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Jul 102013

With all the dishonest Republican propaganda spewing from the pit about how bad, unfair and expensive the new insurance exchanges will be, I decided to do a little poking around at our local exchange to discover if it is as bad as Republicans are claiming.


While opponents of the Affordable Care Act are spending millions on ads misleading Americans about the law, the federal government and some states are crafting innovative campaigns for encouraging the uninsured to enroll in the health care exchanges — new marketplaces that will offer comprehensive health care coverage without discriminating against applicants on the basis of gender or pre-existing condition. Enrollment is scheduled to begin in October.

Oregon, which has long led the nation in health care innovation, is one of 17 states (plus the District of Columbia) that is running its own exchange. Called “Cover Oregon,” the exchange has produced two slick videos that aim to convince young people that maintaing [sic] health insurance coverage and staying healthy is an Oregonian value. Watch one of the ads below and the other one here.

All exchanges face the task of enrolling enough healthy people to balance out the cost of covering sicker individuals — and Oregon is clearly hoping to get ahead of that challenge. The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff notes that Cover Oregon is “spending $2.9 million on outreach work between now and October, much of which will go toward airing television spots like this one. Of its paid media budget, 45 percent is earmarked for television and cable spots.”

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Here’s the video.

Now, you have to admit, isn’t it nice to see something uplifting for a change?

I ran a couple household examples through the cost calculator at the site.  The first is a 62 year old single, earning $25,000 for a household of one adult and no children.  That family’s premium is $144/month, and the maximum he or she can spend on health care before 100% coverage kicks in is $3,125 in a year.  The second is a 55 year old couple, earning $60,000 for a household of two adults and three children.  That family’s premium is $203/month, and the maximum they can spend on health care before 100% coverage kicks in is $4,187 in a year.  That’s not that bad!

Of course, Oregon leads the way, but there have to be other states with reasonable exchanges, unless your state is under RepubliCare.  If so, you have my condolences, because of what RepubliCare offers.

RepubliCare for Families


RepubliCare for Women



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  1. G o p pukes will do everything to undermine Affordable Care Act. Look at how many times they have tried to overturn it in Congress. 37 times and each time to vote to overturn it has cost over a million dollars. We need to give the Affordable Care Act a chance, an opportunity to work and to resolve problems as they arise. 

  2. Everyone I speak with here in NY state keep putting it down. But I tried to check insurance rates for Shane this AM and can't get any results yet here. I can't refute their claims without proof. I don't know wht they're doing in Albany about the exchanges.

    • Patty, it might br a good idea to suggest to your friends, in nicer terms than these, that it's really stupid to condemn something without knowing what it is.

  3. Saw this last night for the first time. It had me smiling. Gotta learn that song! 

    And the bonus: Isn't Oregon beautiful?

  4. Of course, Oregon leads the way, but there have to be other states with reasonable exchanges, unless your state is under RepubliCare.

     I live in Florida with Medicare thief, Governor Rick Scott and Republican dominated legislature who refused to help passage of Medicaid funds for lower income Florida people…

    I must add that I am a Green Mountain boy and support Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont… 🙂

  5. Oregon leads the way in the US, but thank you very much, I'll stay here in BC!

    There seems to be so much misinformation out there, of course promoted by the Republicanus/Teabagger party.  And of course, the delay in the implementation of one part of the ACA has the Republicanus/Teabaggers strutting like bloody peacocks.  I was listening to Jay Carney explaining the delay.  Perhaps had the GOP tried to help instead of hinder the rollout, there might not have been a delay.  Apparently one senate democrat said he thought there should be no delay.

  6. PS I like the video!  I hope his guitar is OK since he actually had it inthe water at one point!

  7. Loved the video  So far, Ky is supporting ACA, but we have a democratic governor.  Even though he promotes coal so heavily(he has to, since it provides so many jobs here), he seems to be on board with affordable health care. 

    • Oh My!  I bet Bought Bitch Mitch has his panties in a knot over that.  In KY, I can understand that opposing coal means not being elected.

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