Racist Republicans React

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Jul 212013

Watching Barack Obama’s comments about the travesty of Zimmerman’s acquittal, after murdering Trayvon Martin, I think Obama went out of his way to avoid offense.  His comments were respectful, low key and hopeful.  Of course, no matter what he said, racist hatemongers from the Republican propaganda mill were sure to take offense, such as these four examples.

21RRConservatives didn’t even wait for President Obama to finish his deeply personal remarks on Trayvon Martin’s killing and the role of race in America to go ballistic, accusing the president of being a “Racist in Chief” who is “trying to tear our country apart.”

On Twitter, Fox News, and elsewhere, many conservatives took a predictably depressing response, arguing that Obama is the true racist for having the courage to speak about race in our country.

Here is a roundup of the top conservatives attacking the president’s speech:

Fox News’ Todd Starnes:


Influential conservative blogger Dan Riehl:


Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro:


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce:


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Barf Bag Alert: The original article has eight more excellent examples, equally vile acts of TEAbuggery from the Republican bubble machine.  Do take a look, but protect your screen and keyboard.

Now, here is what I have to say about race, in this case, the 2014 race.

Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!


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  1. This is propbably one of the best reactions to Pres. Obama's speech and the haters' comments which followed:


    Just one line from the blog:  "What can you say to those who call him a "black racist" when he was raised by his white mother and his white grandmother?  The charge refutes itself for those not wearing tinfoil chapeaus."

    • I completely agree TC – and Patty's comment is utterly BRILLIANT!  As TC says the Right will wilfully misunderstand every word President Obama says – hopefully there are enough sane people out there to hear him!  As usual the Right are blaming everyone else for what they are doing themselves.

    • I fully agree with bpth of you.

      Great link!

  2. It's comments like these today (and other times I've ventured over to "The Dark Side" like Freeperville, Red State, etc.) , that makes me ask the question:

    Why does Pres. Obama ALWAYS seem to deliver such a vulgar, inflammatory speech to Fox – and yet such a thoughtful, well-reasoned one to every other network?

  3. Obama had the temerity to express sorrow for Trayvon's demise, question the wisdom and justification of "Stand your Ground" laws, and to acknowledge that racism against ethnic minorities has not been obliterated in American society.


    That popping noise that we heard was the sound of right wing heads exploding.

  4. Many years ago I listened whilst an elderly white lady in the outback (Australia) said " It isn't the blacks that are a problem it is the brindles."  She had no answer to my repost.  "Of which part of the mix is it Mrs Monk that you don't approve, the white part or the black?".   As a live stock owner and breeder I know full well that a mixture of the breeds so often leads to healthier and stronger progeny.

    I ask any fair minded person if Barak Obama doesn't present a more intelligent or morally cleaner example of an American when compared with G W Bush, Bill Clinton, J F K, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich?  I think I'll erminate the list there as it would include most of the Republican Party and quite a few Fundamentalist Televangelists.

    • I think incestuous slug breeding would produce better progeny when compared to most Rethuglicans and all Teavangelicals.

    • Tom, I assuem that a brindle is an individual of mixed race.

      I agree with you and Nameless.

  5. I listened to the 17 minute speech and I found nothing offensive in it.  Mr Obama spoke of his experience as a black youth and young adult.  He certainly did not talk as a racist, but tried to outline where some of the "anger" might come from for young black men.

    “[i]f Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?” And noted that if they are uncomfortable with a world where Martin “would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car” because Martin felt threatened,” then perhaps it would make sense to rethink Stand Your Ground Laws.

    Critical thought articulated here, one that no one should be afraid of asking, but many on the right would not ask because it would show up their bigotry. 

    So, how would the situation be different if it had been an armed Trayvon Martin, feeling threatened by a George Zimmerman following him, killed Zimmerman?  Would Martin have been arrested right away after the murder?  Would he have been acquitted under stand your ground laws?

    Personally, the stand your ground laws should be over turned, repealed . . . whatever you want to call it. They lead to unwarranted assumptions, vigilantism, and death.

    • You are exactly correct that Republicans want their racism hidden, despite their extreme efforts to broadcast it.,

      Arresated and convicted, of course.

      I fully agree!

  6. Although they will never admit it, most of the opposition to everything Pres. Obama has proposed is because he is black.  Even if he looked white, they would still oppose him because he has a black father.  Senator Cruz, from Texas, was born in Canada, his father was a Cuban refugee, and his mother was from Delaware, I assume she was Caucasian.  He has presidential aspirations.  Do you suppose they will ask for his birth certificate?  He is Republican, so I doubt it. 

  7. Tom, I just have to say that I have been neglecting Care2 for a while except for the Daily Clicks. Friend Ellen called this article to my attention.  I also made a vow to myself long ago that I would not post on a thread that Diane O. has dirtied up.  

  8. I feel so good about my participation and success of my President Barack Obama. We now have a very smart man fighting for the people, not a c- student signing off for the Corporations… Not sorry Dubya (W).

  9. We do love ya, Tom and thank you always for your hard work and efforts in making your articles fun and informative.  I know that your prison guys are going to welcome you back.  So glad you are feeling well enough to carry on your good work with them.

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