Feb 142013

Chuck Hagel is now experiencing something no high level cabinet appointee has ever experienced before.  His appointment is being filibustered.  For that, he can thank the Nevada Leg Hound, Harry Reid, who had the votes for meaningful filibuster reform.  Instead, Reid humped a few GOP legs, whined, rolled over, and played dead in exchange for some very minor reforms and a gentlemen’s agreement from the Republican caucus, that they would not abuse the filibuster anymore.  The Republicans have demonstrated what their word is worth by abusing the filibuster for historic obstruction.


Senate Republicans refused to allow a vote Wednesday on the nomination of Chuck Hagel to lead the Defense Department, staging the first filibuster against a president’s choice to head the Pentagon.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the move "a shame" as he announced on the Senate floor that he was unable to reach an agreement with the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee to avoid such a delay. Reid filed a motion to end the filibuster and said he expected to vote on it Friday…

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Rachel Maddow covered the Republican hypocrisy.

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A filibuster, by any other name. is still a filibuster, just like a Republican Senator, by any other name is still a liar, just like Harry Reid, by any other name, is still the Nevada Leg Hound, who should be replaced as Senate Majority Leader.


  8 Responses to “Chuck Hagel Can Thank Harry Reid”

  1. Why does the weird Reid still keep getting elected? 

    Sorry TC – couldn't watch the McCain clip as I wasn't sure whether we would see the reasonable McCain or the Far Right McCain – in other words if his apparent Altzheimers was taking over again – too upsetting!


    • Last time he may well have lost, but the Republicans nominates a fruitcake Bagger named Sharon Angle.

      McCain was just a small part of the clip.

  2. How many times does Reid have to play the role of Charlie Brown, with Repubicans playing Lucy pulling the football away at the last second, before he gets it?


  3. Reid is a slow learner– the Repugs have not demonstrated they know what a gentleman is  , much less what it might mean to agree and keep one's word-

  4. TC — "…and a gentlemen’s agreement from the Republican caucus, that they would not abuse the filibuster anymore. "

    How can the Republican/Teabaggers enter into gentlemen's agreement?  They're NO gentlemen!  They can't be trusted.  They've proven that many times before.  Damn it Harry, you screwed the pooch . . .  AGAIN!!!

    Not only is poopyhead Graham making a rucus but so is Inhofe.  From the NY Times;

    Mr. Inhofe has vowed to use procedural tactics to slow the Senate’s consideration of Mr. Hagel, a step that would require 60 votes for confirmation instead of the usual simple majority of 51.

    But they are not filibustering!  If you believe that, have I got a bridge to sell you!

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