Apr 092013

Here is the fifth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Liberty Law School’s Dean, J. Matt Barber, who shows his Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian love by supporting the Ugandan effort to invoke the death penalty for being gay.

9matt_barberHow are we not surprised that Liberty Counsel attorney and Liberty University Law School Associate Dean Matt Barber is a big fan of Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa…

…Of course it makes sense that Barber praises Ssempa, the champion of legislation that makes homosexuality punishable by death who helped orchestrate media campaigns to “out” homosexuals.

According to reports, Ssempa’s speeches included references to “homosexual cults [that] were kidnapping children and raping them and drugging them to brainwash them and turn them gay” and homosexual Satanists who were killing people for their blood.

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Here is an example of the Ssempa’s hatred, that is supported by Barber sponsored by several C Street Republicans.

If these Republicans think that this is appropriate there, it seems certain that they would support it here.


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  1. Sorry TC – my stomach won't allow me to watch that lot – I think I'd be ill all over the keyboard!  What place exactly has this numbskull as an associate Dean of their Law School?  Hillbilly High crossed with RedNeck Uni?

  2. It's actually funny.  I I'm on Amtrak heading to Baltimore and they provide free wi-fi. They are blocking the content of the video.  I guess I'm glad I don't get to watch the homophobe. 

  3. Excellent series of articles. I would like to reproduce this one if OK with you Tom.

  4. Thanks for showing this – I haven't seen it, while I've signed a dozen petitions against this idiot in Uganda — thanks for putting this creep out there in juxtaposition with the evil homophobes of other countries – it shows just how "backward" this homophobe is!

  5. Ssempa says that gays are an abomination.  It is funny, but my Bible confirms that Ssempa and Barber, and those like them, are the abomination.  For so called Christians, they haven`t learned the two greatest commandments — "Love the Lord your God, and the second, love your neighbour as yourself."

    These are truly sick, sick individuals!

    I have signed a number of petitions in support of the LGBT community in Uganda and will continue to do so.  What is wrong with these people — first Idi Amin butchers his country, and now these morons?  It seems life has no value to them.

    • Jesus got along with sinners, and none of us is perfect, just fine, because he worked with mercy and compassion.  Cunversely, he could not stomach the Republicans of his day, the hypocritical religious legalists, who tried to force others into restrictions that did not observe themselves.

  6. There are people here who would advocate the same thing and do it if they could get away with it. Sickening

  7. If these Republicans think that this is appropriate there, it seems certain that they would support it here.

    Republicans want to return us a few thousand years, literally… πŸ™‚

  8. What astounds me is that no matter how far out in crazy land these fundamentalist republicans go, there is always one nut who is willing to go even farther.  The death penalty for being gay?  Insane.  Totally.

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