Apr 062013

While I was ill for most of much, I still managed to post an Open Thread most days, including a daily cartoon.  Since many of you regular readers come through links on other sites, you did not get to see them, so for your enjoyment, here are nine from March, plus one from April.

I hope you found them enjoyable.


  7 Responses to “Some of March’s Best PP Cartoons”

  1. Gorgeous cartoons TC – thank you!

  2. I think my favorite of these is Lyin' Ryan: "This to us is something that we're not going to give up on, because we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people."

    Terrible when he gets caught in a truth for a change.

  3. Great cartoons – especially the last for me – it being the choice of survival or not  – doesn't seem to be much of a choice, but then I saw the graphs on your "Maddow"segment – which makes me scared indeed. Today's "up with Chris Hayes " was "still" w Chris – and though the entire show was riveting – midway through he gave the most articulate speech daring all Americans to make a "global warming" choice,  what I believe to be a concise version (with far better verbiage) of the urgency that I too believe to be the most threatening procrastination of mankind! I'd share – but I'm too tech-challenged!

  4. I still managed to post an Open Thread most days, including a daily cartoon.

     Thank you TC and so glad to see you back… πŸ’‘

  5. They are all great . . . let's face it, that is the standard you set!  But of these, I think I like the Lyin' Ryan one the best.  I want to be there when his arrogance and ignorance come back to bite him in the ass!  I'll say one thing for him though, it is probably the first time he hasn't lied!  I wonder if he noticed how good it feels to tell the truth?

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