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Here is the fourteenth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Ken Crow, for the depth of the Republican racism he displays in his opposition to immigration reform.  He actually claimed genetic superiority!

21Crow[11]The Nation’s George Zernick was at Monday’s anti-immigrant rally organized by the nativist front group Black American Leadership Alliance, and managed to catch a video of Tea Party Community co-founder Ken Crow praising Americans’ “incredible DNA” and insisting, “You cannot breed Secretariat to a donkey and expect to win the Kentucky Derby.”

Today, the Center for Immigration Studies posted a full video of Crow’s speech, and it turns out that the Secretariat/donkey analogy was just the beginning of his racist talking points. After fretting about the impact of immigrants on American “bloodlines,” Crow points to Arlington National Cemetery and says, “You’ve got the breeding, you’ve got the DNA, you’ve got the patriotism and you’ve got the sacrifice. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to give my country up to a bunch of people who do not deserve to be here.”

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Here’s that video.

I don’t doubt that he loves his DNA, since it appears that it is the product of extensive inbreeding.  Just in case Republicans try to distance themselves, by claiming he isn’t a real Republican, he started the Tea Party Community, an even worse alternative to Facebook.


  13 Responses to “Republicans on Parade–7/21/2013”

  1. I had never heard of the Black American Leadership Alliance so I clicked through. WOW! What a cast of characters. I wonder how many more times the group will change its name. Probably more often than the members change their underwear.

    As usual, you have not failed to scare the snot out of me with these stories of Americans full of hate for their fellow human beings. Does Mr. Crow support Black Americans? Or are they natives of Africa?

  2. Oh strewth!  Words fail me!  I wouldn't breed Mr Crow with any lifeform for fear of the substandard results!

  3. The problem with racist hate-mongers like these is not only are they CRAZY … they're Zealots.  They are immune to reason, and they DO NOT QUIT.

  4. Evidently Ken is Jim's evil twin bother.

  5. Is he a native American?  If not, then he is descended from immigrants.  Just another bigot.

  6. I wonder where this idiot would be had the First Nations turned back the Europeans in the very beginning?  He forgets too easily that he is from immigrant stock as well, and I dare say "illegal" too!  After all, the first explorers and settlers didn't ask to stay, they told the inhabitants they were staying and then visited upon them many plagues over the years.

    He isn't even fit to clean the outhouse with!

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