No Nuke Today!

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Jul 172013


The senate is now voting on cloture for Richard Cordray, Barack Obama’s nominee to head the CFPB, brain child of Elizabeth Warren to help protect you and I from criminal Banksters.  Republicans object ot the agency having any leadership at all, because they object to any obstacles to prevent criminal Banksters from preying on you and I.  Cloture requires sixty votes.  Without them, Reid has promised to invoke the Constitutional Option to change the Senate rules with respect to the filibuster of Presidential Nominees to the Executive Branch.  On the other hand, if cloture is achieved, we will wait for the next of the seven nominees Reid said must all pass.

The vote is still going on, but enough Republicans caved out of fear of the rule change to Cordray’s nomination moves ahead to an up or down vote and is virtually certain to be confirmed.

The final vote was 71 – 29.  Finally getting Cordray through was a big win for Democrats.

Then came the bad news.  With victory in hand, Harry Reid humped a few Republican legs, whined, rolled over and played dead, making another deal with Bought Bitch Mitch and McConJob.  Republicans will confirm four more nominees.  Democrats will replace two.  Republicans will go right back to using the filibuster for obstruction.  Reid does not think that will happen.  He has a gentlemen’s agreement, AGAIN.


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Assuming that we hold the Senate, we need a new Majority Leader.  If Republicans take the Senate, you can be sure that they will change the rules the first time Democrats filibuster.



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  1. The cnfirmation of Richard Cordray is a big victory for us but it all goes to naught if Harry keeps humping RepublicanT's legs. In order to have a "gentlemen's agreement" there must be more than one gentleman involved. He hasn't learned yet.

  2. Does Harry Reid EVER learn from experience? 

  3. I'll rejoice over the the seven nominees who'll be confirmed …

    And I'll be angry that the Charlie Brown character in this scenario STILL hasn't learned that Lucy will ALWAYS pull the football away.

    Rethuglicans lie.  It's what they do.  It's what they ALWAYS do!

  4. Something is wrong with the system and the leadership when a simple comfirmation is called a big Democratic win.  Comfrimations should be routine occurances.

  5. I'm not holding my breath on this one.
    Harry Reid – Go and hump another leg… again…
    Filibuzzards… lol… Buzzards do a tremendous job of eating carcasses… 
    which are the g o p pukes & baggers. 

  6. "Harry! Harry!  Harry!  You don't have a gentleman's agreement because there are no gentlemen in the Republicanus/Teabagger party!  Wake up dude!"

    If the Senate is in danger of going to the Republicanus/Teabaggers, maybe it is just as well that the filibuster still remains.  On the other hand, if the GOP takes the Senate, they will just do what Reid should have done a long time ago, and nuke the filibuster to prevent Democrats from tying things up.  Personally, I thnk the filibuster rule needs to be rewritten to a talking filibuster (Wendy Davis style) and not be subject to political games as it has become.  It should be a tool to use when needed, not a weapon.

    Good discussion with Alex Wagner.


    • I have no objection at all to, and in fact I fully support, a talking filibuster, which can be used to impose a minor delay and focus public attention on an issue.

  7. Harry Reid has blown it again.  The Republicans are out to destroy the Dept. of Labor and this deal helps them a lot.

  8. The final vote was 71 – 29.  Finally getting Cordray through was a big win for Democrats.

    It's about time… 🙂

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