Feb 122013

I had hoped to give you more than an Open Thread today, but  slept poorly last night and need to sleep a few hours before leaving for prison to do volunteer work.  I’m current with replies.  I will return late tonight, having missed my evening sleep cycle, so I’m sure I will be too tired to do more than an Open Thread tomorrow, but I should be all the way back on Thursday.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From MoveOn: SHOCKING: The Truth About Who’s Running The NRA


This is one of the most effective exposés of NRA bullshitology I have seen. There can be no doubt that the NRA does not represent gun owners. It represents the gun industry, and they do not care how many die or how many mourn, as long as profits remain high. This is the epitome of Vulture Capitalism. They own virtually all Republican legislators and a few Democrats as well.

From NY Times: A sharp and surprisingly persistent slowdown in the growth of health care costs is helping to narrow the federal deficit, leaving budget experts trying to figure out whether the trend will last and how much the slower growth could help alleviate the country’s long-term fiscal problems.

In figures released last week, the Congressional Budget Office said it had erased hundreds of billions of dollars in projected spending on Medicare and Medicaid. The budget office now projects that spending on those two programs in 2020 will be about $200 billion, or 15 percent, less than it projected three years ago. New data also show overall health care spending growth continuing at the lowest rate in decades for a fourth consecutive year.

You can be sure Republicans are still using the old projections to justify their intent to gut Medicare and Medicaid to give more money to billionaires. Considering that Obamacare has not even been fully implemented yet, I think we can expect further reductions in health care costs, further negating the Republican War on Seniors.

From MSNBC: The Latest from the ChickenHawk


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During the Bush regime there was nobody at any post as qualified as either Kerry or Hegel. And for national security, Democratic competence brought us the death of Osama bin Laden. Republican incompetence brought us 9/11.  That says it all.




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–2/12/2013”

  1. 4:28 Do I win the prize or is it just another pine cone?

  2. I am looking forward to the SOTU tonight and the responses from the CanTs and Baggers.

    Enjoy, everyone!

  3. Ce n'est pas mardi gras aujourd'hui.

    Oh, but it IS!  "Happy Mardi Gras!" everyone.

    [And I know the expression, while literally says "Today is not Mardi Gras," really refers to someone looking ridiculous because of the way they'er dressed – like the over-the-top costumes of Mardi Gras.]

    So … Laissez les bons temps rouler! [Let the good time roll!]

  4. Puzzle — 4:19 Well my seedy friend, I have less seeds than you do. Will Jerry come by and knock us all down?

    MoveOn — R.I.P. (rest in pieces) NRA

    NY Times — I agree.  Republican/Teabaggers being who they are, will always use whatever data serves their purposes, whether it is up to date or not.  What I see as a concern is the longer term because the population is aging.  There's a reason they call us the babyboomers. Boom in the 50's, echo in the 60's and 70's, bust in the 2010's,

    MSNBC — Anybody for making "chickenhawk fricassee"?  Cheney is such a paragon of virtue . . . NOT!  Who asked for his opinion anyway?

    Cartoon — Ee gads, man!  You had to subject us to pictures of the Chickenhawk and Guano Girl in the same thread!?!  Have you no mercy?

    I was a little surprised that Guano Girl didn't find a way to do a rebuttal to the SOTU speech, or are the Teabaggers too embarrassed to let her open her mouth?

    • Another win for you.



      Geez!  Talk about terminal heartburn!


      She's getting passed over like Drill Baby Bimbo.

  5. Since the State of the Union was tonight, I thought you might enjoy Rand Paul's rebuttal that was given at 9 am ET, 12 hours before Mr Obama's speech.  He just had to try to upstage the President, but from what I hear he wasn't successful.


  6. Could it be that Roger Ailes has finally had enough of his sociopathic allies?  Airing the congenital idiot Rand's speech 12 hours before the president gave his sort of destroys any credibility Rand could have had, doesn't it?  I think AIles is not that stupid.  Surely he must have realized that.  

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