When Maher Gets Serious…

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May 192013

Bill Maher has a unique way of telling the truth, using side-splitting humor to distract folks from the noticing the discomfort of actually learning something.  When my sides stop shaking, I find I know more than I did before.  However, when this funny man gets serious, it’s worth being particularly attentive to what he has to say.


On Friday night’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher and guests filmmaker Michael Moore, commentator S. E. Cupp and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin discussed the obstructionist Republican Congress and its mission to take down the president by taking down the country. Moore opined that the Republican Party is a “squealing dinosaur” whose time has come.

Maher began the segment by talking about how prices among top health insurers are falling since the implementation of Obamacare.

“They did a test and they put, you know, what insurance would cost if you were a 40-year-old, non-smoker and instantly, the two highest priced insurers went down,” Maher said.

“This is the heart of Obama,” he said. “This is the heart of capitalism. I’m wondering why the people who love the free market so much are not for this.”

“And what about trying to repeal it for the 37th time?” he went on. “Is that a wise use of our time and resources? At some point, obstruction becomes, um, I dunno, treason.”

He went on to list how Republicans are blocking the nominations of a new head for the EPA, a chief circuit court judge for the city of Washington, D.C. and dozens of other government posts that are going unfilled because Republicans won’t let any of Obama’s nominees get voted on in Congress.

“At some point,” Maher said, “it becomes more about hating him than loving our country.”… [emphasis added]

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I was also able to find video of this exchange.

I disagree with one thing only.  Instead of treason, it is sedition.  For all intents and purposes, the difference between the two is that the Constitution requires a formally declared state of war to indict for treason, while sedition carries no such restriction.  To punish these seditionists,  it would be most appropriate to impose a sentence of unemployment for them, and extinction for their party.


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  1. I still find it hard to believe that any of these "seditionists" were re-elected. But, that is how much so many Americans hate that"Black Man" in the White House.

  2. The Repubs are going to wipe themselves out with their petty charges of impeachment for Obama.  I have yet to hear was charge they are going to bring.  Booby Jindal says Obama violated the Constitution – which part?  Yeah, that's what I thought. (crickets)  Issa – R Douchebag is doing the same thing with his calls over the IRS thing – no one was hurt so there are no charges to be brought.  Obama is not omniscient and doesn't control what some clerks in Ohio did.  Get over yourselves already; you look like and behave like 2 yos.

    • Lisa, the International Association of Two Years Olds is going to get you for saying the GOP act like 2 year olds!  Two year olds have more brains, are more honest, and are capable of learning which clearly the Republican/Teabaggers are not.  LOL!

    • What Lynn said! 😉

      They will do whatever they need to do, in order to keep blood dripping from the fangs of their base.

  3. Tom, I am so glad that you are finally out of the hospital and back with us.

    Maher is saying what the country needs to hear.  The time has come to do away with the political party that is hurting the majority Americans at every turn. I hope he keeps pushing this message and I hope even President Obama gets the message that we have had enough of the republicans.  No more compromise, no more meetings with them, no more listening to their sadistic plans for America.

    • Thanks Angie.

      I agree, except for one thing.  When we attempt to negotiate, and Republicans refuse to negotiate in good faith, it positions us as the good party, and Republicans, as the obstructionists they are.  That is why Obama has offered things that enrage our base.  He knows he won't have to do it.

      • Hmmm.  I didn't think of that, but it makes sense.

        • Thanks.  We need to remember that a very small percentave of voters are at all politically involved, and even fewer are involved to the extent we are.

  4. They will spend eight years obstructing every thing he does, and sadly destroy the country in the process. I cannot understand the depth of their hatred at all.

  5. Are you, Maher and Moore the only ones with the gonads to tell it as it is?  When will people stop listening to the InsaniTea and start listening to sanity by getting their priorities straight and making well informed, balanced decisions?

    Last week, we had a provincial election here in BC.  The provincial Liberals, which are pro business etc, were falling behind in the polls to the New Democratic Party which is definitely left leaning.  Their campaign used a lot of nasty personal attack ads against the NDP leader, but he decided that a clean campaign was the way to go.  Of course there were telemarketing calls from all parties and all reports indicated a lot of NDP support.  When the election was over, the Liberals won a majority government.  Many who said they were voting NDP didn't.  Likewise, as is the cases in both countries, voter turn out was low.  But at least we don't have the voting problems experienced in the US of late.  So why are people not engaged in the running of their province and country?

    One good thing is that the premier, Christy Clark, was defeated in her riding, while the NDP leader, Adrian Dix, was elected.  Now, if Clark is to remain as premier, she has to ask an elected MLA to resign and a special by-election will be held with her as the candidate.  Of course that will happen in a very safe riding but we haven't heard yet which one.  The other option is for the Liberal Party to elect another party leader either from the already elected members, or from outside and go through the by-election process.  There was supposedly a Liberal group called the "8:01" that was prepared to oust Clark from the leadership at 8:01 on election night because they don't like her leadership.  Don't know how real that threat is as nothing has happened yet, but we will see what happens in getting the premier named.

    Everybody needs to stay engaged, no what nation, and be involved in knowing the issues and the candidates, and getting out to vote.  Interesting to note that countries who are just getting democratic reforms, are more likely to stand in long lines to vote; more likely to fight for the right to cast a ballot.  Are we too complacent?  Well I would suggest that with the American Republican/Teabaggers and Canada's federal Conservatives, we better get off our complacent butts, and fast, or suffer the consequences.

  6. Thank you for reminding me of the word 'sedition' TC!  You are right – and the Repuglicons preach sedition every time they open their mouths as they will block any good bill in order to try and hurt President Obama.  They are completely demented!

  7. At some point, obstruction becomes, um, I dunno, treason.”

    Insurance companies will be forced to pay more costs with rate payers money… One more year and Health Care Law will be fully implamented I believe… 🙂

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