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Apr 072013

Republicans are in love with conspiracy theories, because, after years of brain numbing by the Republican Ministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, sheeple are sufficiently dumbed down to believe anything.  They want you to get your gun and head to the border, Granny!  They say those Obama illegals are after your Social security benefits.  Call it Social InsaniTEA.

7SSplotThe Senior Citizens League, a conservative outfit focused, as the name suggests, on scaring the crap out of senior citizens in order to best solicit money from them, is out with a new mailer that claims:

"of all the items being considered by our leaders in Washington, the illegal immigration amnesty plans hatched by the Obama administration presents the greatest potential threat to Social Security." The mailer also contains a personalized complaint form that individuals can fill out and return to the Senior Citizens League, which the group would then send to their elected officials in Congress. Not surprisingly, the reply form asks for a donation "to help cover the cost" of the national petition. The group used similar scare tactics to derail President Barack Obama's health care reform law.

The premise is that if we were to allow a path to citizenship for people already in the country, those people would then expect Social Security benefits and all the other accoutrements of citizenship, and how dare they, and somehow that's going to mean less money for you and yours, grandma.

There's an obvious flaw in this logic, of course. Many undocumented workers already pay Social Security taxes, as well as a great deal of other taxes, and they don't get much benefit back because, as undocumented workers, they don't have a right to. Right now, the Huffington Post points out that undocumented workers have contributed almost 10 percent of the overall total in the Social Security Trust Fund; allowing a more secure legal status for those people is, if anything, only going to boost the taxes they pay… [emphasis added]

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Needless to say, the bigoted Republican claims are pure garbage.  There remains one severe threat to Social Security, the Republican plan to give it to Banksters.  Some of you might disagree, over Obama’s purported intent to adopt chained CPI.  While I believe that we should continue to protest it with all vigor, keep in mind, that that offer depends on Republicans agreeing to significant revenue increase through cuts in tax welfare for the 1% and corporate criminals.  I don’t see that happening, and the Republican response is that they’ll take the chained CPI only, but not the revenue increases.  When Republicans do agree to tax increases for the rich, the Stanly Cup playoffs will be held in hell.


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  1. I have never even heard of the Senior Citizens' League. Thank God!

    Stop drinking the Insani-Tea!

  2. The Right Wing have always had a knack of calling their demented groups really nice names which generally are the opposite of what the names imply.  It has been many, many years since I was taken in by a nice name – in fact the nicer the name these days the more my eyebrows rise and I investigate the thing fully as a result of decades of this kind of thing.  Sadly it seems that not everyone else does, and decent but unquestioning people can be taken in by them.

  3. When Republicans do agree to tax increases for the rich, the Stanly Cup playoffs will be held in hell.

    I agree with Pat A, this is why I vote just the opposite voiced by the nut-jobs as greed has created their wealth at the expense of the working poor… sigh

  4. I am so sick of the Tea Party, and right now I am totally discusted with everyone in Washington.  


    Total casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command:6648

    Deaths by Conflict:
    Operation Enduring Freedom :2178
    Operation Iraqi Freedom :4403
    Operation New Dawn :67

    • Ted, don't make the mistake of false equivalence.  With all their problems, the Democrats are way superior to the Republicans.

  5. I suspect – but maybe I'm too "imaginative" that TC is  – as I am, dependent on SSI for the major part of my livelihood, even with a small pension – I fall below what is considered to be "poverty level" – I cannot live "well" in Manhattan – with any of the designated ideas that the GOP sets forth, nor can I with the Obama "compromises" – the Tea Party is only too happy to see me graduate from the soup kitchen to the streets! I'm beginning to think there'll be a payback in another "civil war" – hopefully without the loss of life that was witnessed in the first – but in my position at this late stage in my life – I have nothing to lose in participating, especially in light of the fact that I walk out my door in Manhattan to be "drowned" with the SUV'ers – the 1%'ers — oh yes we don't need a "tea party" in this state, we are already overwhelmed with Wall Street'ers who only have greed, arrogance and selfishness as their motivating factors!

    • Lee, I can't imagine how you could liver in NYC for that.  I'd move to less spendy environs.  If their is a next civil war, the loss of life will ne considerable, all of it on our side,

  6. And.. When does the revolt start ?  Seems "they" keep getting away with their shenanigans– Keep us stupid fools fighting the "illegals" .. cover up what the bought bitches in Washington are trrying to do—-we will never notice—!!

    BTW how can  a person be illegal anyway ??

  7. Wasn't it PT Barnum of Barnum & Bailey fame that said "There is a sucker born every minute,"?  Well it seems that this Senior Citizens' League is trying to prove him right.  It is sad commentary on life when the most vulnerable in a society are made pawns by shucksters.  I sure hope that the majority are not falling for this crap.

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