Jun 172013


Fortunately for me, I have one addiction even greater than tobacco and that is to the First Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  In addition to being a die hard Denver fan, I also play fantasy football, and Politics Plus sponsors the a fantasy football league: Lefty Blog Friends.  My team, Tomcat’s Teabag Trashers won the regular season, but came in last in the playoffs.  We currently have six teams, and one of those did not shop up last year, and can be replaced.  I’d like to expand it to ten giving us five openings, so I’m inviting you to join on a first come first serve basis.  I can visualize such teams as BigFoot’s Blasters, Critter’s Crunchers, or Monster’s Mashers. (hint) 🙂

If you’d like to play, here’s what to do:

First, register for fantasy games at NFL.com.  The registration link is here.

Second, go to the left column of this page and find the ‘Contact me’ link and use it to send me an email.  Give me the email address use used to register for fantasy football.  I will send you an invitation from within the league.

We will be having a live draft on Sunday, July 28 at 11 AM PDT (12 Noon MDT, 1 PM CDT, 2 PM EDT).  Because this is a “keeper league” returning players may keep two members of their previous year’s roster, but if they do, they do not get picks in the first two rounds.  If you cannot attend, you will receive auto-pick choices.  All things considered, it’s great fun and I hope you join in.  It’s a great break from fighting right wing InsaniTEA one day at a time!


  7 Responses to “Play Fantasy Football with Lefties!”

  1. Okay Tom. I registered for your leaque. I used the same email I use here. My user name is daisyl376. Maybe I can do better there than I do in pools.

  2. I'm in. No problems. I'm Monster Mashers. Gotta mash them old monsters!

  3. Ok I have registered.  The 'contact me' came up as a blank page so sent you a regular e-mail.

    You will have to give this old nanny a lesson in fantasy football as I have never played in anything like this.  I don't have TV so I can't follow games except by the score boards.

    As to a name, I like your suggestion but I think I'll go with Size 9 Stompers.

  4. Sorry, Tom I know nothing about foot ball.

  5. Sorry, TomCat, but I put most professional sports in the same category as professional wrestling — entertainment not sports.  There is too much money involved to leave anything to the players alone.  It is all closely "controlled" by the owners.

  6. Lynn and Patty.  You're in.  I recommend you set your email preferenes to receive official league notices, but not their SPAM.

    Edie and Jerry, you will be missed there.

    I have no idea why that posted twice. Duplicate deleted.

  7. […] We filled four out of five spots for our fantasy football league.  For more information about the last spot, check Monday’s article. […]

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