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Yesterday I was pleased that I could return to full time blogging.  I’m current with replies.  It looks like I’ll be OK to keep going.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 5:19 (average 6:10).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: When’s The Last Time You Saw A Super Bowl Commercial About Something This Controversial?


I wonder how many Republicans turned off the game after seeing this.

From Reuters: Owners and makers of assault-style weapons would face civil liability under a package of measures unveiled on Tuesday by top lawmakers in Colorado, a state shaken by some of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history.

The bills, introduced by Democrats who control the state legislature, could push Colorado to the forefront of a national gun control debate reignited by several mass shootings last year, including massacres of schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut, and moviegoers in suburban Denver.

I think that, depending on the specifics, this could be an excellent idea. Concurrent with the right to own a gun, there is a responsibility to care for it in a manner that prevents irresponsible use.

From Gallup: At least two-thirds of Americans favor each of five specific measures designed to address immigration issues — ranging from 68% who would vote for increased government spending on security measures and enforcement at U.S. borders, to 85% who would vote for a requirement that employers verify the immigration status of all new hires. More than seven in 10 would vote for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants now living in this country.

Click through. Note that the least popular of the five is the only one that Republicans support.




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  1. 4:21 Pretty kitty(s).

  2. I enjoyed the "Aspiring Americans" commercial. Very surprised to see it! and others too like American Farmer. The Bud draft horse commerical.  I was fortunate in seeing them, The Bud Draft Horse Team, one year in a parade following us Harley bikers on a 4th of July. Very well mannered horses.

    I don't put much stock in polls anymore. Polls can be manipulated in many number of ways for a desired outcome of results re: immigration.


  3. MoveOn ~ Great commercial that the RepublicanTs most likely found repulsive.


    Reuters ~ From HuffPo:

    "The massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut may yield new laws to limit the availability of military-style assault weapons. But one thing the latest tragedy will likely not produce: lawsuits against the company that manufactured the gun used in the killings.

    Under a controversial law Congress passed seven years ago at the urging of the National Rifle Association, gun manufacturers are explicitly shielded from lawsuits that would seek to hold them liable for crimes committed with weapons they sold."


    Will this Federal law prevent states from passing laws contrary to it?


    Gallup ~ If the American people are for it the RepublicanTs are against it.


    Cartoon ~ I love it!

    • The federal law will not prevent states from passing laws contrary to federal law, but federal law will make them unenforceable.  The federal law will need to be changed in order for the state law to be effective.  At least that is my legal understanding…and I am by no means a lawyer.

      • That's what I thought, Jerry. The law would only be a gesture unless SCOTUS deemed the Federal law uncontitutional.

    • I bet.

      Yes, federal law takes precedence.  That one needs to be changed.


  4. Thought you might enjoy the 2013 Sony World Photography Award winners.

    They're quite varied in their stories and formats.  I particularly enjoyed the first one for its beauty, and the ladybug holding a wisp of pollen like a parasol.  Enjoy …


    • Thanks Nameless! 🙂

    • I really enjoyed the photography. However, #15 was very disturbing. That little boy has to be around 5 years old or so.

      Machine Gun Americana: "On the edge of Oklahoma's Ozarks, where prairies ascend to rolling hills, an outgrowth of American tradition thunders in the air. Under a summer sun, gun enthusiasts peer down the sights of devastating weapons at the annual Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show (OFASTS), one of the countryís largest fully automatic machine gun expos. In the valley below, explosive-laden cars, airplanes, and old appliances lie in wait; incendiary prizes for the sharp or lucky. Husbands and wives, often with children in tow, make a weekend of firing a vast array of fully automatic weapons, riding in tanks, and flying in military helicopters. My journey to the OFASTS was born of a growing fascination with the similarities between global gun cultures."



  5. Puzzle — 4:15 I tink I taw a puddy tat . . . two puddy tats!

    MoveOn — I don't know how many turned off the TV, but my guess is that there are a lot of Republican/Teabagger TVs wearing a garb of guacamole and nachos!  Great ad!

    Reuters — After reading the article, I continued nosing around Reuters and in their photo journalism section was a picture of a Seattle Police Officer seizing a rocket launcher from a man, an average looking 40 year old man, who had just purchased it.  Can someone please tell me why a citizen needs a rocket launcher!  Protection from space aliens?  This is just the height of stupidity!

    Without knowing all the specifics, I like the direction of this legislation.  As TC says, "Concurrent with the right to own a gun, there is a responsibility to care for it in a manner that prevents irresponsible use."  Amen!

    Gallup — It is quite clear from this that the Republican/Teabaggers prefer high walls and fences, and are as xenophobic as ever.  I suppose one could find a slick purse in this sow's ear — building a fence/wall would provide "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs".  Maybe that was their plan all along!

    Cartoon — Amen!  Amen!!  Amen!!!  Amen!!!! AMEN!!!!!


    • If one was considering knocking over an armored car, a rocket launcher might be useful, but I can think of no rational or legal reason for any civilian owning such a weapon. 

    • You DID, you DID, you DID taw two puddy tats!


      I need a concealed carry permit for a 155mm howitzer. cheeky

      But to build thee wall, they'd use uncocumented workers.


      • Now why do you need a concealed carry permit if you're going to sell me the howitzer?  Or is that so you can smuggle it across the border for me since technically I'm not allowed to own such ordinance?

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