Jul 052013

I’m writing early for Day 21.  The temperature at my desk is 82°, and that feels almost chilly, but I’m still not up to that Monthly Report yet.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:53 (average 6:11).  To do it, click here,  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: Egypt’s military officers removed the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, on Wednesday, suspended the Constitution and installed an interim government presided over by a senior jurist.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is their equivalent of our Tea Party Similarly they promised jobs, but once in power focused on a restrictive social agenda that only their own faction wanted, not allowing other factions any input. Fortunately the military appears to have no desire to wield political power, long term.

From MSNBC: Despicable fee


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Bend over and grab your ankles, folks. Here comes a case of Bankster Butt!

From Crooks and Liars: A North Carolina state senator on Wednesday blasted fellow lawmakers for attaching draconian anti-abortion provisions to an anti-Sharia law bill and insisted that "the North Carolina Republican General Assembly" is "what we have to fear."


There is nothing scary about authentic Islam or authentic Christianity. Followers of both coexist in peace with mutual respect.  Extremists are another matter. There is no functional difference between the Taliban, Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda and Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christianity.




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–7/5/2013”

  1. 4:19  Did anyone else get the point like I did?

  2. Puzzle — 4:19  Did anyone else get the point like I did?

    NY Times — I heard this on the radio last night.  Good thing it wasn't the US!  Could you see Chief Justice Roberts as temporary POTUS?  Downright chilling!  Mind, if Obama and Biden were both unavailable, that would leave Boehner.  Another chilling thought!

    MSNBC — I am not aware of the same system here in Canada but it wouldn't surprise me if it is on the way.  As a retired banker, I find this outrageous.  This is nothing more than scamming the middle and low income earners.  You can bet that the wealthy don't get this with their private banking packages.

    Crooks and Liars — It is bad enough that governments bury unrelated bills within other legislation.  I know Harper does it, the US federal parties, especially the Republican/Teabaggers do it, and by this example, so does North Carolina.  But likewise, why on earth does North Carolina need an anti Sharia law statute?  All the NC Republican/Teabaggers are doing is whipping up fear and pandering to that ignorant, fear based populace.  Good on this senator for calling a spade, a spade.

    Cartoon — No health care system is perfect, but public health care should never be sold off.

    • Evidently not.

      Perish both thoughts!

      I hope not, for Canada's sake, and I fully agree.

      Passing an anti-sharia law gives the the base a chance to vent their frustrations and failures as hatred of Muslims.

      Better imperfect than insane.

  3. I hope your temps do not exceed 70 tomorrow, TC.

    Despicable fees, indeed.  A sweet little deal for the banks and employers to shaft the lower paid workers and take part of their hard earned money.

    Kudos to the NC senator who stood up for women.  That is getting to be a rarity.

  4. Bend over and grab your ankles, folks. Here comes a case of Bankster Butt!

    Do I get a kiss too??? :mrgreen:

  5.  "the North Carolina Republican General Assembly" is "what we have to fear."

    "This will be the last warning for the gallery, your voices will be silent"…

    Republicans/Tea-Bags are domestic terrorists…

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