GOP Passes Firearms Bill

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Jun 162013

Ever since the Republican Party scurried to goose-step in lock step behind Wayne LaPierre and the gun industry, I have predicted that Republicans in Washington D.C. would pass no firearms legislation.  I was wrong.  House Republicans actually have passed a firearms related bill.  They want to restrict ammunition purchases by the US government, so nut cases can have more.


The Republican-led House of Representatives managed to pass a piece of gun-related legislation in time for Friday, the six-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. According to Rachel Maddow, however, the law is a conspiracy theory-inspired piece of right-wing fantasy come to life…

…This particular conservative freakout was born, as Maddow said, “in the usual conspiracy clearinghouses,” World Net Daily, and

The trouble is that these kinds of right-wing extremist ideas are getting traction in Congress. Republican politicians are legislating against their own straw men…

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Here’s the video:

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If the supply is gone, I can tell you who has it. See the picture above. The republican’s main goal where mass shootings is concerned seems to be to preserve their ability to perpetrate them in threatened attempts to overthrow the US government. That is sedition!


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  1. Oh dear – I nearly risked the integrity of my windows with the laughter I exploded with on hearing that the US govt has a 'weather weapon' which caused a tornado in Oklahoma!  As for Senator Inhofe's attempt at logic – "I know this as a fact because I know people that uh are concerned about this so there's no down side to it if I'm wrong"….    WHAT??!!  Has he been smoking something or is his medication acting up?  That isn't the first convoluted sentence with no actual logic or meaning behind it that he came up with in the interview – but I did think it was typical! 

    So Congress won't bother to try and stop the increasing mass shootings in the country but it can prevent law enforcment agencies from getting ammunition – thus presumably enabling the lunatics to kill even more innocent Americans before they are stopped – if they are stopped.  The Far Right strikes again!




  2. "They want to restrict ammunition purchases by the US government, so nut cases can have more."

    Just when you think they can't get any crazier, they begin parodying themselves.

  3. The trouble is that these kinds of right-wing extremist ideas are getting traction in Congress.

    If you go to family reunions to pick up chicks, you might be a Red-neck, Where did I put my Budwieser?


  4. Actually, it's the liberals who engineer the shootings and other 'events' to promote their radical anti-gun agenda and make us all subjects instead of citizens. There's less wrong with the right-wingers than with the left-wing nutcases. The ideal would be to abolish all gun laws back to when the Constitution was ratified and kick the 'democrats' and RINOS out, then replace 'republicans' with Libertarians and Constitution Party members who actually represent the citizens vice their own pockets. Down with gun control and other unConstitutional garbage!

    • Sure Fred.  Do you actually think anyone outside the Faux Noise propaganda loop will believe that? 

      "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free
      State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall Not 
      be infringed."

      If you insist on the standards of when the Constitution was ratified, you must first join a well regulated militia, the National Guard since 1903, when state militias were federalized.  Then you may bear your single shot musket.

    • Oh, sure.  The wars on women, minorities, immigrants, public school children, unarmed child shooting victims, teachers, non-fundamentalist Christians,black teenagers wearing hoodies, voters, union workers, Wal-mart workers, the hungry, returning veterans of war, the entire middle class of the USA, LBGT people, middle eastern residents of the USA, Mexican residents of the USA, African -Americans who want justice for their murdered sons, families who need health care, chronically and critically ill children, and the elderly who rely on medicare – those are just people the republicans like, right? Man, I'd hate to see what they'd do us if they didn't like us.   I will NEVER belong to the party that wants to destroy the middle class and the poor on behalf of fat, white parasites like the Koch brothers.  

      But – if you, Malik, enjoy voting for your own demise, then lots of luck.  Because the GOP will continue to try to destroy you. It's all they know how to do.

  5. The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

    What I see in this legislation is the tyranny of the paranoid!  And at the top of the list of the paranoid, Wayne LaPierre and people like James Inhofe.

    God bless save America from the paranoid!

  6. The House is controlled by Republicans who are determined to blame Obama nd the left for every thing that is wrong in this country.  Nothing they vote for surprises me anymore. 

  7. I had to mke ure this wasn't n artice by Andy Borowitz from the New Yorker.

    How do they expect our soldiers to fight their wars without ammo?

    • From a Republican perspective, we can bomb, bomb, bomb enemies.  Troops don't need bullets to serve as cannon fodder.

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