Jun 222013

Here is what really happened.  The House passed a Farm Bill out of committee.  It was too Draconian, but it would have has enough support from Democrats that it would have passed.  However, 62 Republicans proposed an amendment to cut SNAP (food stamps) by even more, $20 billion.  Afraid of opposing InsaniTEA, the rest of the Republicans goose-stepped, and the amendment became part of the bill.  That was a poison pill for Democrats, and most of those who had supported it withdrew their support.  However, Boehner brought the bill to the floor, because with enough Republicans he needs no support from Democrats.  The reason that the bill did not pass is that same Republicans, who proposed the amendment slashing food stamps, stabbed Boehner in the back, by voting against the bill anyway, because they want to steal even more food from the mouths of hungry children.  Now Republican leaders claim it was Democrats, who betrayed Boehner, and that is a lie.  Boehner is a victim of TEAbuggery!  Even the NY Times got this all wrong.

BonerOrangeThe surprise defeat of the farm bill in the House on Thursday underscored the ideological divide between the more conservative, antispending Republican lawmakers and their leadership, who failed to garner sufficient votes from their caucus as well as from Democrats.

The vote against the bill, 234 to 195, comes a year after House leaders pulled the measure off the calendar because conservative lawmakers demanded deeper cuts in the food stamp program and Democrats objected. This year’s measure called for more significant cuts than the Senate bill, but it still did not go far enough to get a majority in the House to support an overhaul of the nation’s food and farm programs. Sixty-two Republicans, or more than a quarter of the caucus, voted with Democrats to defeat the bill.

The failure was a stinging defeat for Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio, who continues to have trouble marshaling the Republican support he needs to pass major legislation. Without the solid backing of his party, Mr. Boehner has to rely on some Democratic support, which deserted him Thursday…

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Chris Hayes covered this during All In and later joined Alex Witt on The Last Word.

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Note that Republicans did not join Democrats to help defeat the bill. They wanted to take even more food from the mouths of hungry children. The Democrats voted NO because they don't want to take food from children to provide welfare for pseudo-Christian millionaires like Steve Fincher (R-TN). Chris is right. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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I am not a big Steny Hoyer fan, but I loved the way he chopped Steve Cantor down to size, explaining how Republicans sabotaged their own bill.  The Republican Party could not survive with a base of billionaires, so they sowed the wind and courted Birchers, the Klan, The extremist-militias, religious extremists, and hatemongers of every kind to swell their base. Now they are inheriting the whirlwind. But the extremists should beware, as should we all, because this has happened before. Consider the Night of the Long Knives.


  14 Responses to “Boehner TEAbuggered on Farm Bill”

  1. Well, I, for one, think we should cut Boehner a little slack.  He's got a tough job trying to manage the two contentious factions of his Party.

    [1] The "Out Of Control Faction"

    … and

    [2] The "Out Of Their Fricking Minds Faction"

  2. Thanks TC – and Nameless and Patty for making me chuckle!

  3. How much longer, Tom, do you think Boehner will remain as Speaker of the House, given his abysmal track record with his own party?

    • Angie, I think that depends on what he does.  He may be OK of he goose-steps to InsaniTEA, because the House is so Gerrymandered, I doubt that we can take it back in 2014, but if  he allows more items to be passed with more Democrats than Republicans, like comprehensive immigratiuon reform with a path to citizenship, I doubt his Speakership will survive to 2015.

      • I guess the only thing we can hope for is that even with gerrymandering, the people are so disgusted by the antics of the GOP that redistricting won't even save them.  I do sense great public disgust with them now – greater than usual.

        • I'm afraid it can, sadly.  Politically, they are accurate to be more fearful of a primary challence than the general because of it.  This is the sobject of today's top article, up soon.

  4. Another night which should be considered is Krystallnacht, which, with a different target in mind, is where the Republicans are headed.

  5. Chris Hayes: "So listen up John Boehner if your off somewhere with wet eyes and a lit cigarette mourning your defeat today.  Buck up!  This was a bad bill anyway.  Good riddens to bad rubbish!  Now pick yourself up, dust yourself off.  Go pass a farm bill that isn't a colossally regressive piece of crap."

    I just love Chris' direct, mince no words approach to telling it as it is.

    Steny Hoyer didn't let moss grow under his feet as he put Eric Cantor in his place.  One of the days Republican/Teabaggers might learn that when they play with fire, they will get burned.  Let's hope that it is after they have been thrown into the unemployment line by the electorate.

    I would have thought that Fincher and any other elected representative would be in conflict of interest for receiving gvernment subsidies.  What a pile of crap!  Fincher, and any others, should have to repay any and all subsidies received while in office.

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