Apr 092013

I had time to prepare articles today, before I leave for volunteer work in  prison.  I’m current, albeit brief, with replies.  I will get home late, having missed a sleep cycle, shortly before I would normally start researching, so I know I will be too pooped to publish tomorrow, except, maybe, for an Open Thread, and that will probably be late.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:18 (average 4:41).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From CNN Money: The Senate on Monday confirmed former New York federal prosecutor Mary Jo White as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

White was confirmed without a roll call vote, signaling lawmakers didn’t consider her confirmation particularly controversial

Since Republicans did not even threaten to filibuster, I have a sneaking feeling that Obama’s choice was a bad one, and that she will be Bankster bought, not the prosecutor she once was.

From Grist: For the price of the Iraq War, the U.S. could have gotten halfway to a renewable power system…

That may sound like a hell of a lot of money, but for spending it, we’d get half our energy needs from green renewable sources. Conversely, all we really got from the Iraq war was death, injury and debt.

From Alternet: …Monsanto knows that if food producers are forced to label the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their food products, they’ll reformulate those products to meet consumer demand for GMO-free alternatives. That’s why companies like Monsanto, DuPont and Dow, along with Coca-Cola and Pepsi, last year spent more than $46 million to defeat Proposition 37, California’s GMO labeling initiative…

Whether or not GMO’s are hazardous is not the issue here. It’s much more basic than that. Consumers have a right to know what is in the food we buy, period!



Shhhhhh!  Today’s Republicans don’t want to remember this!


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  1. Long may you volunteer TC!  Kudos to you – and the chaps you help. 

    I agree strongly about GMOs – I don't want them snuck into food and for the whole world to be turned into an experimental lab for these multinationals – and all of us do have the basic right to know what is in our food!!!

  2. 5:55 on my tablet,  while riding the train.  I could hardly see the tulips while speeding by them. 


  3. Got to spout off against Obama!  – I'm ridiculously furious with him — How dare he work on all these "social issues" – which I will agree that I'm overwhelmingly in favor of, while allowing the Wall Streeters to get off "scot free" – no problem — just like the former "regime" that committed all sorts of illegal acts against the country – making laws to allow "pre-emptive war" – allowing torture to "redefine our country" – and did he take any stance whatsoever to bring our country out of its shame – renounce our torture "mentality" and bring the perpetrators to justice?   NO NO NO~~~ He did not!!!!!! The more shame to HIM!!!!!!! The god damned torture was done in My Name and I for one, renounce it if even my President does not!!!

    After he brings his sequester to the table – thinking (or maybe he's in cahoots?) that this is really too much for the Repugs – to accept — BUT THEY DO!  He then has the audacity to put our SSI and Medicare on the table for compromise!!! WTF!!!!!!   Do people actually believe this is truly a reasonable dialogue – a reasonable idea – – some have said that he's just being a "brilliant" politician – and sure that NO repug – would ever think of allowingany "budget" comeing from Obama being accepted! – Well what happens if they change their minds>??????????

    Seems to me – you give alittle and the opposition will be happy to take advantage!

    And I haven't even mentioned the fact that he hasn't come to a decision to ban fracking and the Tar Sands — only have seen him be "buddy – buddy" with Harper – this of course – is the determi;nation of whether or not we want to preserve the planet – oh well — that's not important – I guess!!!!!!



  4. Please help me understand Tom – since I do trust your intellect — but I'm at this point very Anti – Obama – and at the same time – feeling that there really isn't an option available –

    • Lee, on letting Wall street get away with it, and on torture, I agree with you.  He belioeves in letting the past rest.  I don't. He is trying to make it more difficult for them to do both in the future.  Republicans, conversely,want to make it easier for Banksters to steal and defend the torture with lies.

      On the sequester, Obama invented the term, but not the idea.  Republicans werwe comitting economic terrorism by refusing to pay the nation's bills.  Our credit had already been downgraded.  Republicans demanded a guarantee of huge cuts, before they would consent to pay our bills.  That's what the sequester is, and it was a completely Republican idea.  What Obama did is split the cuts between defence and domestic spending, when Republicans were wanting all domestic.  I think it was an error, but if he had not done so, and had the Republicans continued to refuse, the effects on our economy would have veen catastrophic.

      Republicans changing their minds about taxing the rich?!!?  LMAO!!!

      I think he will approve fracking, considering the lesser evil, and I disagree.  I hope he will not approvew Keystone XL, but he is under a lot of pressure to approve it from organized labor.

      Obema is a centrist, as I have always said, and there's a lot about him I don't like.  That said, while he is problematic, any Republican would be disasterous.

      • I, too, am getting more and more  upset with him.  He promised not to cut Social Security more than once,now cuts are on the table.  He promised not to approve Keystone, looks like that is going to happen.  I am beginning to wonder if he will stick to his word on anything.

  5. Puzzle — 4:17  I`m seeing red!

    CNN Money — No filibuster!  No roll call vote!  That is not kosher for the Republican/Teabaggers! That certainly would indicate that the Republican/Teabaggers think they have a leg up for their bankster buddies!  Something is definitely wrong in the state of Denmark!

    Grist — TC — ¨… all we really got from the Iraq war was death, injury and debt", and a reputation as a  belligerent, lying warmonger.  Put in perspective like that, it just boggles the mind!

    Alternet — "Whether or not GMO’s are hazardous is not the issue here. It’s much more basic than that. Consumers have a right to know what is in the food we buy, period!"


    Cartoon — The Appomattox Courthouse and the technical end of the Civil War.  Sometimes you`d never know the war ended 148 years ago with all the rhetoric about seccession coming predominantly from the southern states, Republican/Teabagger states.

  6. From Grist: For the price of the Iraq War, the U.S. could have gotten halfway to a renewable power system…

    Very Sad indeed… :mrgreen:


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