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Mar 152013

Keep your kids inside, and make your dawgs wear chastity belts!  The craziest of the crazy are now running wild, mindlessly drunk on InsaniTEA.  At a zoo, one can normally find a guide to help you understand the animals there, and I have found a guide to the Republicans at CPUKE, who I will not compare to animals out of respect for the animals.

15CPUKEThe Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) bills itself as an event convened to "crystallize the best of the conservative thought in America" that will showcase "all of the leading conservative organizations and speakers." Media covering CPAC 2013 should know that the conference’s speakers, from the most prominent to the lesser-known, have a history of launching smears, pushing conspiracy theories, and hyping myths about the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

CPAC 2013: A Rogue’s Gallery Of Smear Merchants …

Ann Coulter, Conservative Author

CoultergeistCoulter: Bill Clinton "Was A Very Good Rapist." During an interview with the New York Observer, Coulter responded to the question, "What should we remember about Bill Clinton?" by saying, "Well, he was a very good rapist. I think that should not be forgotten." [Media Matters, 1/12/05]

Coulter Attacked 9/11 Widows. In her book Godless, Coulter wrote of the women left widowed by the 9/11 attacks: "These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much." In a subsequent interview, she referred to the 9/11 widows as "cruel." [Media Matters, 6/8/06, 7/14/06]


At 2007 CPAC, Coulter Referred To John Edwards As A "Faggot." During CPAC in 2007, Coulter said she couldn’t "really talk about" former Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards because "you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot.’ " [Media Matters, 6/28/07]…

Inserted from <Media Matters>

Now, I have provided only the material on the Coultergeist.  Click through for the rest of the asylum.

Both Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell shared the highlights of day one.

Ed discussed them with Howard Fineman.

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They knew that the camera was on them, but the were too stupid to care.

Lawrence’s panel included Anna Marie Cox, Alex Wagner and Ari Melber.

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Republicans have an excellent reason to fear that America will define them with Romney’s 47% remark. It does define them. As expected they offered all hype and no policy.

The one good thing is that it’s good for the economy.  No doubt hookers are cleaning up from the family values trade.  I’m sure there’s more to come.


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  1. It seems to me that the Republicons are so trapped by their fanatical dogma that they just can't see the wood for the trees – they just cannot contemplate the fact that they are wrong – because by definition they CANNOT be wrong – EVER.  They are just barking mad (demented).  Rubio's solution to the problem the GOP face – is more of the same.  They just can't come up with a single idea!



  2. Ann Coulter isn't witty ever.  But what she says is what passes for right wing humor.  She lacks wit, charm, intelligence, compassion, good taste, and decency. She is disabled by extremist party ideology and an Adam's Apple that defies logic and her stated gender. Someday we will find out she's a loudmouthed man in a dress.  Then the joke will be on the gay-hating GOPee.

    • I had never noted the adam's apple before but you're right!  Maybe it is just because she's so thin physically.  But that doesn't make up for her being thin mentally.

      • Well said, Lynne!

        I always wondered if she was a guy in drag, whose agenda was to make all the haters love her before revealing that she's a transexual.  They'd just die.  And we'd believe that there really wasn't this bottom of the barrel, pathological, toxic, bleached blonde hate machine with rabies.

        A nice fantasy.  

  3. I agree 100% with Angelica! Coulter is either a man who got "the operation" or is a he/she who was never told by her obgyn!;)

  4. At CPAC 2010, Schlafly Said Martha Coakley Lost Senate Run Because She's A "Feminist" And "Very Unappealing." During an event at CPAC in 2010, Schlafly said, "I would suggest that one of the reasons why Scott Brown had his magnificent victory in Massachusetts … is that he had the good fortune to have his opponent a feminist. And she was very unappealing." [Media Matters, 2/24/10]

    I wonder if Schlafly has changed her tune any now that Scott Brown has had his ass kicked by Elizabeth Warren, and then ran away from the race for Kerry's vacated senate seat like a dog with its tail between its legs ?  Probably not.  She appears not to have the brains of a gnat! (my apologies to the gnats!)

    An unknown to me commenter to CPAC "It was the left that got us into this mess." Hmmm. . . He must be from another galaxy because I sure don't remember Baby Bush et al being part of the left!

    Good assessment of CPAC in one short sentence."The craziest of the crazy are now running wild, mindlessly drunk on InsaniTEA."  After watching the videos, I would say it is one big circus and some of the performers, the high wire and trapeze performers, have fallen on their heads!

  5. CPAC = Crazy Prudish A-Holes Congregation

  6. Old and Bad… :mrgreen:

  7. It's not that I have anything against transsexuals, it's that I've got something against Ann Coulter; she's a typical bigoted right-wing hater/hypocrite.

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