Neither Faith Nor Freedom

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Jun 152013

Republican hopefuls are flocking to another faith and freedom conference.  They are claiming to redefine the Republican party to achieve a majority in future elections.  The problem, as always is that the Republican party at present represents  neither faith nor freedom.  Furthermore, it’s getting worse.

15RyanPaul Ryan on Friday morning, addressing the conservative Faith & Freedom™ "Road to the Majority" conference…

…Yes, that’s right, Paul Ryan and the hard-right social conservatives he was talking with represent the mainstream of American politics. Sure, there’s that little detail about how we just had a big national election and Paul Ryan’s side lost by a pretty healthy margin, but that doesn’t count. As Paul has explained to us before, the only reason he and Mitt Romney lost the election was because "urban" voters turned out en masse for President Obama. And everybody knows they aren’t real Americans… [emphasis added]

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Lyin’ Ryan may keep repeating the lie that we urban Americans, the ones who pay the bills, so that Red States can keep taking more federal money than they contribute in taxes, are not real, but we’rw real enough for him to want to raise OUR taxes to provide more welfare for the 1%.

As for Republican extremism, Rachel Maddow had some important update’s.


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As Rachel said, this really is what the Republican party is like right now. It’s worse than it has ever been. To correct Rachel on one point, there is one potential Republican hopeful that is not making a holy pilgrimage to kiss the bank account of Supply-side Jesus (not the real one). That is Chris Christie. If anything, that he has the presence of mind to avoid this is a little frightening, because although he avoids the social extremes we are seeing from Republican Pharisees and Sadducees, he is still a 1% Republican.


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  1. I have watched the whole Rachel Maddow clip – but the Repuglicons are uglier than ever!  As for Pat Robertson – I would say that he is a curse on the world – he is just unspeakable – and his little minions flock round him to get qualifications from his renamed 'university' and to parrot his racist, sectarian and xenophobic rants!  I am sorry for the world when I hear him speak – he wouldn't recognise true Christian compassion and forebearance if it came up to him and shook his hand!  (Not that he'd let a 'commie liberal idea' like compassion within a million miles!).

    Thanks TC!  As Rachel Maddow says – the Repuglicons are more extreme than last year, and they were more extreme then than the year before, and they were more extreme then than the year before that….


    • Pat, you'd nre amazed to know that. left over from the Bush Regime, more federtal government workers in Washington DC come from both Regents U  and Liberty U (Fallwell's) than from Harvard and Yale combined.

  2. I was on a thread about Syria on Care2 and of course read the anti Muslim rhetoric in the comments.  In this and other threads, the 'anti' rhetoric is vile and vociferous.  But these same people do not see that the same level of extremism is alive and well living in America, but not as Islam, but as right wing evangelical pseudo Christians.  And many of these same right wing evangelical pseudo Christians, are Republican/Teabagger politicians who are bound and determined to have everyone submit to their will, their policies.

    While maybe there hasn't been a lot of difference between Republican/Teabaggers and some areas, but there still are major differences.  When it comes to fanaticism, there is no doubt in my mind that the Republican/Teabaggers are fanatics on steroids!  Their level of fanaticism rivals that of Al Qaeda, IMO, although their methods are different.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the forces of darkness will tolerate a Christie run for the presidency.  He'd get an awful lot of votes, so I truly hope not.  The USA does not need another repubican president – ever.

    • Indeed it will Angie.  He'll start at the bottom, and jump far right, but when the InsaniTEA set finish picking each other off, he m,ay be the only one left.  That's how Little Lord Willard won it last time.

  4. Certainly a highlight from today's Faith & Freedom gathering has to be when John Ratzenberger (aka, CLIFF from "Cheers") called upon former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) (and still certifiable wingnut) to take "Something from his gene pool and put it everywhere across this great country."

    Apparently when Cliff was portrayed as an absolute ignorant a$$hole on "Cheers" – Ratzenberger was NOT acting … just merely role-playing.

    And it's also not clear if Ratzenberger wants West to f\/ck America, or just climax in multiple locations across our great nation.

    Either way, all I can say is "EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"


  5. The Republicans are hoping they can quote the Bible enough to fool those who are all ready prejudiced enough to believe them.  I wish they would quote the loaves and fishes story more often, or how about the kicking the money changers out of the temple?

  6. It seems that these Tea Party Republicans are getting more and more radical.  It is scary to think what our country woudl be like if they got their candidate in the White House and controlled both houses.  

  7. Sodomy laws in the State of Virginia remain the ideal of Republican / Tea-Bag and Pat Robertson University and all Nut-Jobs… 🙂

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