Hail Texas Heroine!

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Jun 272013

With all the writing this Oregonian has been doing about Texans, of late, one might think that I had it in for them.  I have to admit that I’m not pleased with the fools who voted in Rick the P%$^& and Republican majorities in the Texas House and Senate, but Texas has millions of fine people that must be dang tired of bending over and holding their ankles to get TEAbuggered!  Therefore, I could not be more pleased to offer extreme kudos to State Senator Wendy Davis, who confounded Rick’s Regime.

27DavisA daylong filibuster by Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis to block abortion legislation appears to have succeeded Wednesday — temporarily, at least.

Davis, a Fort Worth Democrat, held her own starting at 11:18 a.m. Central Time on Tuesday, surviving several challenges that she had violated Senate filibuster rules, but as midnight neared, marking the end of the overtime special legislative session, the Senate chamber at the state Capitol decended [sic] into chaos.

When it appeared the filibuster would be halted and a vote taken on the legislation at about 11:45 p.m., opponents of the legislation who had packed the Senate gallery began to shout and chant, making it difficult for the Republican majority who were trying to force a vote, including Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Some Democratic senators held up cellphones, their screens displaying the time, shouting, “It’s after midnight!” Lawmakers crowded together at the front of the chamber, then left to confer with staff, but did not officially adjourn.

Initially, the Senate website showed votes had been cast Tuesday, and several Senate staffers said the legislation passed after a 17-12 vote and would go to Gov. Rick Perry, who supports it, for signing. The legislation, SB 5, would ban abortions at 20 weeks and require clinics providing abortions to upgrade or close.

But Dewhurst later announced that the vote had been held too late.

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Here’s video coverage:


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Frankly, I thought this Republican assault on women was a done deal.  Furthermore, Republicans did everything inhumanly possible to cheat.  None of their claims that she had violated the rules were valid, and they shut down her filibuster illegally.  Thank God for loud demonstrators.  Then they tried to lie and say the illegal vote they took after the midnight deadline was before midnight and legal, but they backed down.  I bet it was because demonstrators had hundreds of cell phone videos with time stamps to prove they were lying.  Even now, the Texas Senate website says that a vote was taken, bot the results are not available, so beware!  They may plan more TEAfoolery! But she beat them all with a little help from a few thousand friends.  Hail Texas Heroine!  That’s what a filibuster is SUPPOSED to be! [I have since learned that the misogynists have scheduled another special session, at taxpayer expense, on Monday.]

I don’t drink, but I sure wouldn’t want to get into a beer holding contest with that gal!  I could NEVER stay away from my cat box for 13 hours!

Kudos for tying a knot in the elephant’s snout!


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  1. Thank you Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis and BIG HUGZZZ for your heroic stance.


  2. She was amazing!

  3. I luvs me some Sen. Wendy Davis!  Especially this quote during her filibuster:

     “Lawmakers, either get out of the vagina business or go to medical school.”

  4. Indeed she was awesome!

    Now the Texas dictator – I mean governor (lower case "g") is calling for another hearing on this case next week – a special and anti-democratic hearing that will not allow a similar "fillibuster"! How disgusting – and what a tragedy!

    This isn't the first time Ms. Davis used this same tactic – she's an amazing woman!

  5. I watched part of the filibuster on Rachel Maddow.  Totally awesome.  She was called on her 3rd infraction at about 11:45 (what a pile of long horn bull shit that was!) after which another Democrat rose and asked a couple of parliamentary proceedural questions since she had been at her father's funeral and not present during the fillibuster.  One of her comments was about the fact that the room was filled with mostly men and why should men be making such decisions for women.  Then the roll call started but the noise and disturbance was so great that they could not finish before midnight.

    Now slick Rick has called another special session with no discussion, no gallery — just the vote.  Not democratic at all.  He is acting like a spoiled brat because Wendy Davis stood up to him.


  6. One very classy lady. I don't normally contribute to out-of-state politicians except for presidential candidates, but I'm happy to make an exception for her and Elizabeth Warren.

  7. Wendy Davis deserves all the praise that we women can give her.  She stood up to the mysoginists of her state, I love her quote for them to either get out of the vagina business or go to medical school.  When men can give birth, then maybe they will have the right to legislate the uterus.

  8. Sorry for the above misspelling.

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