Jul 062013

I’m writing early again for Day 22, and the temperature at my desk has actually dropped to 78°.  I even put on clothing!  Sadly, the temperature is slated to start going back up again today. 🙁

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:12 (average 6:10).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football:

The live draft for our fantasy football league is at 11AM PDT (2PM EDT) on  Sunday July 28.  We still NEED  two more players in our lefty league.  For more info, click here.  Let me know right away, please.

Short Takes:

From PR Watch: Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson’s "astroturf supergroup," the Campaign to Fix the Debt, won’t have much to celebrate this Independence Day weekend after missing its goal of achieving a "Grand Bargain" on austerity by July 4, 2013.

The Center for Media and Democracy exposed the Campaign to Fix the Debt as the most hypocritical corporate PR campaign in decades. The list of corporate CEOs pushing for a "Grand Bargain" on the deficit include some of the worst tax dodgers in the nation — such as GE and Honeywell — who are secretly using Fix the Debt to push for even more tax cuts. One goal is the implementation of a “territorial tax system” that would exempt certain firms from U.S. taxation of their offshore profits.

Obama knew that Republicans would never accept a plan that required 1% vulture capitalists t6o give back a small portion of the ill gotten gains they received from Republicans transferring wealth to them from the poor and middle classes. Nevertheless he continued to insist in just that, despite the mistaken belief on the left that he was selling us out. He knew, as I said repeatedly at the time, that he would never have to deliver on cuts to the big three in return for a grand bargain.

From Crooks and Liars:

American Prospect reporter Jamelle Bouie received a toxic email from a typical Tea Party conservative reacting to an article Bouie wrote about the fatigue associated with systemic racism. Bouie’s troll cited statistics about how the welfare state had forced Jamelle’s "people" into more illegitimate births and posed false comparisons to prove white supremacy. Among other things, the writer asked this:

You are surprised that GOP conservatives don’t turn toward your viewpoint, yet can you say your own people are not neck deep in family and academic failure over the past few decades?

Bouie decided to go beyond a bit of Twitter mockery and try to have a real conversation with the guy. He got his telephone number from the email address on the email, and called him. What ensued was about 30 minutes of the guy talking at him instead of with him, but it seems to have been enlightening.

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I think the term Chris sought was white nationalism. While the TheoCon and InsaniTEA wings of the Republican Party may not care about the NeoCon, CorporaCon and PlutoCon wings, the continue to goose-step behind their 1% agenda, because the 1% are footing the bill to implement the pseudo-Christian and racist legislation TheoCons and Tea Baggers want.

From Daily Kos: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that, seasonally adjusted, the private sector added 202,000 new jobs in June while government shed 7,000. The official unemployment rate remained steady at 7.6 percent.  The private sector has now added more jobs than it has lost for 39 consecutive months.

A net gain of less than 200,000 jobs is still insufficient for robust jobs growth, and underlies, once again, that during a slowly recovering economy is the wrong time to cut public sector jobs. Obama and the Democrats have tried to implement policies that would foster more robust jobs growth, but Republicans have sabotaged them.




  13 Responses to “Open Thread–7/6/2013”

  1. The g o p pukes simply do not want Obama to have a successful job growth record and will do 
    everything the can to undermine him.

    The last g o p convention should have been the final one… Maybe if the g o p  pukes continue 
    their discriminatory and predatory attacks on non-whites, women, senior citizens, handicapped will the g o p pukes fade away into obliviation, into one black hole of madness.

    Wouldn't that be wonderful… a poetic piece of justice…

  2. 4:36 I seem to have slipped a sprocket lately.

  3. Tom, if I knew ANYTHING about football, I would join your team.  Basketball, I know, since I am from the Big Blue Nation.

    I hope you are right about Obama's take on "Fix the Debt".  I am becoming more and more disenchanted with his policies.   NSA, for example!

    Jamelle Bouie handled his racist caller well.  I am starting to believe being a racist is a prime requirement for being a Republican.

    The more government jobs they can kill, the higher the unemployment rate and the fewer services to citizens who need them.  I hate to think they are that smart, but it seems they are. 

    • Football is 11 guys instead of 5 and a little less contact than basketball. 😉

      There are policies that I dislike, but the NSA problem is with the FISA court.

      It is a key ekement of TEAbuggery.

      They are.

  4. Puzzle — 4:58  I totally stripped the sprockets clean!

    PR Watch — "He knew, as I said repeatedly at the time, that he would never have to deliver on cuts to the big three in return for a grand bargain." 

    He did; you did; thank goodness sanity prevails!

    Crooks and Liars — I watched this yesterday and was amazed at just how brazen and stupid the e-mailer was, and then continued when Bouie called him.  And if I recall correctly, the idiot was a lawyer, or at least working for a law firm.  Not the brightest bulb on the block!  Bouie was a class act in his handling of the idiot.

    And, while not all Republican/Teabaggers are racists, I think that the ones in office are because they have to pander to the white nationalists etc that they courted in vying for more votes.

    Daily Kos — The Republican/Teabaggers have blocked Mr Obama and the Democrats every step of the way.  Were the House Democrat controlled, I am sure that the economy would be more robust and recovery would look much different.

    Cartoon — Amen!  Actually, in my mind, it is past due!


    • Crunch time?

      And lets hope it continues.

      You recall correctly.  I suspect he is a paid muckraker.

      All Republicans are mot racists, but virtually all racists are Republicans, because there, they are part of the mainstream,

      We also need a true Supermajority (DINOs excluded) in the Senate.


  5. Bouie decided to go beyond a bit of Twitter mockery and try to have a real conversation with the guy.

    Great clip… 🙂

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