Open Thread–3/24/2013

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Mar 242013

I’m feeling slightly better, but yesterday, I sprained my wrist while cooking and can barely type.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today I gave up after 6:24 and did not finish (average 4:55).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Wired for Change: Over 300,000 of you have said it’s time to #CancelTheSequester – and that’s why we joined with Alan Grayson, the Other 98% and MoveOn to personally deliver your signatures *directly* to Speaker John Boehner’s congressional office, telling him in no uncertain terms: the American people have had enough and want to end this sequester, period.


Click through to sign.

From NY Times: Republican leaders in Congress regularly denounce the 2010 Affordable Care Act and vow to block money to carry it out or even to repeal it. Those political attacks ignore the considerable benefits delivered to millions of people since the law’s enactment three years ago Saturday. The main elements of the law do not kick in until Jan. 1, 2014, when many millions of uninsured people will gain coverage. Yet it has already thrown a lifeline to people at high risk of losing insurance or being uninsured, including young adults and people with chronic health problems, and it has made a start toward reforming the costly, dysfunctional American health care system.

Explaining the Republican denunciations is easy. Republicans lie. Click through for an excellent explanation.

From Think Progress: During a roundtable discussion on Friday, Fox News’ Lou Dobbs agreed with a network contributor who argued that Americans need to access military-style assault weapons to protect themselves from an Iranian invasion. [emphasis added]


Dang! Folks I guarantee that you can use the Republican Ministry of Propaganda to fertilize your veggies!



24 years later, Prince William Sound is still damaged.


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  1. 3:33 I feel as though I beat you unfairly. We should put you into a bubble to protect you from now on, Tom.

  2. Wired for Change ~ Already signed. Thanks for posting for others to be aware.

    NY Times ~ Let's face it. If it's good for the general public and bad for the huge corporations, It's bad fof the RepublicanTs because we don't put the mega-bucks into their pockets.

    Think Progress ~ And I can guarantee that all those FAUX NOISE gun fanatic propoganda-nistas will be the first to soil thier pants to provide us with more fertilizer if a gun were pointed at them.

    Cartoon ~ And they continue to demonstrate it to us with every spill.




  3. TomCat,  we (or at least I) will give you a "do over" on the puzzle when your wrist is feeling better.

    • I vote with Jerry to give you a Mulligan on the puzzle. That's after we get that bubble for you.

  4. TC, I didn't know cooking was a contact sport where one could get injured by spraining a wrist!  I second Jerry's motion, you get to try the puzzle again when you're healed.

    Puzzle — 4:10  No matter how hard I tried to hold on, the winds of Patty and Jerry knocked me off my branch.

    Wired for Change — I signed in support of my American friends.  Also, the Sequester has affects that transcend national boundaries.

    NY Times — My most profound wish for Americans is universal health care and prescription coverage like we in Canada have — it isn't perfect, nothing is, but people aren't left out.  Likewise, having affordable medications is a must.  Here, the provincial governments negotiate with the pharmaceuticals for bulk prices resulting in lower costs than those in the US. In some provinces, the healthcare covers all pharmaceuticals, and in others like BC, coverage of pharmaceuticals is operated like insurance — you have an annual deductible after which it is fully covered.  And the deductible is calculated based on your annual income.  Here is a link to a petition about the costs of pharmaceuticals.  I hope you'll sign.

    "A number of pilot programs in Medicare and Medicaid have been started to reward quality, to encourage doctors and hospitals to coordinate care, and to lower costs. If enough of these experiments pan out, they could transform not only Medicare but the entire health care system."


    Think Progress — Talk about paranoia!  1st, Mr Obama does not want to take away the right to bear arms!  That is a lame-assed falsehood from the right.  2nd, when did Mr Obama say that the US was invading Syria and Iran?  Did I miss something?  And when do these idiots think that Syrians and Iranians are going to invade the US?  This whole sorry paranoia has really been hyped since 9/11. and is getting stale.  If the US would play nice in the sandbox, there wouldn't be so many fights.  It is people like Baby Bush and Cheney that really stoked the fires of paranoia.  I wouldn't even put that load of BS on my veggie garden for fear I contaminate the veggies!

    Cartoon — Ah, the Exxon Valdez!  24 March 1989, a day that shall live on in infamy!  And politicians and oil companies wonder why people are so up in arms about the Northern Gateway pipeline and sea route!?!  And they wonder why people are so opposed to Arctic drilling!?!  What a bunch of asshats!

    • I signed the petition on Care2 and once again tried to access my account there for the umpteenth time. This time Webroot blocked me and said there was a serious threat on their website. Be very careful and make sure your virus protection is up to date. It cost me a new computer last month.

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