Jun 292013

The heat is miserable going, into day 15, plus the humidity is 80%, unusually high for hot weather here.  Forgive my brevity.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:01 (average 5:48).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: What If Robert Reich Told You That Immigration Reform Would SAVE Our Economy?


As always Reich is clear, concise and exact. Click through to use the Twitter tool to spread the word, please. I did.

From MSNBC: Governor Ultrasound or Ultraca$h?

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McDonnell has clearly demonstrated his credentials. It’s hard to be more Republican than this.

From Raw Story: A meeting intended to improve police-community relations in Pittsburgh ended on Wednesday with a black teacher being arrested by a white officer.

Dennis Henderson, 38, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette that he had left the Community Empowerment Association meeting to get a business card out of his car when he was shocked to observe how fast Zone 5 Officer Jonathan Gromek was driving…

…A criminal complaint obtained by the Post-Gazette indicated that Gromek had seen Henderson shouting in his rearview mirror.

Gromek reportedly confronted Henderson and asked him if he wanted to file a complaint. Henderson asked for the the officer’s name and badge number, and began recording the encounter on his cell phone. Henderson stated that Gromek tried to confiscate the phone so he passed it off to a person witnessing the encounter.

Police in the Republican Fascist Plutocracy of Corbettstan tend to resent being called out for breaking the law.



This is what sparked the American Revolution. American patriots objected to taxation without representation. This is completely different from unpatriotic Tea Party seditionists, who threaten a revolution, because they dislike the laws, especially tax laws, that their elected representatives have passed.


  14 Responses to “Open Thread–6/29/2013”

  1. Tom is right on Robert Reich' short video above. It is concise and to the point. a\Only 3 minutes long. Have a listen.

  2. 3:45 Doque Dog doen't look very happy. I am though. Who's going to stomp on me or crush me today?

  3. MoveOn~ Robert Reich does a great job but people with little or no brains simply cannot comprehend. Sorry, I don't tweet or FaceBook.

    MSNBC ~ "My goodness, that certainly is a lovely Rolex you're wearing!"

    RawStory ~ Pennsylvania or Policeylvania?

    Cartoon ~ Tea-baggers can in no way be compared to the Founders of our Country. You are correct in calling them seditionists.



  4. Puzzle — 3:31  That dawg needs a face lift!  But damn, he do wear a wonderful set of size 9s!

    MoveOn — Reich is such a clear educator that even a Republican/Teabagger should be able to understand.  OK, maybe they won't understand because they don't want to understand.  Does their greed override their discrimination tendancies?


    MSNBC — A Rolex, a shopping spree, a contribution to the daughter's wedding reception, a drive in a Ferrari . . . I wonder if the prisoner can provide adjoining his and hers prison cells?  So much for Christian family values!  Oh, I forgot, he believes in pseudo Christian family values!


    Raw Story — The officer should remove his jackboots and maybe he would feel better.  All Grmek had to do was keep going and chances are nothing more would have happened.  Putz!


    Cartoon — Isn't it interesting how one little fact can make the difference between patriot and seditionist! — imposition of tax versus voting in of a tax by duly elected representatives.  I wonder what Teabaggers would think of a true democracy, and not just a representative democracy?  They still wouldn't get their way.

    • Dang dawg!

      The Republican Reichsminisrty of Propaganda makes sure that sheeple heasr the opposite.


      To a Bagger, democracy = thinking and dong as commanded, and demanding otrhers do too.

  5. I ws brought up to be respectful of, but question authority. Today's police State is not limited to Penn. and my attitude of questioning authority will land me in jail some day.  This country is turning into a bad syfi movie.

  6. I hope you get a break from the heat soon.  Thanks for the Reich video, it is concise and short.  The Virginia gov makes our Ky politicians look innocent.   What happened in Pittsburgh is happening everywhere as our police are taking their authority very seriously. 

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