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I don’t know why, but my COPD was very severe yesterday and I’ve only had about an hour’s sleep because of it.  I’m going to reply to comments, post this and go to bed.  Hopefully I’ll be rested tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:57 (average 4:43).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: There Are 17,000 Of These Now. What If There Was Zero?


Nukes in silos are like Republicans in office. Every one is one too many.

From NY Times: A fresh feud over federal judgeships has again begun to agitate the Senate, with Republicans so far blocking President Obama from filling any of the four vacancies on the nation’s most prestigious and important appeals court…

…If Republicans were to continue to steadfastly block a series of appeals court nominees, Democrats say they might then have justification to revisit Senate rules and claim new power to thwart filibusters.

This is the so called nuclear option. It has never been used before. Nuke the filibastards!

From NBC: Republicans have lashed out against the Obama administration’s decision to bring a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden to New York City for trial, a high-profile move that would help the president follow through on one of his earliest campaign pledges.

One of the unmet promises from President Barack Obama’s first term involved closing the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and bringing suspects to the continental United States for trial.

Article Three courts have successfully convicted dozens of terrorists. Military tribunals have convicted only 5. Gitmo should be closed and would have been were it not for Congressional cowards.



In 2012, Republicans copied the threats.


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  1. 3:39id I get all those shrimp in my monster-net?

  2. Rest, dear friend.

    Every one of your posts is highly volatile today. No more nukes!

  3. Criminal Courts Hand Out Tougher AND Longer Sentences Than Military Tribunals

    Civilian Courts Have Convicted 65 Times MORE Terrorists Than Military Tribunals


    Since their formation in November 2001, military commissions have only had one trial, negotiated one plea bargain, and convicted one defendant after he boycotted the proceedings….

    [T]he same period in which military commissions have convicted just three terrorists—criminal courts have convicted more than 200 individuals on terrorism charges, or 65 times more than military commissions.

  4. Puzzle — 3:58 I am allergic to shrimp (and all shellfish) so I am amazed that I finished in a decent time, though admittedly last!

    MoveOn — I live in a nuclear weapons free zone!  But that won't do any good when so many weapons abound with other nations.  Petition signed at  I hope everyone else does too!

    NY Times — It is past time to show the Republican/Teabaggers for what they are — obstructionist, puerile, myopic morons who don't give a rat's ass for the wellbeing of the country, its people or its running.  If it takes putting forth all 4 nominations at once to show the Greedy Old Pharts as they really are, then Mr Obama, do it!  Get the lead out!

    NBC — Why is it that the Republican/Teabaggers want the trial in Guantanamo and not the US?  Surely it can't be solely because these terrorists are enemy combatants?!  Given the SNAFUs and FUBARs already demonstrated with some of the other trials (Omar Khadr comes to mind – excluding the Canadian government scandal), and the quicker and more successful trials in the civilian courts, the Republican/Teabaggers should not have a problem with this unless their aim is pure obstruction.  If it is a case of people worried about retaliatory actions against the US, I'm certain that NY or Guantanamo doesn't matter.  They will happen anyway, or at least be attempted.  If you ask me, this is nothing more than a Republican/Teabagger attempt to thwart the president and it should be shown for what it is, partisan politics, not legal concerns.

    Cartoons — Republican/Teabaggers must have gone to the same school as Herr Hitler, or at the very least, studied at his knee.



    • You last is a rarity.

      Been there.  Signed that.


      If Obama wanted the trial in Gitmo, Republicans would want it in NY.

      There are more parallels than I care to think about.

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