Happy Canada Day!

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Jul 012013

Canada Day


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  1. Happy Birthday to Canada and to our wonderful neighbors to the North of USA.
    Happy 1st of July, Canadians. Happy Birthday. Hugzzz to all of you.

  2. Happy Canada Day, Lynn, and all the rest of our Canadian friends.

  3. Afew facts about Canada that you may or may not know:

    The name Canada comes from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, meaning "village" or "settlement".

    By 1545, European books and maps had begun referring to this region of North America as Canada.


    The national holiday was changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day 17 April 1982 when the constitution was repatriated from the UK by the Canada Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created.  Not hard for me to remember as that was my 30th birthday!


    Canada has 33.5 million people spread over 10 provinces and 3 northern territories.  The territories are working towards being full provinces. 


    Official languages

    English  and 

    regional languages

    Chipewyan, C

    Slavey (North / South),


    The Canadian one dollar coin, commonly called the Loonie, is a gold-coloured one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. It bears images of a common loon, a bird which is common and well known in Canada.  In 2006, the Royal Canadian Mint patented the word "Loonie" which is the common name for the Canadian $1 coin.  The last paper $1 note rolled off the presses in 1989 and to my knowledge is still legal tender but most are now removed from circulation.  Canada has replaced the $2 bill with a coin referred to as a "Toonie".  The makers of purses and pockets owe Canadians a debt of gratitude because the weight of the coins creates more need for purse and pocket repair or replacement!


    Canadians are known as "Canucks" and this term has a storied past that goes back almost 200 years.


    And yes, we did unleash that artery clogging delicacy, Poutine, on an unsuspecting world.  For those who have never heard of it, it is french fries, beef gravy and cheese curds which become gooey in the gravy.  Thank you Québec!  Actually, if made properly, it is good but definitely artery blocking.


    The national sport is hockey.


    Some will know that if called to defend our southern border against Teabagger types, I have said that we would throw frozen hockey puckets and poutine.


    Happy Canada Day everyone!


    • Happy Canada, Lynn. I am thinking about emigrating, but not for the Poutine. I get enough  grease from the Southern cooking that I do on occasion. Edie

  4. Happy Birthday Canada! From your friends in the US of A!!!

  5. Wishing all Canadians a belated happy 1st.!

  6. Welcome Rosie and Ancil.  Thanks all!

    To Repair Canada, dump Harper's harlots!

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