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I’m still feeling quite stiff and sore, and I have an early morning appointment that could last all day.  I’m current with replies.  Today’s appointment will also involve quite a bit of walking, so whether or not I’m back on schedule tomorrow will depend on how long it takes, and how I feel.

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Today’s took me 4:47 (average 5:31).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: They trim trees, mow lawns, care for the elderly, clean up and rebuild after hurricanes and floods — and they defend the Constitution, too. Immigrant day laborers, who are so often the targets of local laws meant to sweep them off street corners, keep battling in court to defend their right to seek work, and they keep winning.

On Monday, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a decision by a federal district judge to block the parts of Arizona’s immigration law that criminalize day laborers, calling those provisions an unconstitutional restriction on free speech.

It was the latest in a series of defeats for Arizona, which enacted its crude and spiteful law in 2010 for the express purpose of hounding undocumented immigrants out of the state.

The Arizona Death Angel, Jan Brewer, Crazy Joe Arpaio, and other Republican white supremacists must be diluting their InsaniTEA with their own tears.

From The New Yorker:

At the Supreme Court today, Justice Antonin Scalia told his fellow Justices how privileged he felt to serve on the highest court in the land, adding, “I can say stuff here that got me fired at Kinko’s.”

Responding to quizzical looks from his fellow Justices, Scalia related a little-known chapter from his career, when he briefly worked for the copying establishment in the mid-nineteen-seventies.

“They were pretty uptight,” he reminisced. “It seemed like every time I opened my mouth I got hauled into H.R.”

According to Justice Scalia, “The gal in Human Resources told me, ‘Nino, you can’t just go around insulting blacks and women and whatnot. There’s not a workplace in the country that will tolerate that.’ ”

“Well, guess what? She was right—until I got this job,” he chuckled.

Obviously, this satire is not true, but what is true is that virtually any company that deals with the public would fire Scalia, if he displayed the same racism he does now.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is floating a plan that would force Medicare cuts onto people aged 56 and younger, tweaking a pledge not to touch benefits for those older than 55.

The tweak is under discussion as part of the Wisconsin Republican’s fiscal 2014 budget plan in order to meet an important GOP pledge to balance the federal budget in 10 years, people familiar with the plan said Tuesday.

Ed has more.

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Lyin’ Ryan demands that seniors’ earned benefits be taken away to provide more welfare for the 1%. Medicare is the most efficient health care delivery system in the nation. That’s why Republicans want to destroy it.




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  1. 4:42 Someone locked that gate on us, Tom.

  2. The republicans are not interested in providing the most efficient healthcare system.  In fact, they are not interested in even lowering healthcare costs in general.  They just want to minimize the cost to government.  They want to shift the cost back to the individual users of healthcare.  Can't afford your own healthcare.  Too bad, die then.  What use are you if you cannot provide profits to the plutocrats. 

  3. Puzzle — 3:31 I think I found the key to the gate! . . . or did Jerry find the real key and lock me out too?

    NY Times — Almost anything that puts a crimp in the Battle Axe's plans is a welcome relief.

    The New Yorker — Whose got the duct tape — it is past time to tape this idiot's mouth shut! Too bad Kinko's didn't do it years ago.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — Lyin' Ryan is nothing more than an opportunist and snake oil salesman.  First he says no cuts to those over 55, then there are cuts to those over 55, and now, after even his own party having hissy fits with him, he is back to no cuts to over 55s.  He is a flip-flopper, an opportunist, and someone (I refuse to call him a man) without an ethical bone in his body.

    Cartoon — From this decision, the rancour between the abolitionist North and the slave owning South grew until it became the Civil War.

    On March 6, 1857, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney delivered the majority opinion. Taney ruled that:

    Any person descended from Africans, whether slave or free, is not a citizen of the United States, according to the Constitution.
    The Ordinance of 1787 could not confer either freedom or citizenship within the Northwest Territory to non-white individuals.
    The provisions of the Act of 1820, known as the Missouri Compromise, were voided as a legislative act, since the act exceeded the powers of Congress, insofar as it attempted to exclude slavery and impart freedom and citizenship to non-white persons in the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase.

    Dred Scott was freed about 17 months before his death in 1858.  I wonder if he knows what he spawned in the search for freedom?  I can just hear him syaing "Here we go again!  Will you never learn?"

    • You Big Footed jerry too.


      Amen again!

      Yet another Amen!

      The difference is that this time it is the Republicans  trying to deprive them of citizenship.

  4. NY Times ~ Must be the Angel of Death didn't appoint these judges or else they are truly honest judges.

    The New Yorker ~ Oh, that Andy Borowitz has done it again!


    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ~ Lyin' Ryan is out of his mind! Agent Orange will go along with him. Our only hope at this point until the mid-term elections is a huge electric storm while the House is having their annual olf outing and lightning strikes the course while they're all out there. What a happy thought!


    Cartoon ~ It was right.  So why are they trying to change it now?

  5. You've probably all seen the news about the Grand Opening the Bay Bridge Light Show in San Francisco.  But just in case you haven't, here are Links to its Home Page that includes a well crafted clip:

    And at that site, there's a Link that will provide a LiveStream of it.  I plan to watch  bit of it this evening – obviously at the Full Screen setting. I saw a YouTube of a dress rehearsal, and in all honesty it was a bit slow – so I'm curious to see what happens in real-time:

    My nephew and his family live in the Bay Area, so I hope that in the next two years I'll get out to enjoy it in person.

  6. That Scalia anecdote may be satire, but it is wholly believable! 

  7. The Arizona Death Angel, Jan Brewer, Crazy Joe Arpaio, and other Republican white supremacists must be diluting their InsaniTEA with their own tears.

    Priceless… 🙂

  8. TAKE ACTION — Ecojustice — The Affects of the Tar Sands

    The Canadian tar sands are an environmrntal disaster just waiting to happen and they aren't being properly monitored.  There are many issues, not the least of which are health concerns.  This is a 'petition' imploring Environment Canada to properly monitor and control the tar sands.


    TAKE ACTION — The NRA Is Deceiving Americans, and Congress, in Order to Block the UN Arms Trade Treaty

    Last year, the NRA helped kill a United Nations treaty that would finally regulate deadly weapons and rein in the flow of guns to brutal regimes around the world.1 Now, talks are back on to revive that treaty.  And this has nothing to do with American 2nd amendment rights.  That does not change.


    These are 2 issues that affect us all so I hope you will sign in support.  Thanks.

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