Happy Presidents Day

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Feb 182013

Presidents Day


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  1. I can understand why GW would be proud of his legacy, after all, he lead the birthing contractions of a new nation!  But Lincoln . . . ?  Do you say that because of what the Republican Party has become — the political version of the spawn of satan?  Unfortunately, Lincoln had no control over his Republican successors.  But he has every right to be proud of the emancipation of slaves etc.  He took the first step, and you know what Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles satrts with the first step."

    Now Baby Bush, Enfant Terrible, his legacy is a 'reign of terror' on middle and working income earner America.  Plus two wars (one illegal), and wars against the average American people as he lead the corporations and special interest groups.

    • Me, too.  I anxiously await TC's explanation of the Lincoln "Mortified by His Legacy" … because I'm NOT getting it.

    • Lynn, you pretty well have it.  Lincoln helped found the Republican Party as a progressive party, opposed to slavery and dedicated to preserving the union.  Today's Republucan Party is reactionary, trying to impose virtual slavery for the poor and middle classes, and tearing the nation apart through their sabotage.  Lincoln would be mortified that his party has transformed so completely in the wrong direection.

      • As a casual Civil War buff, I cringe every time I hear a right winger today talk about "state's rights."  I know exactly what "state's rights" was intended for during Lincoln's time – the perpetuation of slavery and greed.  And it fulfills a need on the right to have wild west, NRA-loving, woman-hating, immigrant bashing kind of governing (look at Aryan-zona) in various, republican controlled states when they can't get that kind of stupidity at the federal level. 

  2. I don't like Presidents day. I don't hold in high regard all presidents, the same. I don't like when everyone gets a ribbon just for playing. Do we honor Andrew Johnson the same as Lincoln? Results don't matter? Do I have to honor Nixon today? Instead of MLK day, should we just have black leaders of Civil Rights day? If he's president he must be an honorable man? Like starting a war on a lie and killing thousands. If we honor the bad with the good, there is no honor.

    • I hear what you're saying Steve.

      Rather than seeing 'Presidents Day' as an honour, perhaps it is best seen as a reminder of the legacies.  Celebrate the good legacies, and learn from the bad.  I would certainly not celebrate Baby Bush or anything he did or stood for because the bad out weighs the good in my mind a million to one.  But there are other presidents, while not perfect, have left long standing positive legacies — FDR for one.

      • I can think of several presidents who deserve no honor at all.  The only reason for the holiday is a day off for some (long weekend).

    • More than anything else, I see it as a merfing of Washington's birthday and Lincoln's birthday, designed to merge two bank/federal holidays into one.

      As for honor, I would love to honor GW with a cell of his very own.

  3. I agree, Tom. The present day RepubliCON party should not be allowed to hold up Lincoln as it's "founder" when it CLEARLY is no longer his legacy. The RepubliCON's can't do "soul-searching" – so they will never question their exploitation of a name they could Never identify with..but Democrats better not forget Their "best & brightest" or they will devolve (there are already too many DINOs & there's an asteroid with their name on it out Here in the real world!;)…

  4. You are right, TC, the day is a combine of Washington and Lincoln.  After MLK day was established, all governments combined those two for Presidents day.  I agree with most, not all presidents  should be honored, but I think the office should be.  Some scoundrels will always be elected, but a few good men will get through.

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