, meaning Obama is deeply involved in drafting and promoting the Democrats & Republican Party’s long-term strategies to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. I have been saying for years, the Gov’t spends to much money on misc. things. The money is meant to help every tax paying household and making sure they are comfortable and not struggling.

    I also believe Congress is getting to much of a FREE RIDE, they get a paycheck, but they have lifetime benefits and pensions, who gets that anymore in this economy?? The new Obamacare benefits that is being discussed is not good enough for them, yet they believe it is good enough for us. Why is this?

    What is good for one is good for the other. Stop this excess spending, these guys have the money to pay for benefits better than we do or ever will. I also think the Presendential family needs a budget on their Personal Expenses. Re: Vacations, Food, Entertainment, Personal Staff. To much money wasted. Its time they put a dollar $$$ figure on it. They are not exempted from budget cuts.

    Cuts have to start somewhere, starting with the White House. Congress, Senate will make a good start.


    • AB, what on earth have you been smoking?

      He has added taxes on the top 2% only.

      The two year increase in retirement age was passed long before he became President.

      Obama does not set fuel prices.  Oil companiues do.

      Tax measures must pass the House and Senate.  Obama has no control over that.

      Obama has no seat on the House Budget Committee.  Republicans are in complete control of it.

      Obama has nothing to do with setting Cpongressional pay.

      Friend, you need to stay away from Faux Noise, or wherever you hevr learned such complete garbage!


  5. Obama is one-of-a-kind  πŸ™‚

  6. I'm sorry but I've heard this over and over again. Yes, things have gotten better, and the president did it without the help of the right. But he's still bending over for the GOP. HE want's them to like him so much, he's completely forgotten about those of us who voted for him twice. Big news Obama, you'll always be the n—er in the White House, there's not a thing in the world you could do that will make them like you short of setting yourself on fire on the steps. I'm not proud of the fact that we're polluting our country to such an extent that we don't need to get oil from anywhere else. It was one of our biggest exports last year! Did our prices go down helping us? Heck no! It keeps climbing every time the spectators on Wall St. want more money.I've got a 5 yr. old car that only has 19,000 miles on it because I'm retired and can't afford to go anywhere. My son lives 138 miles away from me and I ususally only get to drive up and visit him once a yr. Thank God he comes down here, or I'd really feel bad. He talks about climate change but he's open to more fracking, and I know he's had to see what it's done to communities where it's being done. I'l bet he goes along with the GOP on the Keystone Pipeline, another bend over for them. It's already had spills in Alberta but he'll let it cross our great nation trying to get them to like him. All he's doing is turning off the very people that would of died for him 4 years ago. I'd love to believe him but anymore I think he's just blowing smoke up our butt. I hate that he's killing thousands of innocents with his drone attacks, I hate that he's spying on all Americans. And I especially hate our New American Taliban that use to be our police force. They were scary enough before, but now they dress up in riot gear and tear gas peaceful sit in protesters! When was that against the law before he took office? Peaceful sit ins were always our one resource to let the government know we didn't like what was going on. Another right we've lost.! I'm sorry but until I see Obama Really stand up to the GOP and stop bending over for them and Wall St. and Big Business to me he's just blowing smoke up our buts. And if you all are too blind to see it I feel sorry for you. Because we no long have a democracy in America!

    • Suzanne, I normally welcome new people here, but in your case I'll make an exception.  This is your only warning.  Here we argue issues without calling each other names, as you just did.  Either be civil or begone.

      Regarding your rant, Obama is not a progressive's ideal, and I have neither claimed he was, nor have I expected him to be. I had the vision to say that he was a centrist, before I voted for him the first time. In an ideal world, we get everything whe want, and we get it when we want it.  Wonderful as that would be, we do not live in an ideal world.  In this real world, we make do with the best we can get at the time, and like it or not, he's it, unless you would prefer living in Lord Willard's Regime.

  7. Weather Op

    President Obama is the working mans President… πŸ™‚

  8. Amen Richard!

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