Could This be Hillarygate?

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Jun 122013

One might think that there are enough scandals afoot, both real those of Republican manufacture.  Sadly one would be wrong, because we have now been served a fresh set of scandals from the State Department, coupled with the larger scandal that State may have been covering up by squashing investigations into those scandals.

12StateDeptThe State Department is reviewing how allegations of sexual and other misconduct were handled following claims that internal investigations were quashed or whitewashed, the department said Monday.

A report from the department inspector general’s office listed eight alleged examples of improper interference from above to head off or water down inquiries by the department’s law enforcement branch, CBS News reported Monday.

The cases included allegations that security agents assigned to then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton regularly hired prostitutes while traveling on the job and that a sitting ambassador was suspected of soliciting prostitutes in a public park.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed the draft inspector general’s complaint but gave no specifics about the cases. She said that all were investigated or are being investigated and that the department has brought in outside law enforcement investigators to review cases and procedures, she said.

Psaki called the idea that the department would look the other way at criminal behavior by an ambassador “preposterous.”… [emphasis added]

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Last night  Rachel Maddow provided the details.

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Earlier tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell and David Corn had this update.

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Corn was spot on about one thing. You certainly can’t trust Darryl Issa (R-InsaniTEA).

I certainly hope that the outside law enforcement review of this behavior comes quickly, and is reported transparently, regardless of the outcome. The right-wing media bubble is already on this like slime on a teacup. Even if proven false, the truth will never receive as much exposure as the scandals.  It could become a fatal flaw for Hillary’s 2016 Presidential candidacy, and we need to consider alternatives for the Democratic nomination, if Hillary is actually implicated.  Hillary claims to have been unaware of the investigations until the scandal broke.


  15 Responses to “Could This be Hillarygate?”

  1. Good grief – Lawrence O'Donnel's report seems to include every crime in the book!  I really hope there is nothing to it – just as there has been nothing to the Repuglicon Party's repeated allegations of [imaginary] scandals that they clutch to their heaving and hysterical bosoms! 

  2. "Like slime on a teacup…"       Perfect.

  3. They will never stop looking for some wrong-doing on the Democrats part. They don't care who it is or whether the person is guilty or innocent, they will shout their accusations from the rooftops.

  4. We absolutely need to consider alternatives to Hillary's nomination, because we are dealing with people who will make up anything if there is nothing there, and more to the point will time it with precision to destroy the good guys.  These are the people who invented swift boating, remember?  I submit for consideration Kirsten Gillibrand and Sherrod Brown.

  5. (1) Who cares about somebody -even poor, lonely Secret Service agents- Paying for sex? I hope they were Union workers..(2) Unless it was Hillary herself, how is it News??? I would be interested if it was Hillary, I'm betting she has much higher standards than Bill, so I'd love to see her "black book"!:) (3) Democrats better be willing & able to run Elizabeth Warren instead of Hillary Clinton!!! I've always said that Obama & Hillary were interchangeable & I demand a Real Liberal next time! I Like Hillary personally, but she Was Raised RepubliCON & It sorry, Hillary, but the party of your youth is sick & scarey & I'm tired of Corporate Democrats & RepubliCON-lite!!! (4) RepubliCONs will drag up every scandal, real & imagined to keep Hillary out of the Presidency – remember, they are Loud, Lying Ba$tards & not above instigating assassination if they can!

    • "Loud, Lying Ba$tards" — I like that Yvonne.  Trouble is, here in Canada, LLB is your basic law degree!  You reached my funny bone with that one! 

    • Yvonne, if an order to stop investigating came from Hallary'sa chief of staff, as claimed, that implicates her in the cover up.

  6. I hope this is baseless and that there has been no cover up, but nothing surprises me anymore, SADLY>  

  7. Why can't they just keep it in their pockets!?!  Then there would be no scandal etc.  There would be nothing to cover up.  Haven't these guys learned yet that you're bound to get caught?  There is always someone that thinks they can gain something — career move, retaliation, a warm fuzzy feeling — from opening up a can of worms, real or imagined.

    If this does go to the top and implicate Clinton, even as "you should have known", the Democrats really have to get their shit together for 2014 and especially 2016.  The pious Republican/Teabaggers lead by that over zealous weazle, Issa, will pound infidelity, family values, and possible security breaches to death.


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