Feb 072013

Yesterday, research and blogging took almost ten hours and really tired me out.  Today I am doing laundry while writing.  Some things never change.  I still HATE laundry. Green with envy  I’m current with replies.  I expect to be back tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:59 (average 5:10).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: These Young Kids Are Facing A Death Sentence And It's Totally Legal


This is how corporate criminals profit from harming others. To make them stop and pay for the damage they have done, we must remove Republicans from office.

From The Daily Beast: It’s official: Fox is the most distrusted name in news.

Why am I not surprised? Faux Noise is Republican infoganda, not news.

From MSNBC: Is Ashley the answer?


Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I'm all for anyone who can make Bought Bitch Mitch join the unemployment line. An even bigger smile will follow, if the next Senate begins with a new Republican Minority Leader and a new Democratic Majority Leader.




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  1. 4:18 I suppose I'm not squrrely enough today so I fell off the fence.

  2. From MoveOn: These Young Kids Are Facing A Death Sentence And It's Totally Legal

    Republicans must be removed from office as they are bad for Americans…

  3. I'm all for anyone who can make Bought Bitch Mitch join the unemployment line.

    Ashley Judd – I'm moving ot Kentucky just to vote for her… sarcasm

  4. MoveOn ~ Thanks for posting, Tom. I got the email but haven't opened it yet. Signed the petition just now.


    The Daily Beast ~ It figures that the RepublicanTs trust no one but FAUX Noise.


    MSNBC ~ It's very amusing that Rove has already launched an all out campaign against her when she hasn't even announced that she would run yet.

    Scared much, Karl?


    Cartoon ~ How scary would it have been to be out there alone without a net?



    • Thanks!

      Of course.

      Yes, and his war with the Baggers is also getting interesting.

      When healthy I uset to dream of such an opportunity!

  5. This is cool!

    NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) has just put out a new app for both iOS & Android smartphones called mPING (mobile Precipitation Identification Near the Ground) – AND it's also available for your PC, too.

    Talking Points Memo had a detailed background piece about it, is how I heard about it:


    And I would STRONGLY urge you to go over the Tutorial, because navigation is a bit confusing:


    I still haven't figured out how to limit the type precipitation on the Android app – but it's easy-peasy on the PC … well, once you peruse the Tutorial.

    AND there are a lot more options for viewing on your PC – the smartphone one looks like it's limited to a zoomable map displaying EVERY type of precipitation.  But it's still fun!

  6. Since we all love Faux Noise aka Fox News so much (I still can't believe I quoted them in the USPS posting!), here is a story on Care2.  This Think Progress sourced story notes that those trusting Faux Noise has dropped from 49% four years ago to 41%.  In my humble (or not) opinion, that is still too many stupid people!


  7. Puzzle — 3:22 Well Jerry, it is like this, you're so close, we'll make you the Queen consort so you don't have to jump down.

    MoveOn — Petition signed.  Corporate greed.  Republican/Teabagger screed.

    The Daily Beast — I didn't realise you had this in the Open Thread so I mentioned the same thing above.  However, Think Progress went into some examples of why which the Daily Beast doesn't.

    MSNBC — I think that is funnier than hell when Karl Rove is already campaigning against Ashley Judd, and she hasn't even declared herself yet.  I think Karl has crapped his pants!  With a 43% vs McTurtle's 47% in a poll, McTurtle should be worried too.  Although, from some previous talk, he's probably more worried right now about being primaried.  Damn, I would love Ashley Judd to kick some serious Republican/Teabagger butt!

    Cartoon — I am a tad clastrophic at times (dove under the car dashboard once as I was driving into an underground parkade) but the immenseness of space would equally unhinge me too, I think.  Kudos to the guy who went unteathered.  Such trust in equipment and team mates required.

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