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Here is the fourth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Elois Zeanah because of her Republican perspective on education and her demonstration of Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian love.

3Common Core StandardsOh, my. So much fear in 120 seconds, delivered with that sugar-sweet "bless your heart, honey" tone pouring out of her painted mouth. Honeybunches, she wants you to be very afraid.

Right Wing Watch:

Social conservative commentators have leveled harsh attacks against  Common Core [several wing-nuts delinked]and now are working to convince lawmakers in the forty-five states which have adopted the standards to blocks its implementation. Republican legislators in the Alabama State Senate and House have proposed bills to repeal the board of education’s decision to approve Common Core, which State Sen. Dick Brebaker warned [extremist delinked]would “give the federal government a way to drive the education agenda here in Alabama.”

During a speech [Bagger delinked] at the Wetumpka Tea Party, Elois Zeanah of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women compared the adoption of Common Core to the indoctrination of children in Nazi Germany, with President Obama teaching children and imposing an “anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, anti-America…pro-homosexuality, illegal immigration, unions, environmentalism, gun control, feminism and social justice” curriculum.

The attack on Common Core standards is one of Americans for Prosperity’s projects [Koch Brothers delinked] this year. They’re just terrified that it might cost money to educate our kids. Even though 45 governors have endorsed the need for such standards and are ready to implement them, the teabirchers have decided this is where they’re going to stake their claim for liberty and free enterprise and lower government spending. On the education of the next generation… [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video:

Hate never sounded so sweet!  Of course this is pure projection, because her agenda is to have taxpayers of all faiths and those who deny faith pay the bill to indoctrinate children in her faith, Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christianity, which has nothing to do with the actions or teachings of the Christ.  That clearly violates the establishment clause.

For those who might question whether she is really a Republican, and not just a fanatic, that Teabaggers invited to address them, she is the 18th President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women.


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  1. "Hate never sounded so sweet! "

    She is the 18th President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women. No reason to stereotype here…

  2. It is a continuation of GW's project of the dummbing down of America. He called it "No Child Left Behind."


    A stinkweed by any other name would smell as bad.

  3. The cloying sweetness of a decaying corpse–

  4. The national Common Core Standards are due to go into effect next year.  Problem for Miss Elois is that school systems around the country are already using them and some have been using them for over a year.  Teachers have received training in using Common Core – and no one who has the training thinks it's a bad way to go.  Every student in every state will be held to the same high – very high – standards in the same grade levels.  Common Core was designed to address the problem of many (most) college freshman dropping out after the first semester – because they can't read their textbooks.  Common Core brings us back to using dictionaries to help decode archaic text.  It is rigorous.  And it is too late for the Bob Jones Univ. loving loonies to stop it.  It already is in effect. 

    See, Bob Jones Univ. has it's own textbooks.  And they are hilarious.  What is sad, though, is that 100 charter schools in La. are using them at the order of that giant of intellectualism, Bobby Jindal.  Common Core materials do not teach kids that Hitler was basically okay and that outsourcing corporations are Jesus's angels.  But the Bob Jones textbooks do.

    • Excellent info, Angie.  You must have a background in education.

      • I'm a reading teacher and I like Common Core.  It brings kids back to archaic and increasingly complex kinds of text. They have to do their own research to develop analyses of what they read.  Shakespeare, the Declaration of Independence, scientific articles, etc., etc. – these are things kids need to know how to read in order to get into college and be able to read their textbooks. After long, long, fruitless years of the Bush family's NCLB, this is refreshing.  We can teach again – and not just so they pass a mutliple choice test. 

        Jeb Bush spearheaded NCLB.  This is a huge reason not to vote for him – aside from the fact that he is one of the trolls under the bridge (member of the GOP).

        • There it is.  You want to teach students HOW to think.  Republicans want to teach students WHAT to think,

          • Wow, Tom.  That's the best description of NCLB I have heard yet.  That's exactly what NCLB was – telling kids what to think along rigid, narrow lines.

            • Thanks Angie.  That came to me a few years back when I disovered that my ex-wife's little brother has the same matg book as a junior in high school that I had in the 7th grade.

  5. Ah, sweet tea..rots both teeth & soul!;)  I thought she was rather under-stated for a President of RepubliCON Women..but they probably only have a dozen to choose from (that many can read, write, & cypher) in Alabama.

    Reminds me of a Doctor Hook & the Medicine Show interview – when asked his favorite color the dude said "Alabama"..the ONLY funny thing I've heard about Alabama.

  6. When I started reading and saw that this was about education, my mind shifted to Baby Bush's failed 'no child left behind'.  As I understand things, kids were taught to the test in a narrow band of subjects rather than taught to think and learn on a broad spectrum of subjects.  I have heard many Americans lament the lack of preparedness of students to move on.  We hear of companies going outside the US for employees for the correct skill sets in technical areas because they aren't seeing what they need in American students.

    …compared the adoption of Common Core to the indoctrination of children in Nazi Germany, with President Obama teaching children and imposing an “anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, anti-America…pro-homosexuality, illegal immigration, unions, environmentalism, gun control, feminism and social justice” curriculum.

    For this brainless southern belle to compare national standards with the indoctrination of children in Nazi Germany is ludicrous.  I would say that if anyone is teaching 'anti-Christian' curriculum, it is she and her ilk.  I truly pity the children raised in such homes because they are going to be so stilted and shocked when they get out into the world on their own and see how things are.

    The venom of the viper is sweet, and it is also deadly!

    • I could not agree more!

    • Yet again, Lynn, you've said it all! 

    • You are correct, Lynne.

      There's a place in the Bob Jones Science text – I think it's 8th grade – that makes a claim for the existence of dragons.  Yes – the fire-breathing kind.  The textbook asserts that (hold on to your chair) that since the head of a dragon was so large, that more could be housed inside it than a mere brain.  Dragons, it asserts (remember – this is the SCIENCE text) probably had a fire-generating chamber located next to the brain.  They could breathe this fire out through their sinuses.  Thus – fire breathing dragons.  

      Yes – a fire generating mechanism right next to the brain and filtered through the sinuses.  

      And they call this "intelligent design."  ROFLMAO!

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