Mar 262013


Patty is a regular, and you’ll find her excellent comments on virtually every article, almost every day.  She comes to us from Care2.  This is her fifth Big Mouth Award, having also posted the 28,000th comment in January, the 31,000th comment in May, the 33,000th comment in July, and the 35,000th in September.  Patty’s is still a MAJOR Jig Zone predator, and is now known as the Patty Monster.  She attacks those puzzles with all the zeal of a Republican politician trying to steal a grandma’s benefits.  She is a completely welcome regular here.  Thank you, Patty!


  3 Responses to “Patty Has a BIG Mouth! ;-)”

  1. Thank you, Tom for the wonderful write-up. I'm sorry but my big mouth fails me and I have no speech ready.

  2. Congrats Patty!  Smart AND a puzzle predator!  You're my idol kid!

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