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Yesterday being fully back had me so hyped-up that I could not sleep much, so I’m really pooped today.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow appears routine.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:52 (average 4:35).  To do it, click here. How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: In a rare announcement from a notoriously publicity-shy group, Chinese hackers revealed today that they were dropping the United States government from their official list of high-value targets.

“We have to allocate our time and energy to hacking powerful organizations,” a spokesman for the hackers said. “Right now, calling the United States government an ‘organization’ would be a reach.”

He added that the hackers’ ultimate goal had been to hurl the U.S. government into a state of abject paralysis, “and they seem to have already taken care of that on their own.”

Although this satire is not actually true, it is correct insofar as stating that the US government has been paralyzed from within, thanks to Republican sedition.

From CNN: With no deal in place in Congress, $85 billion in sweeping federal spending cuts will take effect Friday, targeting everything, from defense to education.

As Obama and the Democrats kept trying to negotiate, Boehner adjourned the House for the weekend, guaranteeing the Republican sequester.  Republicans cheered.

From Huffington Post: An employee at a Texas public school was accidentally shot on Wednesday during a district-sponsored handgun safety class, KLTV reports.

According to KLTV, Glenn Geddie was a maintenance worker for the Van Independent School District. The school district voted last month to arm some teachers and other employees in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn.

District Superintendent Don Dunn confirmed that the incident occurred.

Look how much safer Republicans goose-stepping behind LaPierre are making our schools.



I guess they have now decided that the sword is mightier than the pen.


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  1. "From Huffington Post: An employee at a Texas public school was accidentally shot on Wednesday during a district-sponsored handgun safety class, KLTV reports."  I'm sorry for whoever was shot – but it does go to prove our point, doesn't it?!

  2. 3:33  I shut out TomCat, but will Lynn or Patty close the shutters on me?

  3. New Yorker ~ Funny how the truth is not so funny.

    Nikita Krushchev's  words in 1961 were, "we do not have to destroy America with Missiles; America will destroy itself from within."  Rather prophetic when you think of how far the Right has gone and is going to hurt our country because they hate President Obama.


    CNN ~ Talk about a "Do-Nothing Congress"! They have more vacations than any Congress in history.

    Work? What the hell is that besides a four-letter word?


    Huff-Po ~ Oh yes! Let's arm school employees to make our children safer.

    Pure idiocy!!!


    Cartoon ~ They should have moved into the computer business instead f guns.

  4. Cutting Edge Stuff Here:

    You remember that Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report" from a decade ago, when he moved stuff around on that gigantic computer screen with just a "swoosh" of his hand?

    And we all thought "COOL!" – but it's just a movie.  And now we do it every day!

    Well, I think this may be the next thing in that genre: directing actions with just a flick of your wrist … literally!

    And it's available now!  Well, there's a waiting list, but it'll be coming out in 2013:

    • That is so cool!  I know that you see people moving files, photos and graphics across large computer screens on NCIS Los Angeles and it is so cool.  But as you say, that's the movies. (or television as the case may be).  Life imitating art.

    • How interesting, but the idea scares me.  As often as I flip the bird at Republicans, I'm afraid that thing might blow up my TV!

    • I can already control my TV, and tablet with my voice if I want. It's kind of freaky though. The TV is done through X-BOX 360 and Kinect. I can use my hand instead just like that.

  5. Puzzle — 3:33 Just try to shutter me out buster!

    The New Yorker — When I got this in my mailbox and started to read, I thought the US had already thrown itself off several cliffs.  Chinese hackers would probably make things better.  But I really started to laugh when I got to:  “Those computers did not appear to be used for anything work-related,” the spokesman said. “Basically all we found were restaurant reservations and porn.”  But the best was: “We need to focus on higher-functioning governments,” he said. “We’re taking a close look at Venezuela.”  ROTFLMAO!!

    CNN — I was hearing about this while I was out.  One of the areas that will be significantly affected will be the border patrol.  I heard announced that the US is laying off 5,000 involved in the border patrol.  That will make a significant obstacle to trade passing between Canada and the US.  With Border officers cut so short, the lines that can at the best of times be excruciatingly long will be even longer.  I suspect Canadians and American cross-border shoppers won't cross the border much.

    Huffington Post — Isn't Rep Louie Go-Merde the idiot that thought that all teachers and staff should "pistol packing mammas and poppas"?  I wonder if he has changed his mind?  Hell no, he's a Republican/Teabagger!  If I were an American parent, I would be removing my child from any school where teachers and staff were packing heat!  Kids and guns do not belong in the same environment.

    Cartoon — From Wikipedia (I looked it up because I wondered what year).

    Remington's typewriter


    In 1867 Christopher Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel Lewis invented another typewriter. The Sholes and Glidden typewriter was the first device that allowed an operator to type substantially faster than a person could write by hand. The patent (U.S. 79,265) was sold for $12,000 to Densmore and Yost, who made an agreement with E. Remington and Sons (then famous as a manufacturer of sewing machines), to commercialize what was known as the Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer. Remington started production of their first typewriter on March 1, 1873 in Ilion, New York. The Type-Writer introduced the QWERTY, designed by Sholes, and the success of the follow-up Remington No. 2 of 1878 – the first typewriter to include both upper and lower case letters via a shift key – led to the popularity of the QWERTY layout.


    • A size 9 Crunh


      Today's #2 expands on that.

      Right again!

      Good info!

      • Did you know that E Remington & Sons were blacksmiths who actually started out by making rifle barrels.  They developed that line to making various parts and then the entire gun called the Remington. jsut prior to the Civil War.  After the Civil War, they diversified into sewing machines and typewriters.

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